Sweet Hat, Bro

No, really, your hat is awesome.


There was a time back yonder when one wouldn’t leave the house without his or her hat. It was a different era, one where tipping your cap signaled a much cooler “hello” than the eager and oft misdirected wave.

Hats lost power, chiefly as a daily accessory, just after World War II. It’s theorized that men began to forgo wearing theirs because JFK was more frequently photographed bare-headed, while the young women who ambled through the ’60s simply wanted whatever their mothers did not.

But hats never completely went away. They just became a thoughtful addition rather than a dogmatic necessity. Now, you can find them quietly shading brows against the beating sun, acting douchey on the heads of night club-attending men, or protecting humanity against sweaty, post-gym hair. The great ones — according to Leandra — have this almost mystic and definitely paradoxical ability to change a woman’s persona in spite of their serving no real purpose other than to give a woman’s left hand something to do when a fast breeze threatens to knock a hat right off her head.

Technically speaking, all clothes and accessories maintain the dexterity to change a person’s character. You can be five different people if you have five different coats — heck, blame your split personality disorder on a slew of shoes because you can. But a hat, man. A hat can take that combination of you-as-coat plus you-as-shoe and throw your whole universe through a tailspin until you’re staring at yourself in the mirror, not even recognizing that it’s YOU, confused that the reflection is a ridiculously good looking stranger who mimics your mannerism.

So, you tip your hat at her and she tips back, obviously knowing better than to wave.

Play this song for a little easy Saturday morning atmosphere, then clicky clicky through the slideshow above of people bringing honor to the mostly useless — but always necessary — hat.

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  • chanelle

    lovely post!!


  • AshleyOlivia

    I’ve found hats a winter necessity while living in Oklahoma, and I have quite a few beautiful pieces (one my mother brought me back from Italy that so resembles a Victorian top hat it skirts the line of costume, but still manages to be fantastic and earns me compliments everywhere I go). However, I’m extremely envious of the Brits: just look at all those works of art they get to wear on their heads to their fancy dress parties! My experience has been that if you live in the states–aside from New York or LA, or if it is your wedding day–hats are more an outdoor weather accessory. They can be stylish and beautiful, of course, but it still is considered quite strange to wear a fascinator or a fashionable hat, not designed to be taken off when you enter the room, to a posh event. The fact that fascinators can really only be found stateside in a Hot Topic is case in point (and Hot Topic’s offerings are more contraptions loosely resembling fascinators than an actual fascinator). The practical side of me is content with the status quo, because if hats really did become a piece de rigueur of fashionable ensembles, I would have to go out a purchase a bazillion of them, which I really can’t afford. However, the romantic side of me experiences intense agonies of envy every time the Duchess of Cambridge steps out wearing one of her totally glam toppers, as I again mourn the fashion limitations of my geographical location.

  • Cyrena Monique

    Great musical accompaniment for the slideshow. Love the 5th pic and as a side note – that chunky braided sweater is an absolute must!!! C x


  • Iliyana Licheva

    hats can be very fun to wear and accessoriaze


  • Love me some King Krule, especially “Neptune Estate.” Also love his classic Adidas Sambas


  • Dominique

    lovely post to read! I love hats, love to wear them.

    would you check out my blog? I started this week and i could use some advice…

  • Bodil Huisman

    I just can’t stop loving the Chanel ss14 hat <3

    Love Bodil,

  • Amélie J.

    argh. That first hat…. *I LOVE it, but who would wear it? huh.


  • thestylecrusader

    Totally agree that a hat has the power to totally transform an outfit. It can add heaps of character to an otherwise simple outfit. I’m all for bringing back the hat.

    p.s. on an unrelated note, I’m very intrigued by the mystery around the source of this article: ‘man repeller writers’. I’m imagining a factory full of people sat behind type writers looking feverish and drinking black coffee. Hah. I’m sure that’s now how it really is… hopefully they have laptops.


  • This post makes me want to bust out my pink fedora! I just pulled my hair up into an updo. So, I guess the fedora will have to wait (^_^)

  • Grace Cottrell

    Would love to get into wearing hats more, maybe a fedora, always feel awkward in them though!


  • Eirene

    Love hats! You should check out Piers Atkinson hair accessories if you haven’t yet, they are crazy genius and I think you would enjoy them. Great music!!! Love

  • Emily

    Loved reading through this and that shot is beautiful – love Dree!!! x


  • Hey Leandra, I noticed a while back that your “Shop” feature no longer exists/doesn’t work. Do you think you will bring that back at all? I miss the potential of shopping your closet(s). Xx

    • Quinn Halman


  • pia

    I like the one in a grey sweater on black and white picture 🙂


  • Gazelle

    I do own tons of hats. One major reason: dirty hair days.

  • The Provoker

    OMG this is ONE hatty post on hats! Anything from Marc Jacobs (including vuitton) would be greatly appreciated, as well as maison michel or hedi’s wide brimmed hats, but on my top list is Chanel’s! Both the spring modern one and the vintage tweed rimmed ones, to DIE FURRRRR- By the way, I just bought my first pair of TOGA PULLA cowgirl shoes, they’re very ManREPELLING and are perfect novelty shoes that are impractically wonderful! <3 Check that out and be #provoked.

    xx The Provoker

  • Eve

    I have exactly two hats, none of which is good for winter, and, between you and me, this is not the kind of life I imagined for myself. :/

  • cher

    great post. i love my hats and i love my music. awesome uputting king krule in it too.

  • Tittle Millinery

    it may no longer be a shocking indecency to leave home without a hat, but that’s no reason not to wear one…

  • Peave Eve

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  • kelly

    do i want to live in a world where i don’t own one of those saint laurent wide brimmed hats??

    • kelly