Things I’m Still Not Over: Winter White

Especially when paired with black boots


There are three things I believe are truly worth fighting for. The first is your mother’s affection because without it, doctor appointments will never be made. (What? I’m kidding). The second is an aisle seat on an airplane because the middle seat will typically position you between two strangers you will grow to hate simply by virtue of their large arms or tendency to read books audibly, while the window is too far from a port-a-potty excuse for a bathroom that my bladder demand I remain close to.

The third is a good deal. Which is precisely where this nod to winter white comes back into play to tell the tale of the Céline shirt that almost got away but did not because sometimes I act like a neurotic hawk who maintains the inclinations of a Jewish Persian woman — or in other words, my mother.

In 2011, this fancy-ass excuse for a blouse (it is actually the physical manifestation of a tooth fairy) first appeared with its horse hair and white poplin tail and sleeves. At a discouraging price estimation that ultimately became only a fraction of the cited price, I knew we’d never be together. And this was during a time before social proprietorship (you know, that thing where you want something so badly, you post it to all your social networks because even though you don’t have it, at least you can share with your following that you know what’s good), so I was out of luck. So much so that in a bout of protest, I remained naked for the greater half of 2012.

But then six Saturday nights ago, as I laid in bed, dozing off while watching my sweet, sweet iPhone screen project images from’s “Take an Extra 50% Off” sale, there it was. The horse. The hair. The poplin. The me? As is typically the case when an item appears 1431982% off on that website, I imagined the blouse to be either too small (fit for a lean seven-year-old) or too big (damn you, dad, with your large breasts and enormous stomach to fill the blouse spectacularly).

As fate and my recently refreshed PayPal account would have it, though, it was my size, which, of course, elicited the next string of events that went something like this: Oh-mah-gah. Add to cart. Oh-mah-gah. Check out. Oh-mah-gah. Pay. Oh-mah-gah. Wait! Rent. Oh. Mah. Gah.

End scene.

When it arrived on a Tuesday, it was declaratively well worth near sacrifing the roof atop my head and I’m pretty sure I heard Elton John sing to me in accordance. By Wednesday, I’d worn it three times which seems unusual given the short time distance but I am a woman of tricks that transcend the solidity of time.

Of course, you don’t need this blouse to make your favorite white jeans January appropriate — any cotton shirt should do (like, say, this $30 one from Zara).

But you will need a pair of black booties so we can dance along to Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You” in tandem.

Céline blouse, Blk Dnm jeans ($45 on Yoox, man!), Brian Atwood boots.

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  • CDJ

    That tale needs to be made into a short film. Maybe a silent film? I was really pulling for you. I’m so happy you made it out on the other end with the blouse. Also- your hair/boot combo makes you look like the coolest oreo cookie I have ever seen.

    • Eve

      I don’t know.. I’ve seen some badass Oreo cookies in my day.

  • chanelle

    love the outfit

  • Liz

    Am I missing something? Is there really horse hair? Why can’t I see it?

    • Leandra Medine

      Horse hair lining, which looks a lot more like very, very study mesh — which is why the tail does that funky thing and the sleeves pop out

      • Liz

        very cool.

  • Natali

    Oh that top…. Oooooh that top!!!!

  • I love white. Winter white, Spring white, Summer white… ANYTIME WHITE! But the best thing is, as you described, when the rest of the foolish world thinks anything white should go on sale after summer, and then you can take advantage of substantial savings! *Happy Dance*

  • Michaela

    Psych ward chic!

  • runway2street

    Absolutely NEED that blouse! Perfect look with those boots.

  • Max

    Amazing shooting!! Love it!

  • claudia
  • Courtney Dillon

    Damn cute. Purchasing jeans now. 1st pair of white!

  • I’ve always stayed away from white, mostly because I always thought it was a bit unflattering on me…but I have always dreamed of giving white jeans a try!

  • maud.schellekens

    Those booties, gorgeous! Love the story btw!

    XOXO Maud


  • Aubrey Green

    Did you cut your hair (again)?

  • Elisa Taviti

    Amazing boots! I really love them 😉

    My Fantabulous World

  • Iulia G.

    Must say that it is a really great look! Worth fighting for this top! <3

  • Jennifer Wilson

    This outfit is perfection! Love all whites! xo

  • Nico

    Funny and cute shots! Pretty outfit.

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • I love this top! I bet it would be amazing paired with red pants and your red lips!!!!

  • isaobeso

    well the wait was worth it then…. you look faboulous in this outfit’s glorified simplicity. Winter whites go all the way!

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  • Lovin’ that top…those boots too. That top makes me want to head to the sewing machine and whip something up. (^_^)

  • jas

    this blouse is everything


  • tali

    You made the right choice by adding red lipcolor, you’re brilliant
    love from Tel-Aviv

  • Last summer I wore total white outfits, which was a first, but I can’t wear white in the winter!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Greer Clarke

    Oh. Mah. Gah.

  • Love the pictures taken, Leandra, you’ve managed to brighten up my day after many setbacks today. Thank you for being you!

  • Bella

    I love how this shirt is so fly, it can fly.

  • I still love seeing winter white too!! And those fringed boots are so cute! 🙂

  • Gabi

    you shouldn’t be over it because winter’s not over dammit fuck! it might be 80 her in LA but it’s still winter and i will wear my winter white!

  • Kandeel

    so this happened. (note the sass and bide ad)

  • Eve

    In my world, it’s the doctor’s appointments I had to fight for, not my mother’s affection. It’s not even that we were Amish, it’s just that prescription drugs in Russia were given away without prescription. Hence the unfortunate streak of doctor moms of my childhood.

  • mk

    White never went out of fashion. She needs a nice black handbag to offset the whiteness.