From Man Getter to Man Repeller

It’s that time again, folks.


Oh laaaaaaadies, it’s that time of year again!

You’ve seen me turn porn to prunes, sauce to suede, a bandaged skirt to an ostensibly bandaged weener but have you seen me try my hand at a mating call best described using not words but leather pants and a sheer, polka dot body suit topped off with crystal leopard print pumps?

I am practically the 17th Kardashian sister.

It occurred to me last weekend when I slipped into a white mini sheath dress and said to myself, self, I don’t think you need any accessories tonight but how about a pair of pumps that my perception of that which is man repelling has become hideously guised by the recent minimalist approach to dressing that I have unwittingly taken (can you believe I actually defended black a few weeks back? Why didn’t you say anything?) but no more. Layers shall prevail.

In celebration of the past and as a toast to the future, behold: The Renaissance. I can argue that the resuscitation of Man Getter to Repeller is a cultural movement too, can’t I? For your viewing (and thinking) pleasure, it should be.

What started as an outfit utilizing a bodysuit from Kate Young’s collaboration with Target and J Brand leather pants metamorphosed into what I can only imagine to be the librarian equivalent of a fashion week outfit. Jane Eyre, houndstooth, protective under layers and all. But how?


Quite simply by closely evening out the number of layers that would cloak the initial garments. Where I used a white Comme des Garçons blouse + rolled up sleeves to cover the bodysuit without actually covering it, so too did I try my luck with wearing a F/W 2011 Miu Miu peplum as, you know, a peplum.

Accessories continue to function at the brush strokes that paint an unidentifiable canvas which is where the Dannijo choker and rosary come into effect, chased with an Olympia Le Tan clutch and shoes from the same Miu Miu collection as the peplum. It ain’t fashion (sorry, fAsHuN) without a jacket over my shoulders so there’s that, too. Apple strudel.

Kate Young x Target bodysuit, J Brand leather pants, Casadei pumps, Comme des Garçons mens white shirt (and on sale!), Miu Miu peplum ($260 on Yoox), and open toe booties, Dannijo necklaces, Olympia Le Tan clutch (once more, ka-ching, on sale), Stella McCartney blazer.

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  • yes yes yes. finally

  • Sasha Leon J

    Yes!!!!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou for converting that slutty generic shit I see everywhere into an amazing Man-repelling amazingness!! GOD BLESS LEANDRA

  • Natali

    Perfect pants and coat!

  • Quinn Halman

    This gave me the warm fuzzies, but how on earth do you stay warm in that?!

  • Aubrey Green

    I love slide two ;).

  • And that’s how you become stunning!

  • Mary

    loooove this! it’s been too long!

  • Q
  • lil-gin

    I tried this you know, but somehow it doesnt work for midgets like myself I guess, the more layers I add, the further my legs seem to disappear into nowhere and at the end I always look like an umpa-loompah… 🙁

  • Tayler

    Hhahaha. This is great. love it.

  • Clara

    I have to say that I wasn’t displeased with the minimalism that was impregnating your outfits lately. Actually I’ve been very pleased and inspired by them. You say you are losing your man repelling habits but I don’t think so: what I understood from your lessons in man repelling was that it wasn’t about choosing an outfit to repel man but about choosing it within your real preferences. You are feeling more minimalist, I am feeling more minimalist, WE ARE ALL FEELING MORE MINIMALIST. So, although I enjoy layering, I ask you please to continue with your minimalist approach. I loooove this blog, thank you very much for all the content!

    • Leandra Medine

      Oh Clara. Let me buy you a drink.

  • Lilli


  • Ariane Carrillo

    Love the look!!

  • Loved this so much! You’re like a fashion magician, taking uninteresting outfits and turning them into absolutely classy and genuine stuff. Really inspirational post!

    “Imply that you’re into depressing novels so no one asks you to elaborate on anything.” Genius!

  • Really inspirational outfit! Love the layering

  • Melanie

    Words cannot express how blessed I am to have Leandra Medine in my post feed. The hilarity never ends….;)

  • Sarita Williams

    This is definitely a man repelling outfit, but it’s so full of character and creativity how could any man possibly be repelled?? I hate that women get more attention from the opposite sex when they don’t try so hard to put their personality out there (e.g. a bodycon dress with platform heels, maybe a jacket, and a clutch), but when they do add more it’s considered unattractive. Maybe, that’s why I’m still single, lol. But that’s what I love about this blog, not shying away from your true self, no matter how many layers it takes to express it. And, while I have been admiring your minimalist outfits lately, I do love it when you push the envelope. Keep it up, your truly an inspiration.

  • marinacasapu

    I missed this kind of posts!

  • thechicndamned

    Great to see you at your man repelling best!

    x karen
    the chic & damned

  • Katie

    Glad to see this type of post back in action.

  • leChatNoir

    Ahhhh, a blast from the Repelling past: thanks for reminding why I’ve loved this blog for the past three years !

    In fact, the first time I discovered our intrepid Man Repeller herself was in the 15 Dec 2010 profile in the NYT …. (“All The News That’s Fit To Print,” indeed : )

  • Jen

    I love this post. The way your sense of humour is imbued in all of your writing is fantastic. I would love for you to check out my blog and let me know what you think, it would mean more than you know. Thanks!

  • CDJ

    omg at first i thought you were wearing black socks underneath the open toed booties. i was all “wow that is a really cool idea!” now THAT would have been ultimate MR.

  • Perhaps I need more coffee, but it honestly took me until 2/3 of the way through your post to realize that the second outfit was building off the first. THAT’S how fantastic this transformation was. I’m giving you a golf clap, my dear.

  • To be entirely honest with you, you’re Man Repelling in both outfits. Why? Because you exude the same confidence, quirk, and intelligence in either option. Whether you’re expressing it sartorially or not, you carry yourself in a very genuine way. I love that Man Repeller, in many ways (and this is of course different from person to person), is becoming less and less about the clothes for me. Sure, I worship fashion, but I think as I grow older I am beginning to worship the less physical manifestations of MR’ing more.
    However on that note, loving the resurrection of those Miu Miu heels. Good ol’ Days yeah yeah.

  • Gizelle

    Your hair looks waaaaaaay better leandra. waaaaaaay better! just thought i’d tell ya!

  • Madeline

    I have waited so long for another lesson in layering. This is beautiful!

  • Perfect! (and: Just do it as you feel like, black or no black, clothes or almost no clothes 🙂

  • can i just say you are literally amazing! I LOVE your style its awesome. The quirky poses are the best as well lol

    Hayley xx

  • Katie

    I am practically the 17th Kardashian sister – this made me laugh so hard!! hahaha

  • tali

    what I love about you and you’re different from any other blogger is that you have an effortless style and you don’t put so much effort in your hair and any makup! you show what you wear and not yourself! love you dear you .are seriously stunning!!!

  • I love how natural your photos are so refreshing!

  • Oh wow Leandra, you look fabulous!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Royal Wang

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  • rebecca clark

    Love the leather pants… Amazing!

    Domestic cleaners

  • I love the pants. I just posted about this awesome sale H&M is having and they have ones so similar to those for $10!

  • Max

    Wonderful!! Do you want marry me?? Pleaassee!

  • Nico

    Wow, breathtaking!

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • RedVixen

    I wear what I like man getting or man repelling aside. I couldnt wear that peplum becuase I would feel as if my ass was a planetoid (has hips and booty…which I adore) but the other portions of this outfit speak to my love of sex appeal mixed with quirk…and I heart those Miu Miu shoes 🙂

  • swashi

    Layers make everything better (just ask cake. YUM).

  • Serene

    So I’m curious….how do YOU like it? To where would you wear this? I’m totally into the minimalist phase now (and LOVING it….do I really need 300 garments??), so this outfit is lost on me. But I’m curious. Which feels more like YOU?

  • I swear! with the crap that we wear sometimes, I am wondering how we can keep our man or find one…lol. But, there are some guys that appreciate fashion and the weird things we wear. I’m so darn lucky with the guy I have, he celebrates “my style”
    You look wonderful Leandra, as a man getter or repeller!

  • Calochortus

    I think the depressing novel is the most MR part. Then again, I’m always carrying around a good depressing novel, so perhaps I’m biased.

  • MGF

    ahahaha u r la crème de la crème, u look even greater in ManRepeller i suppose.
    what does ur boy think ?? how does he look like when u slowly slip things over and over ??
    Ovide would be sooo proud of this Metamorphosis Leandra !

  • The Provoker

    I’ve missed these Leandra #MANREPELLER!

  • Ethan

    I don’t think your repelling anything with that second outfit. IN fact you look way more confident and sexy in the second outfit as its obvious this is what your more comfortable in. Ultimately its about how the clothes make you feel not any perceived notion of affect.

  • the coattail effect

    bow down to the manrepellingness of an oversized grandpa blazer

  • Alexis
  • Anna

    this is so amazing! I love the layering. it makes the otherwise normal outfit just absolutely special and perfect!

  • Sara Johansen

    Hi Leandra! I’m hoping you will respond (or a member or your gorgeous team), I’m lusting after your crescent moon necklace here and here:

    Could you share where it is from? It might be two necklaces, actually.

    (AND…I’m sorry for digging up the old YouTube video, but I was thinking that I really need to add a crescent moon necklace to my collection and that was literally the first thing to pop into my head – what the what?!)