And It’s Here: Peter Pilotto for Target

Well, almost here at least.


I think I finally get it.

Cats are so well-liked and as a result, Internet-famous because they’re always dragging all this cool stuff in!

Today, for example, Tinkerblinkavaga, a progeny of an American Short Hair and Lithuania (as in, the country) dragged in a complete lookbook from the Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration. As we suspected it might last spring when we offered an unofficial dissertation on the manifold reasons a high-low collaboration with a brand like Pilotto might work (their widely accepted brand identity is such that a very strong, singular point of view is conveyed upon immediate contact, the way it might with an older house like Missoni), the collection looks remarkably good.

The silhouettes, for one thing, weren’t compromised. The peplums still pop, the pencil skirts are still tight, the uneven hems maintain their contrast and the draping remains     artful. The prints look pretty great too. Would you have even guessed that this were a Target lookbook if you weren’t predisposed to that knowledge?

Fabric is, of course, still a point to be canvassed but then again when you’re buying into a concept or a known design element that doesn’t see much permutation when considering fabric, does that really matter?

Frankly, I’m thrilled. But who cares! Are you?

The collection hits Target stores and on Feb. 9 with an assortment of the collection also available on Net-a-Porter.

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