How You Know It’s Real: Fungus Cream, Céline, Baggy Jeans

An early Valentine’s Day cavity to you, from us


I do not overuse the word robust but that’s neither here nor there, so, before I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, wah wah wah, I ask this: Is it just me or does this snow seem to function as a devastatingly salient (though also quite refreshing) indicator that this February 14th around, not just Susan Miller but Mother Nature too really, really want you to forgo the petty celebration of an acutely polarizing day to begin with and stay in?

Yes, I do believe it is your moral obligation to take what’s already become black slush as a full-scale command to crack open a bottle of wine and affectionately marvel in — no matter whether you find yourself single or tethered to a penis — just one thing: yourself.

Oh! And yes, to put the cogitations to rest, that is, in fact, my childhood blankie hanging off my arm with the poise of Fred Astaire in the lower right corner of nearly every shot — his name is E.E. after E.E. Cummings and Abie hates his guts.

Video by Aram Bedrossian, plaid/denim shirt by Stella McCartney

Listen to how Leandra met her other lover, Amelia. Or, read another definition of love and then write your own. If you’re feeling really sentimental, read about love between friends, the love of a brand, and summer loving.  

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  • karolina
  • lexi

    This video is great! And my husband is not a fan of the boyfriend/husband jeans either!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  • You are both very sweet!
    Have fun tomorrow night!

  • Stephanie

    This is the cutest fucking video ever. I <3 The Man Repeller.

  • soph

    if you look up “keeper” in the dictionary there is a picture of abie.

  • julie

    I am honored to be the first to comment on this cinematic gem! I’m writing from Morocco, which, based on sweet Leandra’s style, I think is her true home–turbans, harem pants, swoon-worthy fabrics–and so I’m six hours ahead of all of you on the east coast. I have daughters L’s age and so I’ve got a protective maternal feeling toward her, as well as profound appreciation for her writing, courage, wit, and decency. I got teary watching this, Abie is a peach and I’m so glad. I worried maybe he was not worthy of the glorious Leandra, but no fear. The two of you are the best V-day gift. Warm sunny love from Morocco.

    • Benedetta Burchiellaro

      That’s so sweet of you Julie, and I totally agree about the video! Morocco is a great, great land full of inspiration; so lucky of you! Hugs and kisses from Italy, which is quite cool too 😉
      Love your work Lea! <3

      • Patricia

        So sweet of both of you! I’m sure Leandra is happy just ti know she reaches such nice people just for being herself. xoxoxo and happy v-day for you!

    • Patricia

      <3 Very sweet!

  • Élora

    Fungus cream on your back. Now that’s love.

  • Charlotte Fassler


  • Jeanne Canto

    That was robustly precious

  • Jessica

    This is puuuuurrrrrffffeeeeeccccct.
    And I disagree – very robust.

  • EmilyMica

    The perfect Anna Howard Shaw Day video.

  • Maureen Krezel French

    now that sit com I would watch.

  • Maria

    This is SO funny! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s day guys!


  • Amelia Diamond

    143 you both

  • Kristy

    Do you watch Veep? I thought you were referencing that episode where there’s a crisis bc they use robust way too much in the speeches

    • Leandra Medine

      yes!!!! that was cut from the video but his whole point is that i heard the word on veep and just helicopter-mom adopted it

  • So the robust way to kiss a husband is to make that … crunchy face afterwards? 🙂

    Hmmm …. is it to drive away bad spirits who may get all the wrong ideas, like … kissing’s “good good”? 🙂

  • Max


  • CarlotaLMorais

    This was hilarious, youre so honest and sweet together! This is love!
    Btw love your sweater?shirt?

  • dp

    adorable. i mean it

  • Quinn Halman

    Remember the cogitation about what was most sacred/ what you would take if you had to flee your house? @leandramedine:disqus, take your ketubah!!!! your love is giving me so much hope for my own love life

  • Alba B.

    Well guys if smb might say that you are not meant to be together (despite of being an unrobust thought) at least, when you will not have love, you will have words!!
    You will never get bored with each other, and neither do we followers get bothered of you Man Repller, Happy Valentine’s day to U/S!!!

  • I LOVED this video so so much!! you guys should do more of these. My favourite part was the jeans conversation hahaha


  • Shoegal

    OMG, my husband is THE EXACT SAME. Hates my bf jeans (husband jeans) with stilettos, and likes when I wear tight jeans (or tight anything) and showing skin. I say to him, if you show some skin in minus 30, I will too. (RO) bust.

  • dustUP

    v-day is great if it’s not your birthday. i’m not that lucky.

  • Millie Cotton

    well, isn’t this just wonderful. Such a gem.

  • Lulucylemon

    This video is adorable and you look gorgeous! I know lots of guys who hate boyfriend jeans- Abie is not alone.

  • Melissa Kaplan Guarino

    Thank you for sharing this lovely and charming conversation! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! xx.

  • you two are adorable. also, the fact that you were aware of e.e. cummings as a child makes my head explode.

  • Ash

    I feel like every time I see you in a photo or a video you look prettier and prettier. If this is the way you age consider my jealous!

  • Heather Fegan

    too cute!

  • leChat


  • Sarah

    verrrry cute couple

  • Nelly

    This video really makes me smile


  • AA

    so freakin cute I can’t get over fact don’t wanna…happy heart day and here’s wishing such sweet love to the rest of us XXOO

  • Perry

    This is an authentic account that people in finance don’t understand the boyfriend jean x stiletto complex. Or fashion really for that matter.

  • jihanemo

    Does anyone know the brand of her blouse?

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! It is Stella McCartney — got it from the store a few weeks ago 70% off <3

      • jihanemo

        Thanks! 😉

  • This was the best. I love you both.

  • Liza

    This is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.

  • I LOVE seeing this side of you. So cute.

  • L. N.

    i love you even more after watching this video. you guys are adorable together, and you seem so incredibly happy with him! it’s so refreshing.

  • derp

    What are you wearing?!! I love your top!

  • amandavasilikos

    You two are simply adorable.

  • Yar

    uummmmm this is by far my fav video you have ever posted……

  • Aubrey Green

    I’m so in love with this.

  • susannah

    Do more of these!!! so funny

  • Adored this. That is all.

  • Aw, I loved this! So fun to get a little peek into your interactions/banter 🙂

  • Laura Brooks

    I would like to be tethered to a penis …


  • Annabel


  • this is cute. yall are cute.

  • byjacquelineho

    Can you say the new modern day Lucy and Desi from I Love Lucy! Just too adorable 🙂

  • Allison

    oh my gosh this has to be the most adorable thing that i’ve ever seen. listening to your husband describe what he would dress you in…classic. “when you wear designers” haha

  • omgoshsocute

  • Brett

    To quote Blair Waldorf herself, my boyfriend wouldn’t know the difference between Rodarte and roadkill. But this is just too cute.

  • Nives

    I just love love love it when you wear eyeliner, you look so chic. 🙂 And this is super cute, my boyfriend likes his skinny jeans, too, and I, like you, still don’t get it what happens with the stuff. It’s a mystery.

  • Bella

    Abie is a gem. Your union is obviously robust!

  • Marina Martinez

    SOOO… I may or may not have watched this video multiple times. Is it strange to be this infatuated with a couple? I suppose it’s normal, Kimye, Bradgelina, etc… Abeandra??? Super cute!

  • Leslie Hitchcock

    this is all sorts of fantastic.

  • Morgan

    Loving all the LOVE! My Texas is going to show: y’all are too cute.

  • Véronique de Vallière

    oh my god! you guys are perfectly adorable!! check out my fashion blog:

  • nicole

    i love it when you do videos! this is super cute. robustly cute, if you will..

  • Donna

    I didn’t think it was possible to find you more charming and humorous and you somehow did in this video! Thanks for sharing a bit of the man you weren’t able to repel! Happy love day.


  • pchangrak

    I just wanted to go hug my bf after watching this but of course this snow is in my way…smh

  • My husband and I have VERY similar conversations. He loathes boyfriend jeans, and hates them the most with stilettos. And we were in bed by 10.30 in Vegas, which had to be a literal first and last for that place. You two are precious. Happy V-Day!

  • mollie blackwood

    More videos! And finally I know how to pronounce Abie’s name.

  • this is hilarious! 🙂

  • Kathleen

    Were you both in costumes at the Halloween party? If so, what were they?

  • Kandeel

    “That’s such a good look” “I don’t like that” BUT I LOVE THAT LOOK OMG

  • TheKimmieChronicles

    OMIGOSH you’re both adorable!

  • I have been waiting for this video ever since I knew the Man-Repeller had a partner-in-sex. It’s everything I wanted and expected it to be. AHH

  • belle

    Love this video! Abie seems so sweet! You’re a super cute couple guys!

  • Filipa Moreira
  • Mel

    so cute!! I had such a good time watching this, you should do this more often!!! Loved it. True valentine’s day spirit!!

  • Frenchef

    You guys are adorable

  • Sarah Blodgett

    This is so adorable, reminds me of me and my boyfriend!

  • Dee

    You guys are so fucking cute, it’s ridiculous.

  • Cristina

    sooooo damn cute!

  • Saakshi Kaushik

    “I like it when you dress up for formal occasions.. and you wear designer.. whatnot” OH THE LIFE OF A FINANCIER WHO’S MARRIED TO A FASHION FREAK. I love you two/too. (L)

  • Comfy Cozy Couture

    This is hilarious….and you two are so cute! I don’t know any guys that like the boyfriend jean look, they of course would prefer skinny and tight!

  • V from The Drasticaly Blog

    “I like it when you wear designer what-not.” LOVE it! Great video Abie is very insightful 🙂

  • ClothesHorse

    “‘Boyfriend’ clothes may have an unfeminist name but at least they are not made for male approval”:

  • dittoduffel


  • That is such a sweet and candid video. Your husband is adorable, I love his reasoning for not liking the boyfriend jean. xo

  • eliza

    that was really funny!!! great video and you two are so cute together. xxxx

  • kforkarli

    Oh this is so lovely. Abie’s gorgeous.

  • Kelly Velemirovich

    too cute,you will be together for a life time ..Xxk

  • this video is robust in so many different robust ways…

  • Charlsey

    I laughed in a robust manner. Robusted a gut, in fact.

  • Dawn

    Love this! more videos pleeeaseeeee!

  • Leigha

    This night has gone ro-bust….anyone? But seriously though, this video is great. I watched it twice.

  • Veronica Villalpando

    love you guys. gorgeous couple. tres smart & chic as always.

  • clurr

    omg i love this.

  • chloe

    I have actually bookmarked this video and always come back to it when I need something truly sweet and touching. Leandra looks beautiful (as always). “The beautiful couple is beautiful.”

  • M

    Leandra, you are so beautiful!

  • Hudson Berry

    how did i miss this……it’s gold