Office Apropos? Part Three

Buckle up, freaky felines, it’s time for Office Apropos: Three Girls, Five Days, Fifteen Outfits part three. Ready?


Day 1

Leandra: Nothing says Monday like pinstriped, high waist, camel-toe inducing denim (Stella McCartney) and a t-shirt/plaid blouse (H&M and American Apparel respectively) combo that evinces the spirit of the Brawny man, am I right? I’m wearing a necklace that my mom designed and made for me. On it, there is a big hand nurturing a little hand. She calls it “a mother’s love for her child” which seems ridiculously long as a name for a piece of jewelry she intends to sell publicly. We should just call it Hand-in-Hand. Right? The bracelets are Dannijo and the boots are Chanel.

Amelia: Today I’m wearing shoepants. Shoepants occur when the fabric and color of both your pants (in this case: H&M) and shoes (Zara) are so similar that they appear to become one. It was accidental, and in retrospect makes me sorry I didn’t wear an actual leather-footed onesie under my sweatshirt. I forgot mascara, hence the pink Westward Leaning shades, and it is winter, hence the coat (by Maje).

Charlotte: The way I combatted the frozen tundra that kicked off the week was by piling on the layers. Here we have a Beanie warming my head, a little stole cloaking my neck (thanks Grandma), a J. Crew coat, some Rag & Bone shoes and Ray Ban glasses shielding my eyeballs which have frozen.

Day 2

Leandra: Tuesdays always seem the most appropriate time to wear theatrically diminutive hats that serve no purpose and every purpose all at once. Personally, I don’t mind looking like a lurid asshole and that’s what I hoped this outfit might explain to you. The pinstriped sweater is Stella McCartney (do you notice a pattern?) (Hot damn, this Mango one is similar) while the turtleneck beneath is Splendid. The jeans are by Textile and I am really into the zippers. The white boots are incredibly impractical and Isabel Marant. The jacket is from the anterior’s collaboration with H&M.

Oh! And duh, the tiny little baby ass-hat is by Maison Michel.

Amelia: Look at me, laughing on a Tuesday. LOL Tuesday, I always say. Here’s me missing New England in my Barbour jacket, Ralph Lauren cable knit, J. Crew button down and zip up pants. Sunglasses are Céline, shoes are Zara, cow goes moo, etc, etc.

Charlotte: Sadly my leather pants did not result in shoepants, though it is probably for the better that they didn’t affix themselves to those Zara clunkers or I may have toppled on over. It’s Tuesday so I’m all about comfort evidenced by my fuzzy-ass Vince sweater ASOS pajama shirt.

Day 3

Leandra: Evidently, no one else got the memo that Wednesdays at Man Repeller are dunk your head in a toilet full of extra virgin olive oil day! Silly fuckers. If you can manage to get past the state of terrible hair for which I am repeatedly the victim, you might notice that I, too, tried to emulate Amelia’s tango with shoepanting but failed — but then again, who cares because I own the coolest embroidered Dries van Noten mens blouse in all of the world. I bought it 70% off which makes my heart want to sing an Elton John song. The leather pants are by Helmut Lang. The boots are Zara and my jacket is Céline. Sorry for that sentence.

Amelia: So my face is really big, huh? I’m standing two feet away from the door that leads back into our office why I have no coat on GRANDMA. Mitch Hedberg once compared turtlenecks to tiny hands that choke you all day long, so this pair of tiny choking hands is by Club Monaco. The jeans are Denim & Supply, the boots are Tibi.

Charlotte: Rain — you’re tacky and I hate you. I picked up that neoprene rain shield also known as a skirt from Reformation. The army jacket is vintage, the shoes are Rag & Bone and that good ol’ reliable flannel that hugs you even when the sky is crying is a Ralph Lauren hand me down.

Day 4

Leandra: Cold legs, be damned. Today I wore a new pair of Falke stockings in the name of an experiment that begs the question: how long do expensive tights last? The answer, evidently, is through the same evening’s wine glass numero tres. The shoes I am wearing are Valentino. My leather skirt is from All Saints and my striped shirt is from Zara. The denim jacket is Acne and I think looks gr8 under a houndstooth blazer (this one, by Stella McCartney). The neck scarf is Isabel Marant and tomorrow is Friday!

Amelia: I just bought this Être Cécile sweatshirt because it reminded me of Jil Sander FW11. It’s my new favorite thing I own, but since it’s sort of intense and I don’t want to become known as Geometric-Sweatshirt-Girl, I’ll have to space it out a bit. My jeans are Frame Denim, shoes are Hache y Eme and when I wear them I feel like Harry Styles.

Charlotte: Couldn’t wait ’til Plaidurday so here I am, an homage to my Scottish ancestors. The blazer is Topshop, jumpsuit & creepers are Zara, and my bagpipe is unfortunately not pictured (Sorry great-uncle MacGregor).

Day 5

Leandra: I like for my Friday outfit to be influenced by a number of different sources. Today, the first was Amelia which by the transitive property of Geometry also means a father-figure from Maine as evidenced by the ivory fisherman sweater for which I definitely overpaid because it is Marc Jacobs but come on! That mock-neck, man. The second, unassuming inspirer is my oldest brother Haim who spent most of his adolescence being fat and wearing denim. These jeans are for him. The third is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for obvious reasons tethered to my sparkly-ass Valentino shoes and finally, my coat is equal parts homage to Kim Kardashian and Sally the Camel. I can’t tell you why.

Amelia: Happy Hoo Ha it’s Friday. Normally this is a sneaker and pants optional day for me, but since I’m meeting friends after work at a “nice” place for drinks I decided to Step It Up 2. My blazer is by Band of Outsiders, shirt by The Row ($ample $ale $core), jeans are 3×1, shoes are Tibi and the sunglasses are Westward Leaning. The necklace is this cool pocket watch handed down from my grandpa to my mom to ME, Amelia.

Charlotte: It’s Friday so I’m unleashing my inner 12-year old boy, hence this knit sweater that belonged to uncle back in the days of yore. The jacket is another vintage score, the shirt is Madewell and the denim is Rag & Bone. I broke into Leandra’s last night and stole those Zara boots (just kidding she has baby feet so I resorted purchasing my own pair because they’re that good).

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  • dp

    i love this!! amelia, that sweatshirt is the least intense thing i have ever seen. also not really allowed to be said when the girl in the slide before you is in bedazzled dries

    • Amelia Diamond

      yea but like if i wore it every day it WOULD be intense, like, whoa there’s that girl again with that fucking sweatshirt in hella colors.

  • Love everything…

    but LEANDRAAAA… What are those things on your hands on day 5??? Have you decided “To Glove” or is this another layering piece???

    • Leandra Medine


  • CDJ

    love when you do this! do you guys ever share clothes?

  • Thamsa

    glad to see that everyone’s shoe game is on point 😉

  • monkeyshines

    wonderful inspiring looks!


  • Guest

    I LOVE all of these! But a lot of the links with Leandra’s choices are not working for me and it’s breaking my heart!

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey — just checked on the links and all seem to be working. Which are having difficulty with?

      • Guest

        Hmm…maybe it’s me then because most of them lead to a “can’t find the server” page. I’ll have to try again from a different location. Thanks for looking into it for me though, you’re the best!

        • Lena

          i can also not reach some of the pages, and land on a “can’t find the server” page

  • Charlotte, you’re killin it.

    • coffeetoo

      aye, aye

  • Tessa

    What’s it like working with Kate Middleton?

  • Great article! So, I love: first day – Leandra; second day – Charlotte; third day- Charlotte; 4th day – Leandra & Charlotte; and the 5th day – Amelia (her blazer is fantastic)!

  • Renata

    Necklace should just be called ‘Mother’s Love’.

  • Love all of these outfits….so interesting to see that, despite the abundant usage of main staples in the above photos, each of you have your own respective styles.

    Also, Leandra, does Brother Haim like Band Haim? (I guess my question is more: who doesn’t like 3 cool L.A. sisters who picked up instruments in their toddler years?)

    • Quinn Halman

      Come to Toronto on may 15; I have the tickets.

      • I so would. I was hoping to see them at Coachella Weekend one this year, but I just haven’t babysat enough to validate a near-$500 ticket for one freakin’ weekend. The lineup this year is the best it’s ever been. All my faves IN ONE PLACE.

        PSA: If anyone wants to help a girl out with a ticket in a part-cash, part-something-else barter system, hmu.

        • Quinn Halman


  • Curvily NYC

    I heart the Mitch Hedberg reference so much, Amelia.

  • Liz

    Charlotte is killing it.

  • So you are … hmmm: “very camel toe positive”? I must be getting old, all that negativity … 🙂 (lovely looks, ladies!)

  • Nicole

    Those Valentino shoes on Day 4 Leandra: kill me now so I can go to heaven and be with them. Btw, Charlotte is really pwetty.

  • Quinn Halman

    You guys all look so good. I really liked Leandra’s pant shirt combination on day 1 but alas I was raised by Stacy and Clinton and have always been scared to mix stripes and checks

  • I love your wintry dressing. Wish I could dress all wintry chic like you fine ladies, but it’s just too darn cold up here. Instead it’s massive parka and toque and scarf eye slit for me!

  • silpc

    We do something similar in our office! Follow @officefashionchallenge on Instagram, where every week we have a style challenge and everybody in our office and our followers post their styles based on the weekly theme!

  • Iulia G.

    I love those shoes!

  • Greer Clarke

    shoepants *thumbsup*

  • Andy

    those Valentino shoes are simply to die forrrrrr!!!!

  • Veronica

    Fun, cool and man repelling

    See my line of bohemian and chic necklaces here

  • Allie

    I will never pass up a sale rack with men’s blouses on it. ever. again.

  • Shoepants are my new favorite thing. Doing it tomorrow for sure. Stay tuned…

  • Kim

    Love all the looks!


  • habitatus

    You all look smashing, but I have to say, if this is about professionalism/ work attire, CHARLOTTE NEEDS TO BE AWARDED THE GOLDEN ATTACHE CASE. She is by far the most professional…Leandra & Amelia are obviously lovely, but WAY TOO MUCH DENIM for your most flexible of professional occasions. Charlotte looks just as chic/ stylish, but nary a jean until Friday.

    • Leandra Medine

      I suppose then that it’s a good thing I set the office attire rules! Phew!

  • Silvia Saunders
  • Spot on with the tights. Love Wolford but 1 pair/day gets a bit crazy!

  • ashley

    Amelia, months later. I hope you’ll be enthused to know that your oxford uni crewneck sent me down the rabbit hole that is their online gift shop.. i am ruined. the names! wash bag, railway satchel, tom bag. this is the end (of my good credit)

  • Catalina

    ummmmm amelia look #21 is FIA FIAHHH I SAY