It’s The Year of the Horse

And I am celebrating its return to cool.


I would just like to begin my acceptance speech by thanking my fourth grade gym teacher who never thought it was strange that I insisted on running like a horse.

Thank you to my roommate for being such an amazing sport that one time you got hives when I forced you to come to the barn with me. A sarcastic thank you goes to my friends who never tire of singing that creepy R. Kelly song whenever I say I’m going riding. I’d like to thank Chinese Zodiac for finally giving my animal its time to shine, and last but not least, thank you Pre-Fall 2014, for validating my equestrian endeavors.

Design houses such as Hermès, Gucci and Ralph Lauren are known for their consistent reinterpretations of equine-inspired gear. Michael Kors and Chloé are never too far from a four-hooved nod, and the same could be said of Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2013 season. (The same could not be said of Hilfiger in the ’90s, but what a glorious and strange mash up that would have been.) It’s just that for a style so iconic, equestrian never seems to register as “cool.”

Until now, that is. Cue up your boombox to the party mixtape I made you then hold it over your head like you’re Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything, because it’s time to celebrate. What are we celebrating? Why am I giving a speech again? Oh, I don’t know, how about one fell swoop of a Pre-Fall season — and Chanel, Altuzarra, Alexander Wang and Band of Outsiders — for making the other half of my wardrobe a fashion statement rather than a horse joke. One small victory for man kind.

Now I can foot-gallop around the West Village with pride, daring the mounted police officers to give me tickets for A) topping the speed limit or B) looking too awesome. I can go directly from stable to table without being mocked by my less-than-equine-friendly-friends, and if anyone tries to come at me for wearing breeches to brunch don’t think I wont whip out a power point of the slideshow above to prove that all that neighs is absolute gold.

What’s important to note, and I say this with indignation, is that the Pre-Fall looks work because they’re not hyper-literal. It’s fashion out of context, comprised of nuanced cues from an English tack room: tweeds and tartan and buttery leather, but nothing so blatant that one could accuse the wearer of coming straight off a dismount. This is to say that I probably still can’t get away with passing off my barn clothes as an alternative to the Bowery’s all-black leathered uniform no matter how much of “a moment” this trend is having.

I have to interpret.

Do I wish I could walk around in my riding clothes and look just as cool as the models at Band and Altuzarra? Yes. Am I — despite earlier evidence to the contrary — aware of what is reality and what’s wardrobe fantasy? Yes. Fine. Maybe.

But does that mean I will ever stop fighting in the name of those who spend too much time around giant hay-eating mammals? No I will not, Pony Boy Curtis. And neither, I hope, will fashion. So, let’s shop.

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  • Well, this is reminding me a lot of my days in private school. Love it, though.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Quinn Halman

    I’ve never been one of those “horse kids” but I think they’re one of the most beautiful animals. I wanted to be a horse kid though, and it was solely because I loved the riding outfits. The boots, the blazer, and the little cap all seemed so chic. To get my horse fix, I went to the farm in the middle of Toronto (because there is one) and I would stroke them and feed them after, of course, after peeing my pants because I was always initially scared they would chomp my face off. Great way to start off the morning, Amelia you da bomb!

    • Greer Clarke

      is that taylor swift

      • Quinn Halman

        I would like to say it’s me, but yes, it’s T-Swizzle. I chose this picture because both Amelia and myself are not afraid to admit that WE LIKE HER

  • CDJ

    Amelia, I am so happy for you that this is the year of the horse. That was a beautiful speech. Remember how bitchy this girl was to Michelle Tanner??? She sure did look amazing, though.

    • Amelia Diamond


    • Leandra Medine


      • CDJ

        As a side note: this episode was to the 90’s what Marissa Cooper’s overdose in TJ was to the early 2000’s. I’m just relieved Michelle made it out of the series alive….

        • Guest

          “China… has alopecia”

  • Jennifer

    Biggest take away from this post, I was not the only one to
    spend my childhood galloping like a horse. Did you ever practice flying lead
    changes on foot? Because I know I did! Sigh those were good times…Anyways, I am very excited about the year of the horse and the equestrian goodies it is sure to bring.

  • I like this trend when it’s subtile, not over the top.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Lisa Thomson

    Love the horsey fashion. The real thing though is dirty and smelly (my daughter rode horses for years).

  • Alexandra

    I love this with all of my heart, finally… the year of my spirit animal.

  • Amanda

    What this post is saying is swap your Vogel’s for some Chanel boots but leave on the Pikeurs and head to brunch.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Depending on how bad the saddle stain is on said Piks.

  • Everything looks so cute!!

  • Haley M.

    Two thoughts on this; first, being in the throes of the hell that is mud and blanket season, I really appreciate this reminder that riding DOES have a sophisticated side. Second, I kind of like going to bars in my riding gear if it’s not too grimy. Drinking scotch in my tall boots is the closest I’ll ever get to being an Irish huntsman.

  • Amélie J.

    Horses are perfection. In my opinion. But that’s probably because I’m a competitive rider since I was (around) five years old. It’s a LONG time.
    The outfits that riders wear are a giant plus. Just had to rub that in.

  • All of these boots are incredible. Pre-fall collections always have the best pieces. We love sweater weather…

  • john