Jeremy Scott Puts SpongeBob on Moschino

And gives us something to talk about


“SpungaBob QuadratoPantalone, duh” is, I imagine, how one Italian pre-teen explained what that yellow thing covering sweaters and bags and jackets at Jeremy Scott’s first Moschino show was to her front-row editor of a mother in exasperation (“She knows nothing!”), via text.

SpongeBob SquarePants.

Jeremy Scott has worked with the cartoon motif before. In 2012 he sent Bart Simpson down his own runway, but why would a designer, now at the helm of an iconic Italian brand, choose to announce his Fall Winter arrival with an American talking sponge who — need I remind you — lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Considering that this is Jeremy Scott, we shouldn’t be so surprised. And this is probably exactly what the house of Moschino wanted. With its kitschy and untrammeled sense of humor, the brand has never been shied away from irreverence. So amid the predictable biker daddy looks in both leather and denim and the gold accents on ladies-who-lunch-suiting, SpongeBob, Budweiser and an army of junk food prints make perfect sense.

And the silhouettes are still great. If the fabrics were replaced with traditional prints (and that ketchup red/mustard yellow combo were swapped with, say, black and white) we’d probably be talking about the well-executed shapes instead. Isn’t look 40 — the Fruit Loop Dress — sort of Lanvin? (Mr. Elbaz, please don’t hurt me). And look 47 — the Hot Cheeto-printed gown — what is it if not a de la Renta-worthy shape?

It’s just that this collection makes a much larger statement about the evolution of fashion week than we might be giving credit for. To use a runway show as a giant marketing spectacle as opposed to a place to showcase new clothes is no longer a novel concept anymore in the era of Instagram and I-have-a-keyboard-and-therefore-an-opinion but must it be this noisy? This obvious? What was Scott’s intention if not to go viral?

We’re turning the mic to you. Break this down to Chinatown and back, because there are no wrong answers, only Happy Meals.

-Amelia Diamond and Leandra Medine

Images via Vogue, The Cut & Now Fashion

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  • anna

    you should ask someone who speaks italian instead of using google translate… it’s SpugnaBob PantaloniQuadrati. And we don’t translate it.

    • Leandra Medine

      My mom translated it! She is from Milan!

      • prairielily

        She knows nothing! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

      • raissaemail

        she probably doesn’t know who Sponge Bob is.. (not blaming her) she just translated every word into something nonexistent, like Google translate does..but we still get it, it’s funny.

      • Bummer! I thought it was all made up to sound Italian, which made me laugh really hard.

  • I went to bed heartbroken last night after viewing the replay of that show. I’ve been a die hard Moschino fan since I was in utero, and I also happen to be Italian. Yes Moschino was always quirky, and bright, and bold and some may even say obnoxious at times but I loved it all. In the past even the most quirkiest pieces still maintained an air of “Classy Italian chick in well tailored clothes who doesn’t give a crap that her pattern is blinding you”..that’s what Moschino meant to me growing up and that’s what it was missing entirely last night. Italians love finding the balance between flashy and classy and Moschino was our answer. Aside from the two piece suits I couldn’t find any pieces that a die hard fan like myself would appreciate. Not to mention I spent my teens working in a fast food drive through and there is no way in hell I’m forking out thousands for a reinvention of my old uniform. My most beloved Moschino, RIP.

    • raissaemail

      I agree, manca classe/eleganza.

  • I have to disagree! This show was very “full of sound fury, signifying nothing” to me. Appropriating pop culture can be great, but it has to be done well. I suppose there is an argument for outrageousness for its own sake, but then why bother integrating so many images loaded with symbolic and cultural meaning? Sadly, this fell flat.

    More of my thoughts here:

  • cindy kazanjian

    It’s very Tom Sachs.

  • Angel

    LOVE JEREMY SCOTT ! He really knows how to put a chic and trendy stamp on a old childhood favourite . Moschino is truly a playful brand for young cool cats and old chic kitty cats !
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    new posts every Sunday , Tuesday , Thursday and Saturdays ! Much love !

  • Michèle

    Such a terrible show, can’t understand those people finding it genius.

  • raissaemail

    ..I like the white cotton underwear..Very manrepelling indeed.

  • I think it’s the worst collection ever, it’s horrible. I mean, who would wear that???


    • Ciccolini Ricearoni

      For the inevitable watered down versions to come I suspect.

  • At first I thought he was making a statement against Fast Fashion, but the more I look into it, I can see that is not the case. It will just create another trend for Forever 21 to copy, which everyone will be over in 15 minutes, once the T-shirt falls apart after one wash.

  • Leonie

    I am a big fan of Moschino but i guess this time they just screwed up …

  • Frankly I don’t know why everyone is so angry over this collection? Moschinos always been kind of campy with a sense of humor. And when you invite Jeremy Scott aboard, you have to know what you’re getting. I actually kinda liked the McDonalds range and would wear it. Sure, I wouldn’t dress like spongebob or wear nutrition labels…but there’s a lot of high fashion looks I wouldn’t wear in my day to day life either…


  • Perry

    The collection was a bore, cheap, lacking luxury and while the Moschino brand was there, it wasn’t there…

    This review was neutral at best. Tell me what you really think, like the writers at Jezebel did.

  • Blake

    I love Jeremy Scott. I don’t think the line he created fits with the classic Moschino brand, but I think it makes a statement and I really like that. He wasn’t afraid to step outside the box, and that makes him a true designer.

  • kathryn

    this show was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT in so many ways. and i loved the fact that it had me laughing hysterically at times (as many a jeremy scott show has done before WHICH IS WHY I LOVE HIM). but then again, i have never been one to get all hung up about what little me thinks should or should not be the fashion aesthetic of a certain brand based on its history. the directors would not have appointed jeremy scott had they not already known and understood his oeuvre and expected something like this for his debut. love him or hate him, he is the designer of moschino. and he is a perfect fit. fashion is all about change. and for the record BRAVO JEREMY AND MOSCHINO!!

  • Tessa

    Mostly, I hate it. However, the man isn’t entirely bat-shit crazy – I mean, it’s fun to see the models and those in fashion having fun with the collection, it’s just a little overt (it’s Jeremy Scott, so how surprised should we really be?). I love a little irony in fashion, and the calorie labelled wedding dress made me smile – but generally the other prints would most likely cause me to vomit. Hashtag sorry not sorry.

  • Kerry Conn

    I agree with you – the shapes are great and if the colours were different, it would make an entirely new collection.

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  • Max

    I wonder what sponge have to do with fries?!?! I mean he is neon and the fries are…yellow…

  • Ching Llera Vilar

    FASHION DISASTER! I think this is one of the reasons why people who aren’t interested in fashion think it’s stupid and useless.

  • Cristina Feather

    I still can’t get my head around this show. It’s viral indeed, but not in a good way. I feel sorry for Moschino, a brand I used to admire.

  • Mallory

    I love sponge bob, that is all.

  • This collection is so ridiculous, but so fabulous. He definitely made a statement, and yet all the pieces are still luxury regardless of their print and coloring. Amazing!

  • quailmaam

    Personally, I loved this collection. Fashionistas willing to drop big bucks on what are essentially the same “to die for” silhouettes over and over again in new fabrics are the same ones who need a wake up call about consumerism and commercialism. An in-your-face approach like this is the only way to get a fast paced person to pay attention, and it worked! For me, the collection made me think about the psychology and planning behind design for sales, versus what is done for art’s sake. I think this collection was making a point that fashion as an art is a thing of the past, and commercial concerns have begun to eclipse the design of fashion for fashion’s sake. It pokes fun of how easy it is to make “fabulous” clothes, and uses iconic silhouettes and images to do so. I like it!

  • Lydia Holden

    Lovely fashion performance!


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