Stay Cool, but Don’t Freeze

It’s cold man. What are you wearing? What am I wearing? What are we doing here?


You know what’s not easy? Getting dressed when it’s so damn cold out. You know what’s even harder? Showering. (Being wet + being cold = death by a million paper cuts.) While I have yet to find a solution for the latter that does not involve dry shampoo and further forgoing the fundamentals of decent hygienic upkeep, I do believe I might be inching toward respite in the case of getting dressed. The operative words here are might be inching.

Now, you may be wondering why I even bring up the shower bit if you’re going to be dealt tips for keeping warm but staying cool — right? Frankly, it is only to place an impediment on whatever visceral and crude reactions you might be having to the state of my hair and face in the above images. I’m sorry I look the way I do but this head chose me and I have no regrets.

Now! Moving forward. Remember that note I conveyed on girls who go out and the one who wears angora, she is a hypochondriac?

Well, here’s what I’m thinking: if you’re willing to wear a shrunken, cropped short sleeve mohair sweater, you might be in the must-consume-five-glasses-of-water-upon-walking-indoors clear. Allowing your arms and a sliver of your belly the ability to breathe will only enable better times for you and your oxygen flow. High waist jeans are optional but for the sake of taking man repelling seriously, they’re also highly encouraged. I’d suggest a peg leg or cropped pair so that you can wear your weirdest and favorite booties and have the hem of the jeans meet the boots’ trim for a tete-a-tete called perfection. (Pronounced the French way, so, per-fek-si-own).

Wear socks because it would be foolish not to and then lastly: add your most interesting coat. In the case of my self and closet, this signaled the use of my deer print Carven coat. You should know that the print is just a print — the coat is not made from fur (hasn’t Bambi suffered enough? She lost her mom at near embryonic age). It is wool and sometimes, when I catch my reflection while I’m wearing it, I feel like I’m wearing a bathrobe while on my way to a wild mushroom hunt.

And guess what? That’s it. That’s all I’ve got — a “modern” take on the 1950’s lady who doth not engage in sex but doth chew bubblegum. Saturday night is but a mere few hours away, though, so, tell me: how you gonna stay cool without freezing? (Ultimately, I think I can still use some pointers), so…?

Sweater from Topshop, coat by Carven, jeans by Blk Dnm and Charlotte Olympia boots.

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  • Perry

    The ethics of angora: Topshop has decided to continue with angora and H&M has pulled it off of their shelves. Where do you stand?

    • Kb

      I think it would make a great MR post, I’m so torn as I’m a knitwear designer and I’ve been wearing angora for years. I’m even wearing it now, but will definitely not buy any more unless I’m sure it’s ethical.

      • Leandra Medine

        Let me collect my thoughts/do a little research on this. That video (which I only saw this week) was demoralizing and heartbreaking and powerful though

      • Same! Good plan.

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      I used to adore angora, but saw the video where the bunny is tied up and they are yanking his hair out in clumps till his skin is raw and he’s desperately struggling and crying out in agony. It absolutely killed me and broke my heart into a million pieces. Horrified that I’d ever unknowingly supported this abominable animal cruelty. I’ll never wear angora again and now am sure to check every single fiber content label for sweaters- won’t touch them, it if there is any angora. Just think if this was your dog or cat they were torturing like this. There are some sick f*king people in this world who have no heart, no conscience, only blind greed.Despicable.

  • Cherie Gisondi

    Love the shoes! Check out a little blog from a school teacher who is quite foxy

  • Oliver Lips

    The coat and boots are amazing! Really cool.

  • This is in my top ten favorite outfits you’ve worn, for sure. I really think those Blk Dnm jeans might be THE pair, and of course I love the way they meet your Charlotte Olympia boots. As for angora, I love the look.
    I think after seeing that video I am going to keep the two or so angora pieces I do have, but not buy any new pieces. I think all stores should pull their pieces until a cleaner, more humane practice can be instilled. The screeching of the bunnies is so tragic, and the benefits of having a cute sweater certainly do not outweigh the horrible practices. I think this proves that we as humans and consumers need to step off of our damn pedestals and really reevaluate our actions. We’re, quite frankly, are burning up this earth and using its resources (animals included), like there’s no tomorrow. This is where my environmental activism and my fashion selves come into deep discrepancy. And to be honest, I think as I grow older I am siding a lot more with the environmental side.

  • claudia
  • Quinn Halman

    Those might just be the greatest shoes I have ever seen

  • Shania

    Leandra! Leandra! How was your birthday, girl?

  • Afra

    OMG! I keep reading all your posts and see such genuinity!!!! I love it! So much epicness in every post! Keep it up!

  • Nenuphare24

    I’m sorry, the whole “Being wet + being cold = death by a million paper cuts.” thing was completely distracting to me. Why is it more difficult to shower in the winter than in the summer? Are you like my ex doesn’t let the water heat up before jumping, leaves the door wide open (so the warm steam can then envelope you and the bathroom), then only uses his towel for a cursory rubdown so that he’s not even fully dry – and oh yeah, leaves a window open in the middle of winter? Yeah, stop that. That may help LOL.

  • ShoeAddict

    Such clever use of trompe l’oeil on those boots!
    Now girls can look like their wearing a cute pair of heels in the winter without actually freezing their toes off! Love.

  • Katya

    More cold weather posts please!!! I love the outfit (especially the jacket!!) but how warm could you really be in that??!

    • Leandra Medine

      That sweater is basically a heating gel pack

      • This coat may be the best thing that has happened to your body in the last year. I can’t. So jealous.

  • Also curious, how cold was it when you were in nothing more than short sleeves? I have great respect for those who can do that.

  • Chelsea-Marie

    Good ol’ black tights underneath high-waisted pleated wide-legged black shorts, with a cropped cashmere sweater underneath a cropped (faux) fur jacket! I think throwing on a cool beanie will add a little man-repelling flavor. And black platform sandals are a must. (What can be more man-repelling than tights with sandals?)

    But seriously, black tights go perfectly with everything during the winter and absolutely prevent frostbitten appendages. They can even turn non-winter pieces (pleated mid-leg skirts in summer colors!! Think Acne’s Pre-AW 2013/14 RTW collection!) into pieces perfectly suitable for the most man-and-woman-repelling season of all.

  • Robin

    Just a thought.. Haven’t we (humans) been using animals as resources for a plethora of things for survival? And if so, we have been skinning animals forever? So, what’s the big deal? Cavemen did it. Bunnies are not going extinct anytime soon.. Are those sided anti-angora willing to take into consideration the many cruel practices induced by humans upon innocent animals–like all of the unsanitary, unpleasant, disgusting ways animals are treated while they’re being injected with steroids and who knows what else so companies can mass produce meat (all kinds of protein-coming frm cows, chickens, fish, etc.)–and become vegetarians to show they don’t approve of the unethical practices present today? It’s things like this that clearly draw the line between those who really care for all things living and breathing, and those who speak out only temporarily.

    With the above said, are you willing to go vegan? Do you recycle? Do you buy clothes from places that use unethical ways of producing means-are you willing to search hard enough to find and pay for those that aren’t?

    There are so many practices we partake in and support without realizing it.
    Educate yourself on your habits and find the root of your sources, if you find that you are participating in too many unethical practices are you willing to make lots of changes?

    • tropbon

      This reminds me of something I read that basically said, “If all insects became extinct, ALL life on earth would eventually end. If humans became extinct, all life on earth would flourish.” Let’s educate ourselves, people.

    • Hi, Robin! You bring up a very good point! I think what separates us from the cavemen though is that we have advanced in so many ways, that it is hard to compare the life-or-death practices of then, and the relative ease of what we do today. Very few cultures in this world remain hunter-gatherers (one of which is the Kombai in Papua New Guinea), thus I think for the rest of us who have ample access to the ease, and convenience of modern-day life, do have a moral responsibility to really reevaluate need vs. want.
      The “big deal” is that we have the will to choose — and be informed like our previous counterparts weren’t/couldn’t be. To put this back into a fashion-related perspective, look at Stella McCartney! She’s made the conscious decision to seek alternative materials and technologies because they are available. OH, and in general the amount of available resources we have in general has varied inversely with our population growth, so that again is a means in which we can’t really compare. We can’t just keep ignorantly blaming everything we do on primal instincts of humans. We may as well ditch every medical, technological, etc advancement if we want to hide behind the “Oh, we’re really just big, hairy, viscous animals” thing.
      I’ve owned angora in the past, and I like the look, but I won’t buy any more of it from now on. You brought up the point about rabbits not going extinct, and that’s true given they have one of the fastest reproduction rates, but it is more about the way in which they are being treated that is the concern.
      As for recycling, that should be a no-brainer. The fact that we still need to rally to get people to do so is pathetic. Just freakin’ separate the paper, it’s not that hard!! I have some extended family that doesn’t recycle and I just get incredibly nervous every time I go over to their home, and see the glass bottles going in the same bin as the food waste…..AGH!

  • That coat is gorgeous, and I love your pink knit!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Anka

    Loving it, please go check my blog 🙂

  • kahreeen

    THAT COAT daaamn Leandra

  • Heichal Salomon

    תקשיבי הסטייל שלך פשוט מהמם!!! את פשוט מדהימה, והלוואי שבעז”ה יהיו לך חיים טובים והמון אושר והצלחה!:)

  • Stephanie

    Those shoes though…. 🙂


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  • Great tips! Love the look you styled.

  • fil

    you are the best honey! 😀


  • aitanareimondez

    The coat is awesome!!


  • Brie

    that coat. if i saw you on the street i would rob you. but nicely, like “hey you better give me that coat before i gouge your eyeballs out, those shoes are killer” i’m not good at nice….

  • Guest

    those shows make so much sense. You don’t want your toes to touch the white stuff in winter. Or in summer too, for that reason.

    • Guest

      so sorry for double post, I am new here.

    • flofrog

      so sorry for double post, and spelling, I am new here. sigh.

  • flofrog

    those shoes make so much sense as you don’t want your toes to touch the white stuff in winter. Or even in summer too.

  • Bella

    I LIVE in high-waisted jeans. After all the times my male friends have asked me why I wear my pants that high, I never back down. Proud man repeller right here.

  • Reece Andavolgyi

    the shoes are enchanting. The cropped sweater/high-waisted jeans duo opens up a brand new world for the shrunken sweaters hanging in my closet. turning those lemons into lemonade – make that tart, man-repelling lemonade. {the best kind}


  • That furry topshop top is so cute!! I saw a pretty lilac color one but missed out on it. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on this cute cute pink one! 🙂

    I honestly just throw a coat on when it’s cold out. Maybe add a long sleeve top inside. But then again, I don’t deal with NY kind of cold.

  • gorgeous outfit i love those boots! You cant beat charlotte olympia though!

    Hayley xx

  • arin antoine

    Oh Leandra, with all your fancy French words, you mis-wrote. Bambi is a boy… sorry to drop that bomb on you, sister. I love the shoes, doe! See what i did there in regards to your coat???

    • Leandra Medine

      BAMBI IS A BOY????

      • arin antoine

        Bambi. Is. A. Boy. Earth-shattering, I know. Does our correspondence make us friends? I hope so! okay bye!

  • The shoes are EPIC, love these looks!