A Day In the Life During Fashion Week

First up: Amelia


It’s currently 9:30 AM on a Sunday in the middle of fashion week as I write this very sentence. I have tonsillitis, which is fun.

In exactly one hour my dad is going to pick me up (because he suspects I may be dying, we’re a dramatic family) and drive me to my first show of the day — Public School — and if you’re wondering why I’m telling you any of this, it’s because we thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into just exactly what goes in during a day in the life of a show-going rodeo bro. Why? Because like Lisa Vanderpump says in her Real Housewives intro: “Life isn’t all diamonds and roses, but it should be!”

Date: Saturday, February 8, 2014

9:00 AM: Wake up, text Leandra that I’m missing my first show of the day because of my gigantic asshole tonsils. It’s fine, she’s going to cover it. I should have listened to Kate.

11:00 AM: I wake up again, determined this time. Let’s do this, Bruno Mars.

11:20 AM: I shuffle around my neighborhood trying to get a cab. That’s what you do in this weather, you shuffle. It’s impossible to walk even though today I decided on sneakers over heels because I was just like, it’s Saturday and you ain’t my momma.

12:00 PM: I arrive at Ostwald Helgason. Realize that everyone else went for flats too. I feel less revolutionary but also, consoled.

12:15 PM: One of my favorite parts about fashion week is that while waiting for the show to start, everyone mingles around and hangs out with friends. It feels like camp. A lot of people are petting me because I’m wearing a sweatshirt that’s made of like, black faux cow hair or something? It’s cool but weird.

12:20 PM: The show is starting. Please see point #3 in Leandra’s round up of the Five Awkward Things that happened at Fashion Week yesterday because I’m still not in a good place to talk about it.

12:50 PM: The collection was fun. Today marked the first time designers Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason showed on an actual runway instead of a presentation, and it was a pleasure to see the designs come to life. The banana a la Warhol was a recurring motif, as was a gigantic red apple (my tonsil!), but in between the whimsy were more inventive takes on preppy tailoring, like cropped-blazer/slouchy trouser combo that looked like a digitalized take on checked jacquard wool, finished off with a thick blue and white stripe, or darted corsets worn over sweatshirts and boxy dresses. Perhaps the highlight of my whole day, however, was that this fairly covered-up show concluded with one of the dirtiest songs in our language’s history: Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.”

1:PM – 5 PM: This was a strange day in that we had a relatively large break. Leandra and I ran around doing things like Karate and what not. I went with her to a fitting while I worked on an interview, and then she ate food while I sort of slurped down a poached egg and complained about it the whole time. We did some writing until about 4:30 then it was off to Altuzarra.

6:30 PM: Time for the Tibi show. I love this show — I think everyone does, mostly because designer Amy Smilovic is a master at creating wearable clothes that feel in the moment and cool. This collection in particular featured clean lines and a variety of pants: tailored trousers, subtle denim, and a wide-legged satin take on Spring’s board shorts. THE COATS. I have to tell you about the coats because some were sleek, a few were fantastically wide, and they came in colors of deep blue, dove gray, black and a powder blue. When the shoes weren’t being awesome backless loafers they were thick black knee boots which, when paired with the top hats, reminded me of equestrian dressage riders. Yes, I always have to take it to that place.

7:15 PM: After Tibi, it’s customary for everyone to do a mass migration to Milk Studios. Again, this feels like camp. Saturday night at Milk Studios is a fantastic opportunity to see newer designers like Calla, Jonathan Simkhai and Harbison in an intimate setting. Each room hosts a different presentation, and you go from one to the other and wave at a lot of people in between.

Most people are drinking, and because of my meds I could not, which at 7:20 after a long day begins to feel like a very real problem. At promptly 7:30 I took my lame ass home and lived vicariously via Instagram though the rest of my night owl-y fashion friends.

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  • I almost missed the Ruffian show (Sat. 9am) bc I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep. Why do fashion shows have to be so early??

    • Kiri Yanchenko

      I am glad you got to see it though!

  • Emma N

    I was listening to 90’s music, bored from reading my biology textbook and had no idea what to do… and then i was like oh yeah Man Repeller

    So thanks for giving me pleasant thoughts about Fashion Week

  • Alexis

    Shit, my days in Madison (bumblef*ck) Wisconsin are starting to feel really uneventful compared to yours.

  • Quinn Halman

    “people were petting me”

  • I actually have a question! The fashion week content here on MR has been really timely! Are you guys bringing laptops to the shows in addition to writing during the breaks, or are you mainly using your cellular devices?

    • Amelia Diamond

      WELL EMMA. I have an iPad that I just got along with this really dorky little keyboard, and in between shows I type type type. My friends are making fun of me but it’s quite efficient. As for Leandra, she writes in between breaks too (I think types notes on her phone first) and is crazy fast!

  • sopho Konjaria

    super chick looks. love them.

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  • Kelly Andrews

    Amelia! I don’t know what I love more– Tibi’s collection or the fact that your dad is driving you to shows!

  • Sara

    Fashion week sounds so perfect in a weird way! Hopefully I’ll see it in person one day!


  • Kelly

    You’ve got a very inspiring blog.

    Have a wonderful day!



  • Matt

    “Realize that everyone else went for flats too. I feel less revolutionary but also, consoled.” Amelia, you crack me up.

  • My Fashion

    Great article 🙂 Honest & fun & human!!!

  • That top is everything.


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