Real Women Wear Khakis

But for the love of lobster, not half zips!


Does any garment speak more accurately to the principles of a business casual dress code better than khakis do?

I think not.

In my own, diminutive effort to debunk the universal supposition that a. khakis are for men and b. are best when worn on Summer Fridays, I bought a pair. To be fair, I’d initially set out to find them because my partner-in-sex told me he wanted khakis. Why? To dress more appropriately his age. (What does this mean, you wonder? Well, evidently, for a 28-year-old guy from the outside, 76-year-old gentleman from the inside, quite simply that his internal clock wants his exterior to catch the hell up.)

He works an office job that requires suits and therefore leaves only weekends for recreational pant wearing. That any man should elect to wear khakis on the golden days of sartorial freedom brings up another issue — particularly when said man is 28. 28! Distressed denim, dirty t-shirts, flannel, plaid, corduroy, you name it — he should try it. So why the khakis? Why the imminent weekend half-zip? Why me?

When he asked where I stood on the topic of khakis, I told him about 300 miles north, which made coming home the following Saturday evening with a new pair for myself awkward as it meant I was a. a hypocrite, b. a weirdo. Frankly, I’d gone to Acne in pursuit of a happy medium — a respite for suit-wearing oddballs wanting to appear at least somewhat cool, but as I moseyed over The Great Wall of Pants, there they were.

The khakis.

I pulled a pair from its compartment, tilted my head to the left as I (and Golden Retrievers) do when trying to understand something that otherwise confounds me, and as quickly as I could forget his name, I forewent my husband’s request and tried on the pants for myself. The result was equal parts high waist and slouch that made me feel much more like Jenna Lyons, or Katharine Hepburn than the incipiently purported off-duty maritime lawyer. Of course, they would only work as well as I worked them which is precisely where a fancy-ass tweed jacket (Marc Jacobs, Yoox), off set by a Uniqlo-branded flannel plaid and some glittery neck shit (Dannijo) + shoe shit (Lube-outin — get it? Get it?) comes into play.

That, and I’m still hung up on my new favorite thought —Β that when they say “She wears the pants,” they should mean it.

Finally, just one question: would you wear this to a holiday party?

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How about now?

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  • Diana Gourcuff

    Ooh my. That last image was rather distracting as I was reading…couldn’t stop cracking up

  • flavia

    I have to know where is your lipstick from? (Looks so good on you and we have same hair color and skin πŸ™‚

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! It is tom ford narcotic rouge

  • Love it! Really nice to see a post on these types of trousers and how you styled them. I got a pair of kahkis a few months back and i love them! But im always stumbling on what to pair them with… Ive never really thought to pair them with something black (i think its due to my mum telling me at a young age to never wear black and brown/beige together) so i think i will deffo have more confidence in styling them up now πŸ™‚ Cheers!

    Hayley xx

  • Natali

    OMG!!! I’m dying over this blazer!!!

  • Chelsey

    Oh Lord, where is that little lace peeping Tom from?! x

  • Oliver Lips

    I think it is super chic! Loving the pants even though you think they are for (wo)men aged 76.. And the tweed jacket looks like Chanel!

  • This outfit is killer Leandra, KILLER!

  • Quinn Halman

    You can do no wrong! But why so serious in the first set of pictures?

  • love everything about the outfit but the shoes steal the show.

  • I hope I am still allowed to comment here as soon as I have confessed this: not only do I have absolutely no clue as to what garment is suitable for what age and sex – I also couldn’t care less, the world being my Oy-Star (vegetarians not doing oysters).

    But there’s another thing that really needs commenting: You look absolutely the best when you do stronger color contrasts (black-white (silver)-red-beige), in my humble opinion. Simply the best.

  • Aasela

    You may be a man repeller, but holy heck how your outfits attract us women! If there’s a slightly overweight man dressed in red rummaging around in your closet in the nearest future, don’t panic. It’s just Santa looking for my Marc Jacobs tweed jacket christmas present! πŸ˜‰

  • Morgan

    Those (gorgeous) Acne khakis are men’s, correct? Well here I go sounding like a creep but I’m gonna need you to turn around and show me that ass. I have lots of men’s clothes, I happen to be a professional at stealing my husband’s, but how do men’s pants treat the lady’s bum area?

    • Aubrey Green

      I am wondering the same thing :)…

  • Jacqueline

    They way you write is so fantastic! How you managed to turn boring old khakis into something worth a second look, I will never understand. The cut and fit are surely key.. Pleated, shapeless cuffed still do no woman any favors. Lube-outin!

  • No words necessary!!

  • I find myself far too short and stout for khakis.

    That’s right – like a teapot.

    I do, however, own a pair of dark, very dark brown ones, and I find them pretty versatile at work. As a college professor, it does kind of fit along the lines of the usual “dress pants, tweed blazer” that I try to avoid…but sometimes it’s futile to avoid the inevitable.

    You look good in them. The hint of bra keeps them from making your look too stuffy.

    Now go buy your man some…you know, so you don’t feel like such a dork for getting them for yourself. πŸ™‚

  • dupras

    I’m pretty apathetic to khaki’s but I do love your jacket sooo much.. So many directions in this outfit and saying it works in an understatement!

  • k@t

    I’m torn; plaid, tweed, bling, khakis…… in theory i’m completely lost, but on you, works so well…..I should ditch the theory right?……..keep writing, you’re fab.

  • Maureen Krezel French

    black and tan….a staple….Kahkis are a classic…which is why you will see them on old geezers…they have NEVER gone “OUT”….they are often mis-styled., stained, baggy…used as an every day uniform at Target….however you have created a shining example of how fabulous the tried and true can be if you just make it your own….My dad, (RIP) wore Kahkis ,rolled at the cuffs in high school, with loafers while dating my mom, as army fatigues and with a great brown leather Jacket pre-Top Gun—He actually rarely, if ever wore jeans….but he always looked, current, dapper and just plain handsome….I’m sure your man will find a way to pull it off……

  • runway2street

    The outfit is fabulous – love how you styled it with the jacket, pumps and the bling. But, not for a party…

  • Jillian

    Oh my gosh you look phenomenal in those khakis are those really from Acne or is the link just a similar pair to the khaki you have on. Its like they were tailor made for you. The shade and the cut is perfection.Please answer, I must know.

  • FadHominem

    okay, I NEED that necklace! I love how you incorporate statement pieces into everyday looks x.o

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    Ha ha – I would totally wear it. Especially since you wiggled your hips at me.


  • wouw! Love it!

  • Ana

    Love them, but why don’t you cut them as you cut your anajeans? And I would prefer a darker, more greenish shade of khaki…
    But love it!

  • OLLY

    PLEEEEASE, DO TELL ! What size/style Acne khakis are you wearing??

    Those (men’s??) trou fit you like a lucky charm !

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! the ones I linked to are the ones and I believe they’re a size 51 (which is runway/trouser/different from dneim)

      • OLLY

        TX! Italian size 50 mens trouser = 40 US ?? If that’s accurate & youre wearing 40in waist trousers, then I’m shocked at the fab fit !

  • foodfashionandflow

    Those shoes are FAB! I love the top and jacket. Quite a unique look for a holiday party. You manage to make khakis look glam and sophisticated.

  • Catherine

    Love this giddup.

  • I was trying to pay attention to the khakis but got blown away by the jacket and necklace combo. Sorry! πŸ˜€