To Glove or Not to Glove?

That is kind of the question


Were you a member of Model Congress in high school?


Haha. Me neither.

Why would I ever elect to stay at school after hours only to refute or support fictitious bills as proposed by the equally fraudulent United States Congress? Here at Man Repeller, however, we’ve quietly enstated a new installment that we’re calling Model Congress internally because Amelia and I hold opposing positions on so many topics in conjunction with fashion. You remember the pants vs. man debate, don’t you? Or less recently, the one on dressing like a bowl of lucky charms vs. a funeral attendee. The first came in the wake of discussing the cost of looking natural. And today, we talk gloves.

Frankly, I hate them. I know it would be unfair to call them feckless because they do serve a fairly utilitarian purpose that is twofold — to keep your hands warm and to keep them moist but frankly, I am terrible with accoutrements unless they come on to stay on. Like a choker or a Cartier love bracelet. One time, when I was sixteen, I borrowed a pair of fancy-ass gloves from my grandmother because it was 25 degrees outside and I wasn’t wearing any. In just thirty minutes I lost them. I don’t even know how that’s possible considering the fact that I’d spent that time walking from 68th and Madison to 82nd and East End.

Sometimes I wonder whether there’s a purgatory where all the vanished socks and gloves of Manhattan are keeping themselves warm while our digits beg for summer to get its damn show on the road. Gloves unlike socks are typically fairly expensive which makes their loss particularly distressing. The fact of the matter is, I am lucky enough to have a coat — two even, so why not use the rather robust pockets built into the coats to shield my fingers from hypothermia?

That or a pair that come tethered to the jacket. Never mind, that wouldn’t work either — I am a woman of many rings, rings that I love to wear, rings that cannot be worn beneath tight gloves and as aforestated, I hate to take off my accoutrements so let’s just settle on three (five) of the best moisturizing hand creams together and call it a day without gloves — which is just like a Sunday that comes with no hang over, shall we?

-Leandra Medine


Don’t listen to her, you guys. People who don’t wear gloves during the winter drive me crazy. First of all, it’s rude to the people who make gloves. Here are these hard working people, pouring their energy into creating a pair of hand socks that have got to be tricky as fuck to create pattern for and sew — can you imagine stitching four fingers and a freaky thumb properly so that the fabric encases human paws without giving its wearer a case of supermarket lobster claw? No, you cannot. — and then then there you are, throwing your hands into the air sometimes singing “ayy yo” like you’re friggin Taio Cruz.

It’s also childish, because only a toddler would elect to have their skin pierced with ice-air when there is, in all seriousness, a very good option that isn’t all that annoying to wear. Actually, I think that’s the only argument for those who don’t wear them: that gloves are annoying. You know what else is annoying? Hypothermia. Frost bite. Birds. Exactly.

What’s more is that gloves can be really, really chic, like these pony hair Acne ones that I’ve talked about before, or this cashmere lined pair from Club Monaco, or this camel colored twinset just begging to be loved. They’ve even come up with astronaut-level technology to allow you to text and stay gloved (like these guys at J. Creezy in a variety of flavors).

So unless your hands are so furry that people confuse you for Chewbacca (which they might! no judgement!), or if you’re Taio Cruz, then I really see no point to letting your hands go commando. You’re just begging for them to fall off, and if they do — no sympathy from me.

-Amelia Diamond


Well, may I just say: that is silly. Amelia dumbass Diamond obviously doesn’t realize that my hands falling off would duplicate her workload thus intensifying her sense of sympathy so comprehensively, it actually becomes a handicap she too experiences. But, uh, your turn! On the topic of this bill, put forward by the Senate of Y-Chromosomatic Repulsion and Hand Cloaking, how do you fare?

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  • Liz

    Fingerless gloves. Everybody wins/loses some digits. Who ever said compromise was a dirty word?

    • Karl Lagerfeld-esque anything will always be an exception to any dislike. I’m feelin’ da fingerless option because of that. Ya win some, ya lose some (digits).

  • Quinn Halman

    For this one I’m going to be on Team Leandra. Gloves are such a last minute thing, I barely remember to put them on as I run out of the house. There are so many other winter accessories that are so much more fun; hats, scarves, and coats. Also the majority of the time my hands are in my jacket pocket and if they’re out, it’s because I’m holding a tea or coffee in my hand. And yeah, 9/10 times I will lose them.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Team Leandra. A decent pair of gloves is just a handful of cash waiting to get left in the back of a cab. My solution is extra long sleeves that can be pulled down over my hands, plus coats with big pockets. That being said, I love how gloves look on more responsible ladies. You keep rocking them, Amelia.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • The only time I use gloves is when I am skiing (be it XC or downhill, you name it, gloves are needed) because where I live, I never need gloves unless we are trekking to the mountains. If I did live in a cold place, I would probably buy gloves for daily use, although very grudgingly. In elementary school I used to play this game where I was Grace Kelly and my friend was Marilyn Monroe, so I did get quite a lot of use out of vintage, elbow-length white gloves. Those just look pretty and lack function, though. Other than that, the more functional ones just aren’t that cute TBH. Just not a fan — unless I am skiing, of course.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • CDJ

    I’m with my girl L on this one. And not to slam you twice, Amelia, but I lose gloves almost as much as I lose earrings. Earrings and gloves will never be my thing. I don’t think I can handle it! Come to think of it, winter 2011 I lost 3 jackets (all in NYC), so the season is just not for me.

    • Amelia Diamond


      • Leandra Medine


  • Savannah

    I’m going to have to side with Amelia on this. I had to walk 12 minutes to my house yesterday night without gloves and all I could possibly think was, “lord take me now! Please take me now! So, you’re not going to take me? Okay.” I thought surely by the time that I reached my porch, I would be pronounced dead. All because I didn’t have on gloves. Sorry, but I would rather be the ugly warm kid that everyone loves to mock than the coolest cold kid on the block.

    • Amelia Diamond

      There it is! (but Savannahhhhhhhhh warm doesn’t have to equal ugly!)

  • Kandeel

    Team Leandra ftw. Gloves are just not my thing, as soon as I take them off they’re gone. I mean I think black leather gloves look chic but I think those are for people who can keep them on. PLUS we have smartphones to attend to! I’d rather be freezing my fingers off than not texting or snapchatting. Smart gloves don’t work really well in my opinion either…

  • MER

    Y’all on Team L clearly don’t live where the temperature for multiple days in a row was -40.

    • Kandeel

      -16 here but its still not as bad as yours haha

    • MER

      My cousin’s friend walked home without gloves this week and his hand was blistered to the point of being admitted to the hospital. DO YOU LIKE THE HOSPITAL LEANDRA? (Just kidding, I needed a point where I could channel my mother’s nagging.)

  • Andie Schlather

    Oh hi, i’m a MR comment virgin until right now. This time last year, I was packing for my honeymoon and I had a panic attack so substantial over a misplaced pair of never-been-worn black leather gloves- you would have sworn I lost my friggin wedding ring. I ended up borrowing my mother’s pair, which were perfectly worn in so I didn’t have to spend my Parisian honeymoon doing finger bends to break in my own pair. All was harmonious in the end. That being said, I’m on Team Amelia because I’m a weenie and can’t have fun unless blood is properly circulating through my digits. (A good rule to follow in general) But I don’t recommend buying an accessory expensive enough to cause heart palpitations unless it comes with a fashionable carabiner or belt loop pull string holder (still waiting on that trend…).

    • Amelia Diamond


  • michaela

    Could I take both sides? Although gloves aren’t my favorite thing to wear, at the end of the day, my hands have to be warm and my coat pockets won’t work for me. But I do agree in Leandra in that gloves cover my rings; it’s a half and half for me.

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    Well I love gloves. I often see lots I could own. Like a Dior pair the other night. Or a pair of chained Chanels. BUT it’s hardly every cold enough in Australia to need them.
    So I look for excuses to wear them. OR wear fingerless options.

  • Athena Griziotis

    While I was all Team Amelia in the big Pants vs Men debate of last week, I’m going to have to side with Leandra on this one, I too face the ring conundrum. On a daily basis my fingers come accompanied with too many rings to facilitate a glove and call me crazy but I’m just not willing to part with them no matter the frost bite consequences.

    Mostly I’m just not grown ass women-resposible enough for gloves.

  • I’m going with Team Amelia on this one. I currently have some cheapy gloves from Target that have been keeping my fingers sufficiently warm. Might have to upgrade to that pair from JCrew though…

  • Amelia Diamond

    You guys, might I just add that no matter whose side you take (mine! take mine!) we are loving all of these new commenters on here! Keep chatting!

    • chatting all day, chatting all night yeah yeah here we go oh yeah

      (so sorry for ^^^^)

    • Amelia, I have to have gloves as soon as the temperature reached below 40 degrees. I hate the cold. I definitely will not put any of my body parts in jeopardy. I don’t get it when people go out with no pants or tights either! It hurts!

  • pinkschmink

    I’m totally, unapologetically, 100% Team Amelia on this one. Gloves are amazing. Not only are they made with actual witchcraft (as I learned from my abysmal failure to sew some for myself), but they’re one of the best things about this time of year! I literally wait all summer to be able to pile on eight layers of winter accessories.

    Also, awesome people wear gloves. Like Jackie O and the Queen and Karl Lagerfeld. Can’t argue with awesomeness.

  • CDJ

    Brief update: my car is covered in snow, and I rejoiced when I just found a large pair of male gloves from 1992 in my trunk to brush my car off with. I am in Boston, though. So, if I were an NYC cab driver, AMELIA YOU WIN.

  • Unnecessary in California. But chic none the less 🙂

  • Maggie

    Haha i love this, but I’m with Amelia on this one, I rather wear a nice pair of gloves than let my hands freeze and get all dry, and just like she said gloves can be really chic I am the proud owner of a blue and red pair of leather gloves, GO AMELIA.

  • Mattie Kahn

    Oh, FIRMLY on Team Amelia. Being against gloves is like being against umbrellas. Clearly, a violent assault on practicality and human innovation.

    Besides, accessories of all kinds should be embraced. Fin.

  • NPbee

    I live in Connecticut and DEFINITELY need gloves! I have a pair of ugly-but-oh-so-warm ones for everyday and a not-too-expensive but still pretty badass leather ones to go out. Team Amelia!

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    Definitely gloves. I absolutely cannot stand to have cold hands…A beautiful cashmere lined leather glove, not only feels wonderful and keeps you toasty, but looks perfectly polished with any type of outerwear.

  • dp

    omgggg who is doing the photo research over here? they need a RAISE

  • No gloves? And then the damn hell freezes over!?! 🙂

    Of course gloves are necessary, if you have this thing called “real winter”. Actually, I look forward to wearing mine so much I start out with yak arm warmers at the first sign of the fall and then eagerly wait for the winter. Chunky rings? I simply put them in my bag and put them on whenever anyone needs being impressed by me (I take it easy there because it is earrings I feel naked without).

    Amelia sure knows some things about life :-)))

  • tallulahfrancis

    I’d love be pro-glove but as the owner of unnaturally small hands it’s just a logistical nightmare for me.

    So until someone can make me a pair of beautiful gloves that don’t swamp my tiny digits I’m Team Leandra (Sorry Amelia!)

  • Casey

    I’ve been reading MR blog for year(s) now, and have never commented but for some reason feeling the need to say this now. (btw L just finished the book and wish I had read it sooner, its like I get all the inside jokes now) BUT I have to say team A on this one. 1. I’m a Cali girl born and raised 2. Hawaii was a second home and 3. For some reason rings become less important to me as an accessory in the winter because they are all adorned with shells and brightly colored stones. We all know navy and black (and sometimes grey) is all I can handle here in the winter. Since as of last year I am now living in NY! Holy crap its freezing! and No, I would almost forget my wallet, keys and iphone before I forgot to put on gloves!
    P.S. I couldn’t however give up my manicure so yes, they’re fingerless gloves by Marc Jacobs.

  • dustUP

    yes to gloves! fingerless or elbow length colored leather ones, and everything in between.

  • Maura

    Amelia is correct. Living in the tundra that is Chicago, anyone who walks around without gloves in the middle of winter (same goes for hats and scarves too) deserves a punch in the throat. I have the same reaction when I see anyone wearing a hipster wool cap in July as well. Seasons people – respect.

  • Sarita Williams

    Team Amelia on this one. I love gloves, and they don’t have to be accoutrement that you take off. They can be a part of the outfit as a whole, prompting you to keep them on. Go gloves!!

  • Marte

    I’m all with Amelia on this. Living in Norway, not wearing gloves is just plain stupid, so I’ve had to learn how to wear them simply to survive. No joke (Yes joke). Besides, I would wear gloves anyway, it’s soo chic!

  • Kate Barnett

    i share leandra’s sentiment, but strive for amelia’s logic and preparedness. in the past few years i’ve come to realize that if wear the right socks, a hat, perhaps even long undies, then the cold isn’t wholly miserable. but more often than not i’m childish and stubborn, go out unprepared, and then whine.

  • Courtney

    Definitely gloves!
    I have a pair that my father bought me while we were walking home in Milan, they are the buttery-est leather with a cashmere lining, and the only gloves I’ve found that fit my really small hands – I spend pretty much all of winter in them.

  • Lilly

    Love soft-leather gloves. Solid/neutral shades are best, to be paired different sweaters, tees, coats, etc.

  • Amy

    I have to go with Amelia on this one. I’m shocked at how many people forgo gloves. It was awful in Boston yesterday and I had a pair of fingerless gloves on top of my other gloves. I wore two of almost everything yesterday. 2 pairs of socks, 2 sweaters, cashmere tights under my jeans, and the aforementioned two pairs of gloves. If I could have fit a second fluffy hot pink scarf on my neck I would have. Only one hat as well. Walking down the street you could only see my eyes. Why expose your poor hands to the whipping wind and harsh cold?! I may buy at least 6 pairs of gloves every New England winter (because of course I lose them) but they’re damn worth it!

  • carolina sainz

    if i had the money i’d be a gloved one, meanwhile… i too like showing off my jewelry 😉

  • Sania

    Team GLOVES! 1) Warm hands 2) I am a city dweller so use public transport and gloves come in handy especially to minimise germs on your hands 3) They are extremely British (e.g. Downton Abbey!) 4) I love the simple act of taking them off finger by finger especially after just entering a room full of people.

  • Zoe

    yeaaa Amelia. I learned after 4 years dealing with NY winters that I need the gloves. In conjunction with my lady macbeth manner of obsessively washing my hands and the wind they get cracked and seriously effed up. I am always walking and holding something so alas my fingers cannot seek refuge in my pockets. I used to hate taking them off to enjoy cigs in transit but life was made easier with the discovery of fingerless gloves (like 5 bucks on st marks so no turmoil if I loose em) plus the ones out of fabric are stretchy, accommodating all my finger bling. PLUS I feel like I should be carrying an ak47 over my shoulder

    products to deal with diagonal snow/wind: if you like colors american apparel has fingerless gloves that are comfy. Also BEST HAND LOTION because its not greasy and its concentrated so you use a little bit: NEUTROGENA norwegian formula hand cream. seriously i did major research seeing what nurses use and this is one of them and what i swear by. and apparently fishermen too.

  • Or you can put your glove encased hands into your coat pockets! 😀 So much warmer. I’m all for gloves!

  • Sara

    Fingerless gloves are forever. Warmth+functionality= win.