Models in Markets

And other sorts of strange places that don’t involve a runway


Let’s take a page from the book of one Sir William Smith and chill out, max out, relax all cool. I will not, however, shoot any “b-ball” outside of the school. Chiefly because I have a headache thanks to last night’s adventures. Would it be safe to say you do too?

Maybe not. Maybe you nourished your body on Friday, got the recommended hours of sleep, and possibly even woke up to the natural light in your bedroom, yawning and stretching in that happy “Good Morning!” way that I’m convinced no one actually does.

But let’s be real — you still don’t want get out of bed. None of us do. Instead of the floor being lava, pretend it’s an ice rink (and if you come over to my apartment you won’t have to pretend! My floor is cold as ice! Literal ice and not the Foreigner song!). Keep your feet tucked into the covers, snuggle your butt down and click through with us as we look at gorgeous, beautiful models in stunning clothes just sort of…doing things. Some of them are grocery shopping in ball gowns, some of them are doing laundry in couture, some are churning butter and some are hanging out of cars. Sure they look perfect whereas you might have last night’s mascara panda beared on your eyes, but guess who wins?

You, sleeping beauty. Because you’re still in bed.

Before you begin a-clickin’, however, how about a little music for atmosphere? In a previous Cogitation we asked you guys, “What song did you forget about, then remember, and now love again?” They all sparked some serious nostalgia, but when a commenter by the mysterious moniker of Jena suggested “It’s Real” by Real Estate, we said, “You know what work week? It has been real.”

Then we dropped the mic and went home.

See you guys Monday! (Oh! And more song suggestions are always welcome.)

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  • I absolutely love that tan trench coat. I just did a post about black trench coats and was able to find one similar to the one Burberry makes for less than half the cost. Maybe I should stick to the classic tan color…this post has me second guessing.

  • Kari

    Wow, this was the most beautiful slide show, so many images I want framed up on my wall. Thank you for the perfect Saturday morning escape.

  • Oliver Lips

    Amazing pictures! Can’t decide which is my favorite.

  • sketch42

    LOVE all of these.

  • Cute post! a great way to start my Saturday morning reading in my warm toasty bed.

  • Jena

    Hi! That was me!! so glad you loved the song!

  • I adore photos set in “ordinary” places, especially the grocery store, landromat, etc. It speaks to those moments where you’re just out in your sweatpants grabbing a bag of chips and a lotto ticket, then see a man or woman exceptionally dressed. It makes you look twice, and it’s great people watching. Love the Real Estate song, too!

  • MSCFBeeches

    I feel like location shoots are the hardest to pull off. Model has to interact with props, do more in-character modeling. Or maybe it’s easier than a white backdrop that doesn’t give them anything to work off of, just their emotions and sensibilities. Hmmm… My own inquiry has landed me in a “glass case of emotion!”

  • As long as they’re not in the meat section and wearing a meat dress like Lady Gaga 😉

    Mafalda ❤

  • Sharon

    What a great selection of pictures! I too have realised the strange settings you wouldn’t expect a photoshoot to happen in, especially a shopping aisle. I love that couture shot next to the bus and the Vogue Mexico editorial!

  • dupras

    I love the outrageous contrast between the models and environment! When I used to pose for a friend it was always fun walking down a regular street with crazy hair, makeup, and a shit ton of things draping off and around me. I’d continue the rest of my day in whatever extravagant getup we assembled and make people do a double take.

  • Q

    so in love with the aqua dress… lovely shots.

  • Great selection of pics! Lovely fantasy world 😉

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Dear Leandra i didn’t know where to send this so i’m just going to ask for your advice here!
    My parents just booked a very unexpected trip to nyc! Although we where in nyc already and saw it all i would love for you to tell me your favourite places, where you as a real new yorker go! Your obviously know the best places.
    Would be lovely to hear from you 🙂

  • I love chic traveling pictures where they make traveling look so glamorous!

  • yv

    haha tres supermarket chic.

  • ruedecerises

    wow really cool selection! I adore the contrast in these photo shoots, truly inspiring!

  • noelia

    Such a fun article, love it.

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  • Cointrelle Vintage

    Now this I love : )

  • Love every single one of these! So much innovation and creativity! Perfection…

  • Bianca Nicole Favia