Céline = Google

When inspiration rears its head in the unlikeliest of likely place


I walked into the Céline shop on Via Monte Napoleone in Milan yesterday to, I don’t know, torture myself the way an abider of the gluten-free life might while smelling fresh bread emerge from a Michelin-rated bakery, when I noticed the color scheme of spring/summer 2014, which showed last October in Paris and is now officially in stores.

“Nuova collezioni!” they will tell you as though it is a selling point that can eradicate the circumstances of a turgid — though, fine, not completely unwarranted — price tag. And said new collection bares a striking if not incredibly impressive semblance to another, putatively (and wholly subjectively) better-established color scheme.

For the surface grazers, there are the Céline classics dipped in novelty — Luggage totes, Trapeze bags, those mini purses (the Trio) that look like they boast three ass cheeks — which pridefully emphasize three to four primary colors. And for the decidedly loyal paladins of the brand, there are blouses and the jackets and the dresses that stick not to the age old Philo ethos of  “black, navy, white and grey or you can’t sit with us at the lunch table of initiated style” but instead pronounce a new one.

One I’d have liked to call Crayola Swagger but rectified quickly when a question occurred to me upon inspecting one such tricolored luggage tote with its prominent red wings and yellow curvature and blue handle bars in the shop yesterday.

Were the colors of Céline’s spring/summer collection inspired by Google’s logo?

I tried to Google it but nothing came up.

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  • Patricia

    Yeah! Totally inspired by Google’s corporative colors!!!


  • Normally we feel primary colors can come across as tacky, but Celine is so chic they have managed to pull them off! Love the ad campaign as well… http://www.LEZU.com

  • Shade of Red

    Crayola Swagger! I think that might stick.

  • Blake

    That’s hilarious! Probably true, too. Such a strange inspiration, but the collection came out well.


  • Angel

    definitely Google inspired ! I actually love this color palette,its so playful and different from the other looks we’ve seen from Celine.
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  • Ana González

    :O!!! Conspiracy theory!


  • Emily

    I didn’t know you were gluten-free! Croissants are the hardest, and beer.

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Hahah! Too funny 🙂


  • Sathish Annal

    Fabulous Color Surface….

  • Anna

    That’s a good point, especially if to put in count how many things are going around tech companies, now even in high fashion


  • Samar Edrees

    Hahaha I love your posts! Im actually in the middle of an assignment regarding the brush stroke trends going on and I had to find the origin of the trend, which was the post impressionism movement in art but it didnt come to my mind that it might be inspired by the Google Logo looooool :p

  • Samar Edrees

    Hahaha I love how u mix sarcasm with fashion…Im actually in the middle of doing an trend analysis assignment about the brush stroke collections going on & i had to find the origin (post-impressionism) but Google makes more sense looool :p

  • Kori G

    The Google comparison is spot on! I don’t know how Céline manages to make basic Crayon-color combinations so chic.


  • OMG this is so true. Scary.

    Mafalda ❤

  • surrealist

    Oh my God, what is it with you people? Did anyone think of something that was here waaay before the internet novelty of Google, I don’t know, ääähhhhm… OLYMPIC GAMES? This screams more Olympics than Google.

    • Leandra Medine

      Wait…the Olympics predate google!?!?!?$? Jk. The irony is in precisely how we’re wired, no?

      • surrealist

        It is ironic, in so many ways :D. I usually read your blog every day and comment NEVER, but this I had to say. Any you replied on it, yeahhh <3.

  • Kelly’s Gross-o

    It’s “nuova collezione” 😉 If you ever need any help with Italian or French, drop me a line !

  • burrito jones

    I would’ve thought it was inspired by some weird mix of Mondrian and Abstract Expressionism.

  • Lhoang

    Google or could also be Roy Lichtenstein inspired?!

  • I guess this is a trend this season, first Moschino and their McDonald’s theme, now Céline and their google theme. What about poor old Burger King & Bing? No love?