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I’ll be on my suit and tie, suit and tie…


It’s one thing to be a woman wearing menswear and quite another to be a man.

To our credit, women can do justice to tailoring that’s originally intended for bodies with no breasts or hips, and rarely does a man look better in his own sport coat than the girl who decided to claim it as her own. “Borrowing from the boys” inevitably turns into “this is mine now,” not for the sake of sentimentality or novelty but simply because it looks great — even better than a womenswear designer’s boyfriend fit. But where a woman in a three-piece suit looks thoughtfully styled and elegant, a man wearing the same thing just looks effortless.

The men of Pitti Uomo and Paris Fashion Week project the very definition of Oh, this old thing? Seemingly never ahead of nor behind the trend, neither a victim of fashion or inappropriately underdressed. Somehow one’s t-shirts and jeans with open-laced tennis shoes look as equally remarkable when held against another’s monochrome houndstooth.

Nothing appears superfluous, though you’ve got to admit some of it is: ascots, pocket squares, patterned socks purposefully visible under cuffed pants — these items aren’t necessary or practical at all and yet they complete a multitude of the men’s outfits with decided confidence.

It is this cavalier approach to style that appeals to me so much more than recent street-shots of women. A lot of it has to do with the lack of identifiable labels (which can probably be attributed to my less than encyclopedic knowledge of men’s designers). Show me a photo of a woman at fashion week and I can often immediately point out who makes her coat and what season her top is from. Show me a photo of one of these men and sure, I can make an educated guess — maybe that’s a Raf Simons sweatshirt? Prada shoes — but only because they resemble a women’s pair? But the majority of it is far less conspicuous, and that ambiguity is exciting.

There’s also less pressure. As someone who consumes these paparazzied photos for both story ideas and personal dressing inspiration, it’s hard not to look at women wearing the things I long to own and feel envy or non-buyers-remorse. I recently spent a whole week kicking myself for not taking the plunge on a real treasure of a blazer, discounted at a sample sale, only to see it photographed on another woman a month later. I don’t want her sartorial fame, but ugh, did I want that blazer.

When you look at the men, there’s none of that. A bearded editor is not walking around in clothing that I have intrinsically claimed as mine, and I am not self-consciously comparing the way his pants fit him versus the way a similar pair fit me. I can look at these men as fashionable humans that exist in a separate category. I can admire and draw influence from them, but when push comes to dress, I don’t expect — or want — to look just like them.

I’ve seen hundreds of street style photos over the course of the recently departed men’s fashion week. Inspiration has burst from the innumerable clicks of dapper gentleman dressed beyond the nines and into their tens. They appear at ease in their clothes, and while we, the women, may have learned to adopt the fundamental lot of their cues, there’s little denying that they win. So, let’s hear it for the boys.

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  • I’m glad to see men embracing the suit, and finding ways to make it their own. They’re not necessarily “man repelling,” but you can see a lot of layering, accessorizing, and playing around with form and fit that you see on the ol’ MR.

    Suits can often have that element of predictability, so it’s cool to see men having more fun with them!

  • I really love this. There’s nothing like a dapper, well-dressed gentleman.

  • I guess these very trendy men can only be met at Fashion weeks, not in ‘real life’!

    Mafalda ❤

    • I met a lot of them when I lived abroad in Italy. But I emphasize the fact abroad! For some reason fashion has not entered the day to day life of american men.. good thing .. or bad??
      But they do exist!! (abroad)

  • I personally find that most of these men aren’t necessarily attractive in and of themselves, but in these clothes, they’re the hottest men alive. Seriously sexy. Clothes really do make the man.

  • Panas

    Men’s luxury fashion brands have exploded the last few years, men now enjoy their “own” brands, instead of following mega brands which make everything for everyone, and bespoke suits, shoes, shirts and ties are back in the front line. The likes of Brioni, Charvet, Berluti, Kydos, and others from Napoli, Milan and Savile Row are now setting the standards of the game

  • Quinn Halman

    There is something very attractive about a man who knows how to dress himself in well fitted, stylish clothes.

    • Yeah and idk why the straight ones who do the above are so hard to come by.

    • TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!! European men really know how to dress.

  • Josephine Baker

    I’m so glad more and more men are wearing suits on a regular basis! It looks so classic


  • Jennifer Wilson

    I love a well dressed gentleman. I wish more men dressed up today. xo


  • This reminds me of my MAJOR crush on Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette.

  • chatNoir

    *swoon* … *sigh*….. a well-dressed man in nicely tailored clothing AND the self-confidence to pull it off ?


  • Elisa Taviti

    Lovely pictures!

    My Fantabulous World

  • laila t.

    It’s really exciting to see men wearing suits again, and not just in formal events. Just like women seem to be embracing this ‘old days’ idea, as well, with the long floral dresses. It feels like we’re traveling to the past. I hope love and respect come with these vintage wave too.

  • Veronica

    I loved this post!

    Please look at my new line of bohemian chic jewelry Yalayalaa at: http://etsy.me/1hBn3Jz



  • A man in suit is the best uniform!


  • When I lived in Milan I was surprised about how well the men dressed. On weekends they would be wearing suits – and red ones!- biking around. It was the manliest most attractive thing ever! How can we get American dudes to dress more that way??


    • David K. Arruda

      Because if any American man would wear such a thing, they’re probably auditioning for a spot in an Outkast video or trying to wear the tackiest suit to prom. lol

      • I know! The perception of men dressing this way gets a very negative reaction. It makes me wonder how it got this way.

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Dont get me wromg, these man look SOO GOOD! BUT it seams like they re trying a bit too hard just like womem, soo many things going on, the socks, the hats, the scarfs, the gloves, the glasses….
    I like my man simple but still well dressed and put together.
    But i have to admit, some of these have VERY good genes

  • Viktor Man

    Ladies, I found this blog by accident and I love the photographs and the article on suits and ties. I have started blogging myself and am planning to photo shoot some suits as well. So if you would be able to leave some feedback i would be ecstatic. http://www.themanandglam.blogspot.com

  • gr montero

    …hear hear!!!…send them here here!!!

  • Guest

    I love a stylish man but some of these looks are a bit much. Men can also look too “done.” The photo with the two men in the navy suits and black hats, IMO, have the best balance between personal style and fashion.

  • I think part of the magic in these photographs comes from the restrictive nature of Menswear. In comparison, men don’t have as many options as women. They don’t wear dresses, skirts, heels, etc…
    I think the fact that men’s clothing is so similar, a truly fashionable man has to find a way to style the clothing in a way that stands out. They achieve this by mixing textures and prints, layering in an unexpected way. Menswear designers have to keep pieces still very similar to the original, but slightly alter it to make it feel new. Maybe the added constraints bring out creativity?

  • Katie P

    There’s something anti-feminist/somewhat sexist about saying men have something that we- as women-never will in their ability to wear a suit, and look the way they do in said suit. Yes, I agree with you completely that there’s something about men in suits that women will never be able to fully accomplish no matter how many clothes we “borrow”- and that bothers me. The women’s skirt/blazer combo doesn’t seem to cut it. So do we have an equivalent?

  • Greta Frighi

    HOT! I am loving the polkadot shirt under a vintage Levi’s denim jacket, under a grey wool coat – oh so fine 🙂

    x Greta

  • Max

    They look nice.. but nobody can kill my style! 😀
    See on http://www.mrfashionmaker.com

  • Sara Ashtaryeh

    Here is my question: While menswear designers are anonymous to our untrained estrogen-eyes, can men identify designer brands on other men?

  • girlinmenswear

    I love that a dapper men, does not have to mean a metro man. It just means a well dressed man. Its nice that guys can play around with accessories and be more adventurous with their wardrobes. Being suited and booted is now cool, and long may the meteoric rise of menswear last!


  • Leah

    the worst part about these men: they are so damn beautiful and when you walk past them they give you NO satisfaction. Not even a 1 second blinking glance.