A Feast for the Eyes

Couture Spring 2014


A constellation of glittering light sat below bottom lashes at Chanel, textured like tiny nonpareils, so delicate that the word angelic was called to mind — impressive considering such detailing sat under a halo of spiked hair that was decidedly more punk than heavenly. But where heavenly was concerned, look no further than Valentino where the opening number lifted forward like fog, or upward like a cloud, painted in nothing more than the notes of a song. Heaven was also apparent at Giamba–

JK guys. LOL.

We could wax poetic on couture for the next forty five hours of your life. We could go full Shakespeare-HAM all up in this bitch until your eyes bleed and your brain hurts and you’re writhing around on the floor yelling “PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! NO MORE SIMILES OR METAPHORS, NO MORE PICTURE-PAINTING VIA WORDS.”

But we won’t do that to you. We like you guys, we like hanging out with you, and we really wouldn’t want to end our friendship all because Leandra and I couldn’t shut up about chiffon.

Besides, you’re observant. You can see for yourself that Valentino has the hand-sewn capability to break your heart five ways to Dallas, and that Maison Martin Margiela was just like, Fuck sleeves, man, EYEBALLS are the new sleeves.

I don’t have the proper words to describe the ethereality at Vionnet (other than “ethereality”) and the only way to explain how the floral appliquéd vines reaching up from green silk at Giambattista Valli made me feel is: qwerhgfaQW3E17SCAV@Q35#z!!!!!!!!!

Ya know?

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to look, so let’s just absorb the spectacularity of these collections with every open pore we can rally. And let’s do it with music, so that our ears are part of the experience as well. Fingers, you’ll do the clicking, and taste, since you also need in on the visceral game, let’s find you a Bloody Mary. Because it is Saturday after all.

And for heaven’s sake, this is Couture.

Images via Vogue, The Cut & Style.com

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  • I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE RETURN OF SCHIAPARELLI!!! I can’t even… love love love.

  • Morgan

    Maybe you should wax poetic about the chiffon! It. Was. Incredible.
    Also, just a thought that maybe I will get ostracized for, I miss Galliano. Raf is great and all, but I wish there was still a place to see Galliano’s creations.
    Obviously not condoning what he did.

  • Couture was so good this year.

    Here’s a song I’ve been playing while perusing Style.com this past week. It’s has such, uh, “ethereality.”


  • Courtney

    Love the tone of this blog!


  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Can I…I will say that the styling for these shows blew my warped mind. I’m grown; I know that this is couture (speak the word so speciously): winged eyebrows, orange chins, eyes as gloves, are to be expected. But seriously. I think that when matched with beautifully crafted and imaginative clothes (these are clothes!!!), I’m in such a happy place. It is all so artful. Raised fist to the stylists!

  • Sara
  • Katharina

    I loved the couture this year. So beautiful & classy.
    Katharina // katinka

  • Josephine Baker

    “ethereality” hahahaha Great post!


  • Clara

    Galliano has to be there , it is a must! On the other hand do not know exactly if Schiaparelli means so much! loveit !

  • All of these pieces are so detailed and extravagant! We can definitely see Anna Dello Russo in a few of these looks. http://www.LEZU.com

  • Merce Cobian

    This just made me cry !! Maravillosoooo

  • That dress with the music notes is weirdly gorgeous. 😀


  • Alison McAfee

    MF Doom on Man Repeller? be still, my heart.