One Denim Jacket, Three Ways

Will I ever get sick of denim? It seems like a fat chance. Even beyond prosaic, straight blue jeans — what has become a dual-gender wardrobe “staple” — it occurs to me almost every time I wear it that denim, like the model co-worker, will never let you down. It will collaborate with you, often hide your blunders, and sometimes even cover your ass.

This theory was only further cemented when I set out to make like Man Repeller (the site, not person) and wear my denim jacket three ways. By placing it over my shoulders and calling it a “a way,” I could have easily cloaked an avalanche of different outfits but this is about utilizing the jacket creatively. Like it’s not just a jacket. It’s a passport. One that officiates your stance as a global citizen of a world made from study cotton twill.

In look #1 I wore the jacket as a blouse buttoned to its collar. Then I popped them collars and placed an ivory double breasted blazer over the jacket and allowed for the denim to peak out of the sleeves. I tucked the front into these crazy-ass peplum pants because they are black, kind of big and baggy at the top and therefore created no such illusion of questionable vagina junk. Then I walked across the same quarter of a sidewalk for about 15 strolls so that you could get a whiff of the outfit’s movement. In the event you’re curious about the pants: they are Miu Miu and I found them at a consignment shop for (drumroll! Please!) $44.

Blk Dnm blazer, Acne jacket, Miu Miu pants, Charlotte Olympia heels.

In look #2 I am not just wearing the jacket as a jacket but as an integral part of The Canadian Tuxedo at large. Paired with meme colored denim pants, a striped sweater and a beanie, I am almost your younger brother. But with the inclusion of lipstick, a bright multi-color neckerchief, a wooden clutch that features many crystals and some white Ferragamo flats, I am either your little brother, an understudy for CATS with very chapped lips, or, you know, just myself.

Acne jacket and jeans, striped sweater, Hermes scarf, Devi Kroell clutch, Ferragamo flats, Steven Alan beanie.

And in the final look, I am the kind of woman who throws a denim jacket over her shoulders like it is fur or something equally as polarizing to reveal details about where she is going. This, of course, is to a black tie event as the silk gown skirt and dramatic winged top would suggest. The way I see it, we live in America, people, and if ever there is a societal rule that mandates one should not to wear denim is the most salient excuse to get the shit out of there.

Acne jacket, Peter Soronen skirt, Rosie Assoulin blouse, Chanel shoes, The Row handbag, Lionette ring bracelet and Monica Sordo choker.

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  • coffeetoo

    LOVE the white on denim with the red lips – you’re killing it!

    Also – this morning I read your Vanity Fair interview and for what it’s worth – I totally agree with Stacey’s comments about having readers rise to your level. It brings me back to a post a while back where in the comments someone asked for more outfit/onion how-to’s and the discussion that followed. I want to grow with your blog so I love that it’s ever-evolving. And if MANREPPELER doesn’t help me with my date conversation tonight, I don’t know who will!! 😉

  • delabelle
  • I always go to denim as the reliable safe choice too haha

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  • Katharina

    the white jacket in combination with the red lips and the denim look great. absolutely stunning!

    Katharina // Katinka

  • Quinn Halman

    I loooove the second look! If only I could properly apply red lipstick, ha..

  • Those pants remind me of something. I really love the bottom of them.

  • Nico

    Love everyone but the second is my fav! I should try something like this too!

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  • Rika Marushima

    Hi! Nice outfits you got there! A denim jacket is really a must have, such a very versatile piece. It’s worth keeping, even if it fades with time it still looks perfect. I think it gets even better. But no matter how faded it becomes there’s still a way to style it and to put up an outfit for it. There’s this site,, that allows you to style suggested clothes, shoes & accessories. It’s a place for fresh ideas and very creative styling! A denim jacket is a classic but you can turn it into something more with the help of the WGWT community. Cheers!

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Soo amusing loved it


    Awwwwww, love these posts!!!! Just awesome!!!;)

  • In love with the Chanel heels!!! And those Miu Miu ankle cuffs still rock. xo Hanneke

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  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Man do I have friends who would NOT agree with any of your looks. I’m the live & let live/let’s see what works/who gives a total f&ck outsider. But how you were able to tuck a jean jacket neatly into the waistband of those stunner Mui Mui pants?

    • Leandra Medine

      It is not so neat at all

  • Sick moves kid. You make awkward covetable.

  • Natali

    2nd outfit is my favourite one, but all three are killer ones!

  • The third look is my favourite, you look adorable!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Filantrope

    Man, those pants are crazy hot!

  • diane

    Is the leather cuff in outfit 2 Givenchy?

  • monkeyshines

    simple and fabulous!


  • Jennifer Difusco

    The pants are oh so amazing!! Swoon!!

  • Karen

    Love this post. Love those pants. Loved the denim jacket as a top. Loved the jacket over the “fancy” outfit.

  • Megan Quint Gressel

    omg those pants are insane and i love it.


  • Christina Oh

    Wait…that first look was your denim jacket? Genius to layer it under your blazer. Doesn’t seem like it would work but it totally does.

  • rachel

    Hey Leandra! Love the last look! Featured it on our blogger looks of the week!

  • Jackie

    I love layering my denim jacket underneath things. I layered it last week under an Isabel Marant chunky grandma knit sweater. It just feels fresh and different.

    Love your pants too–$44?!?!!! You’re killing it!

  • ShabbyMeChic
  • AH

    LOVE those pants. Reminds me of these Peter Jensen pants I scored at an Opening Ceremony sample sale last year!

  • I love how you take a basic colour palette and mix it up with architectural pieces. The paints in the first outfit are a bit reminiscent of a bad dance costume, but with the all black, you totally rock it.

  • Allie Mackin

    Cute idea with the denim jacket and blazer, I have a distressed fitted denim jacket and a leopard print blazer that is slightly big so I a going to give this a whirl.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  • Trendy Paper Doll

    Love the third outfit but I also like the idea of the first one wearing it under a blazer 🙂

  • WHAAAAA $44!!!! = please share the shop! – i need to go there PRONTO!

  • B

    In which consignment store did you find those pants?

  • A.K

    What size are you in the men’s denim jacket? it’s a nice fit.

  • Tahlia Sanders

    Denim has become somewhat of a platitude on fashion blogs of late, with the inevitable ‘How To Wear Denim Cut-Offs’ post being seen all too often and originality being seen far too little. More and more fashion bloggers seem to be latching on to the unique ability of denim to make a person appear chic no matter how absent-mindedly their outfit was composed, whilst seldom taking advantage of the versatility and potential for innovation that denim offers to its wearer. It is always so refreshing to see your take on denim pieces, Leandra. I always know that it will be daring, distinctive and ground-breaking, doing justice to the infinite potential of whatever denim garment you happen to be adorning.

    Not to mention that you were doing ‘How To Wear Denim Cut-Offs’ posts before it was cool.

  • Lilli

    Does anyone else read the ‘#1’ or ‘#2′ etc every time as “hashtag one’ or ‘hashtag two’?


  • I can’t believe I’m about to do this but: “One that officiates your stance as a global citizen of a world made from study cotton twill.”Did you mean “sturdy” cotton twill? I’m sorry, Leandra!

    • Leandra Medine

      mmhmm, i did. thanks!

  • sarah

    how the bloody hell do you fit a denim jacket under another jacket, or tuck it? really if i tried this i would look the size of a house, if in fact i could get into them all. and knowing you, the fact that these pants make you look like you have black triangles for feet, was probably the desired effect? success,and love. 😉

  • I love the denim jacket, forever21 has a great sale going on right now that I posted about where you can snatch a similar one up for under $20!