Hairy Styles: Joe Dirt Edition

I wish this were about the band One Direction but it’s actually about avoiding showers for a solid week.


Hair is not unlike an avocado (which, as you know, is not unlike a man ready to commit) chiefly because like the fruit, it is only good for a fraction of a second (volume! texture! waves!) before it turns against you. Say you’re two days past a blowout and you’ve got that leftover film of hairspray creating a halo around your head and just enough volume to feel Texan, hold the cowboy boots. You could shower. In fact you probably should shower but time is tight and your hair — while starting to absorb odors more astutely than a pregnant woman does — looks awesome. But if you miscalculate by even just an hour, grease lightening could hit you faster than…er…lightening and there you are, stuck at a bar with smelly ass, oily hair.

Enter the greatest gift of modern science: dry shampoo. The supposition is that with it, you can successfully extend your number of good hair days without actually having to wash or manipulate it via hat/braid/ponytail/kangaroo pouch. But at last, that is just merely a supposition, which is precisely why Team Man Repeller forewent a week of hygiene in the name of a social experiment that would refute or support the notion the idea that dry shampoo, like your best friend, is always there for you during — and after — a rough patch. Ready, Freddy?


Day 1: I have nothing to report because I did my due diligence to society this AM and took a shower. After a quick blast with the blow dryer to ensure maximum dryness for a week of no-washing, I was on my merry way, flipping my hair like a happy fool.

Day 2: Day 2 of not washing my hair meant day 1 of using dry shampoo. My application was preemptive as I didn’t actually need it yet, but it gave me a ton of volume so I was like, bonus pointtt.

Day 3: Wednesday involved a lot of me shit talking about how my hair still felt weirdly clean (thank you dry shamps!), and how it looked even better by day 3, and how much I looked like Connie Britton, yadda yadda. Just a whole lot of flappin gums and more flippin hair. Oh Amelia, if only Susan Miller had predicted what was to come…

Day 4: This was not a fun day. I probably should have tapped out but my competitive edge got the best of me and I powered through, hair down, and reapplied the spray-in powder at least three times throughout the day. Weirdly, though, I met up with friends in a public and well-lit establishment and no one gave me side-eyed please-go-gome-you’re-gross-looks.

Day 5: Hubris got the best me. I should have thrown in the towel or rather, washed my hair and then used the towel, but I soldiered through by way of a very high pony tail. Leandra and Charlotte told me that hair up was breaking the rules and therefore I “lost,” so I was just like, screw you guys, I’m going home.

Status: Last place. Product used: Klorane Oat Extract Dry Shampoo


Day 1: Well la di da, I am the fucking starlet of a Pantene Pro-V commercial. I can barely tilt my head without experiencing my hair release the sweet, sweet melodic chants of that one Taylor Swift song that has been universally accepted as awesome. Which one, you ask? I can’t answer. But it does exist — they do exist! Also, I smell really nice which is a rarity but one I welcome with open arms.

Day 2: So, I did this weird thing this morning where I said to myself, “Self, why don’t you use your gym membership just one time before 2013’s finale?” Before I could answer and allow an internal, unilateral quarrel to materialize, there I was, feet moving quickly — right then left, right then left on a treadmill. When I get off I smelled a little bit like the backseat of a taxi right after its driver’s tango with Indian cuisine. I was feeling like a pimp though, so I just brushed my shoulder off (aka slabbed deodorant on) and off to work I went. My hair looked fine. It still looks fine. No dry shampoo yet. I am a woman, hear me roar.

Day 3: So this is what sweaty, stale hair smells like! Very nice. Though I’m fashioning an olfactory hazard around my head, I declare with conviction that it still don’t look too shabby. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to take a look at slideshow image #2, where I am wearing a black sweater and authentic smile. It’s not the cleanest, but it’s not the dirtiest. Avocado status. I used only three sprays of dry shampoo today.

Day 4: I can’t do this. Where yesterday I felt like the queen of Sheba, today I am pretty sure I look like I showered in olive oil last night. Is it even possible that the dry shampoo made my hair dirtier? This morning, I sprayed that shit into every crevice in my head and yet, I look like a slice of pizza. Not to mention I now smell like the three day old version of the backseat of that cab — ironically everywhere but on my head. Because my dry shampoo smells so damn good. I know the rules stated that we were not to wash our hair but guess what? I went the full nine yards and haven’t showered either. We can still be friends, right?

Day 5: Haha. Ho. Ho. Ho. Guess what? I am the hugest fucking moron in the history of dumb people. Why? Because I wasn’t using dry shampoo! I was using styling powder! And while sure, it worked famously as powder, (I will say, I did notice that my hair was cooperating much more like a highly obedient golden retriever and less like a tap dancer who has gone rogue) my hair was looking much more like a used and reused, perpetually damp mop than it should have.

How did I find out? Because I was on a shoot last night and the hair stylist who was forced to manipulate my head pointed out that I’d been using a styling product not a dry shampoo. Like a fairy sent from the gods of flocculence, she spray, spray, sprayed and I’m happy to report, as evidenced by the photos in slide 9 and 10, I look more French than a freakin’ croissant, can I get a oui oui?

Products used: Initially Bumble and bumble. Pret-a-Powder but then Serge Normant‘s magical dry shampoo.


I’m not going to bore you with the day-to-day maintenance of my dry-ass hair.  Texturally it closely mirrors a wire-haired dachshund who frolicked through some humid beach sand and then brushed itself with a brillo pad. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here, but it truly takes a lot to grease up my hair. Not washing my hair for a week is my norm and typically I’ll cake some Moroccan oil onto it and add a bit of curl in an attempt to make it dirty faster.

This week I refrained from using product and by mid-week my hair seemed inexplicably dryer. So, I went to the gym and sweat it out, but alas the sweat added volume but also produced a stench. Amelia kindly suggested I jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon and use TRESemme Fresh Start which kept me going for 3 more days! That’s right, I didn’t wash my hair for 8 days! It was a Hanukkah miracle! Can I get a sassy emoji girl hand in the air?

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  • Kitty

    No pics?

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Hi Kitty! There is actually a full slideshow if you click though the arrows on the right side. Let me know if you have any other issues! Thanks!

  • Quinn Halman

    (All three of you are stunning!!!)
    My hair is this stupidly thick, medium length, curly thing sitting on my head. I hopped on the ombre bandwagon and so I would describe it as a swirl of nutella and peanut butter, and I really like how it looks but I’m not sure my hair likes the dye. It makes the ends pretty dry which just increases the aura of frizz that surrounds me. I’ve never used dry shampoo because if I don’t wash my hair every other day then it ends up like a rat’s nest. I’ve tried Keratin etc and I just don’t have the type of hair where when dry I can put in a product and then just run my fingers through.
    I should probably just cut it. Leandra you want to do it?

    • Quinn Halman

      Also, Charlotte, the bracelet you’re wearing in the last picture is killer

      • Charlotte Fassler

        Thank you! I found it on the street ha!

  • deb

    3-5 day old hair must be the “thang” since products for smelly hair are popping up all over the place. I just purchased one from Shu Umera. I like the scent and much prefer it to “Hair B.O.”

  • KellyN

    I wash my hair twice a week and use baby powder between washings. I have long black hair and baby powder gets rid of the grease…and it doesn’t turn my hair white. I’ve tried a number of different dry shampoos and think baby powder works (and smells) better than most. Also, look at the ingredients in dry shampoos, I bought an Oscar Blandi dry shampoo without looking at what was in it – butane was listed as an ingredient :/

  • CDJ

    Did any of you run into Albert Einstein problems? (should have hashtagged that) Whenever I use dry shampoo my hair becomes white as snow. Am I just not brushing enough?

    • Amelia Diamond

      I think you just have to spray it almost a foot away from your head but the kind I used doesn’t do that at all!

    • Tracey

      There is dry shampoo that comes in the color of your hair. It’s by Batiste! 🙂

  • rosie

    Amelia your hair is beautiful!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m going to tell my parents you said so! It’s all them, genetically.

  • Casey

    I fucking laughed out loud when Leandra found out she wasn’t using dry shampoo. That was fantastic.

  • angie

    hahahahah i laughed so hard at this love it! “This morning, I sprayed that shit into every crevice in my head and yet, I look like a slice of pizza.”

  • Lucy Lovelee

    I have made the awful mistake of using conditioner instead of shampoo on very tired mornings and oh how I feel the Joe Dirt pain.

  • Ellana

    I am so jealous! My hair is super thin and looks, on day 2, what your hairs look like on day 5. It still smells dec though, so I just roll with it stringy and shiny. Cause I’m a feminist! ….and lazy.

  • I used to wash my hair every other day but when I had my twins, well, brushing my teeth before 5pm was a miracle on some days, so let’s not talk about my hair at the time.

    But I found out that by washing it less frequently, it gets less oily and I don’t have to use a straightening iron so often, and as I hate doing my hair, the 5 day period without washing my hair is perfect for me, I don’t even need dry shampoo, which I find disgusting.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Aubrey Green

    Such pretty ladies!

    I wash my hair once, maybe twice a week. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, so I blow dry and straighten it/curl it with a one inch curling iron – I don’t workout to sweat, so I don’t typically have an issue with smell. After the 3rd day, I will typically wear my hair up, cause it does start to get oily. I haven’t used dry shampoo though, my hair is pretty dry as is – but, I could probably use some on the 3rd day.

  • A. M

    Team Joe Dirt, Leandra’s necklace is divine. Where? When? How? Now!

  • A. M

    Team Joe Dirt, Leandra’s neckie is divine! Where? When? How? Now!

  • A. M

    Team Joe Dirty, Leandra’s neckie is divine. Where? When? How? Now!

    • Leandra Medine

      Peter Pilotto!

  • Sophie MacMillan

    I found myself smiling and laughing at many points during this post. I have very similar issues to the ones that the Man Repeller team had during their experiment, except for mine are more weekly difficulties. You see I only wash my hair twice a week (aka Tuesday’s and Saturday’s) so by the time it comes around to the day before the hair washing can commence I am faced with the difficulties of unkept and often unruly hair. Now thanks to you all I know which dry shampoo to use in order to achieve the just washed hair look without all the manual labor and hopefully I will also get amazing smelling hair too!

  • Fanny Ruetz

    U girls are lucky! i have really short (pixie!!) hair. if i did’t wash and blow dry my hair every morning, i would look like a crazy person – hair sticking in every direction. so it’s not about looking greasy but so out of place. when i had long hair, i used dry shampoo from time to time. although i always was a ponytail girl. this is also the reason why i cut it short. AND to be honest breaking up with my boyfriend, who hated long hair! 😉 i love my hair short and will probably nbever wear it long again, therefore no dryshampoo for me. it’s just not working. But i love these powder product, they make short hair look super cool and messy…

  • So what’s the verdict between the Klorane and the Serge Normat? I’ve been debating dry shampoos for, oh about a year now and still can’t jump on it. Is it really that great??

    • Amelia Diamond

      Both are AMAZING and worth it. Jump on it!

    • Rose

      I use Umberto, it’s about $10 at Target and it’s fantastic! I’ve been using it for over 4 years now (since before the dry shampoo craze really even kicked up!)

  • bridgitte

    Please Leandre! tell us where your necklace is from in day 3!

  • Daphne Logan

    I envy the cooperativeness of your hair with the dry shampoo…It usually helps me for about two hours before I need to reapply and by then I smell like baby powder, at least with the brand I have. I’ll give these ones a whirl! Much appreciation towards all of you for testing out the unknown.

  • jazz

    i see only one pic?

  • catp

    Way better than any of these products, or baby powder: one part corn starch to 2 parts good quality, stone-ground corn meal. Works great, less residue than baby powder, and you can throw in a few drops of your choice essential oil for fragrance. Put some in your hand, rub it into your scalp with your fingertips, and brush out excess. I typically look like the Crypt Keeper the morning after shampooing – I made it though a week of camping in the woods of Montana with this. So great… at pennies compared to Bumble’s Pret-a-Powder (which is, in fact, marketed as a dry shampoo – it’s just not very good at it.)

  • Z

    what about us ladies with really fine hair? I can’t imagine ever going more than 3 days without washing my hair, no matter what i put in it, it just doesn’t cut it. Even sleeping on a pillow can make my hair look totally crazy, it’s so fine. Any tips for us? 😉

  • Amanda Orlando

    This is was very interesting to read. I have very dry curly hair and I only wash my hair once every 6 – 9 days, using mint and coconut oil on the first day and dry shampoo for the last 2 days (but I do shower every day!). It takes about 2 hours to blow dry and iron my hair so I do it once per week and even that drives me crazy. If I wash it too often my hair becomes even oilier and straw-like, I guess it’s grown finicky over the last 10 years of this routine haha. I enjoyed reading your experiences, great post!

  • Samantha Nadler

    Leandra! Tell me more about your gold crown ring in day 3 please – I’m obsessed.