Earrings Are My New Thing

If you make them yours too then we can start a club!


Earrings are my new thing. I told Leandra so last winter after an inspired bout of high-pony-dangly-earring wearing and possibly two margaritas. They had the same effect that a great blush or a blowout has in that I felt “done up” even though I hadn’t washed my hair in lord knows how many days.

I’d borrowed the muses behind my new revelation from a friend — a real shoulder dusting pair of silver Oscar de la Renta tassels almost exactly like these, and they swished when I walked and sort of hummed when I talked. Each bead seemed to glimmer individually, working with its colleagues above and below to create subtle bursts of understated sparkle every time I turned my head, commanding attention without being obnoxious, which is the ideal way to enter a party, isn’t it?

But that’s just the thing. I didn’t feel like I had to reserve them for a party. I didn’t want my new favorite accessories to sit like ancient gems beneath glass casing at a museum because they were too precious to re-wear, or wait like forgotten kids after soccer practice, dejected on my vanity until I finally found an event worthy of re-attaching them to my lobes. They were loaned, after all, so our time together would only last as long as my friend’s memory evaded her. I wore them everywhere.

Until she remembered and asked for them back.

Parting was such sweet sorrow until I realized that when one door closes, a spaceship takes off. My ears, previously accustomed to their life on a nudist colony, now craved the weight and character of that which had just adorned them. So, because I am a giver and not a taker I set off on a mission to bulk up my collection of all things earrings.

First I went a little dangle-crazy. I couldn’t get over how big, giant earrings made an entire outfit for me. All I needed was a white tee and something to cover my bottom half and I was essentially good to go. Besides, they felt glamorous and self-indulgent in the same way an oversized cashmere blanket might…minus the price of most oversized cashmere blankets. Were they necessary? No. But that was half the fun.

Next I realized that perhaps not every occasion called for door-knocking contraptions. There was a half-way option, like the earring’s answer to a mid-heel shoe. These, I felt, could be worn quietly. It didn’t feel like I was hitting anyone over the head with my accessories but rather allowing bits of color to poke out and wave hello. “Nice to meet you,” they’d say.

Once I was on the peaceful come-down of my manic obsession I began to appreciate what barely winked, let alone waved: teeny tiny studs, pinky-nail sized cuffs and delicate chains that looped just below the lobe. It felt like an inside joke with myself to wear two separate posts in each ears — with this tiny size I could mix and match without looking like an 80s glam rock musician. They were also a way to make all the cable knit sweaters I still insist on wearing a whole lot more cool.

But what about you? What’s your story with earrings? Should I get more piercings? How many do you have? (Piercings, that is…though I guess you could also count the number of earrings you own!) Go at it in the comments and for goodness sake, show me your ears.

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  • Quinn Halman

    Earrings are the coolest type of jewelry because it’s so historic. I’m going to be volunteering at a school in India during spring break this year and we’ve been looking at the culture to prepare for the biggest culture shock ever, and no matter how poor or rich these women are, their jewelry (earrings specifically) are so intricate and beautiful. I don’t think the jewelry industry would be what it is today if it were not for the influence of these cultures, sari not sari. (Like sorry not sorry, get it? Kind of? I just had to use that line)
    Me, I have 5 and will be getting the 6th soon. Earrings are so “diverse” so it’s really what you make of them. I can look super edgy because to my parents, I have so many, or I can swap the stud for a pearl and please my Grandma.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Quinn! Ear pic! Also that’s amazing you’re going to India.

      • Quinn Halman

        It’s nothing crazy considering I have a uniform and I’d get a detention if I wore dangling earrings. But don’t worry, they match the sweater/cardigan/tie/blazer

  • Jayme

    these photos are mesmerizing…

  • Kezia

    I have just reinstated myself into the world of earrings. I have three piercing, one on my left ear, two on the right. Sometime I high school I decided to stretch those babies out and I sported three black plugs in my ears for upwards of 5 years. They were small enough that I didn’t scare children or my grandma but big enough to give me that “edge”. This spring I took them out. Let them shrink back to normal size and attempted to wear regular earrings. To my surprise, even the smallest pair of silver hoops seemed wrong to me. I felt like I was betraying my look by allowing anything to hang even a millimetre below my lobes. I found this pair of gold diamond shaped earrings that saved me. They are dainty and small but still make an impression. Maybe one day I’ll allow myself to dangle glittery metal from my lobe to my shoulder but for now, baby steps.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I want to see!

    • Jill

      I did not know ear piercing holes would shrink back after wearing plugs. That’s cool.

  • 6 … in each ear 3.

    I “feel naked” without earrings 🙂 but prefer tiny rings or studs nowadays (aka the magic of pixie), most of all such of bold color.

    Another thing I love is ear cuffs – one of those things I learnt from you guys 🙂

  • I am definitely and earring gal! I never leave the house without them. Even if I’m just running to the mailbox, I have to be wearing at least a pair of studs. (^_^)

  • thanks Amelia, for the past 24hrs i was trying to think of a good excuse as to why i need to add another purchase on the credit card..lol And i think i just found it! x


  • Holly-Bella

    there is nothing more stylish than an LBD, and statement earrings. I could quite happily wear variations of that for the rest of my life.


  • lesfactoryfemmes

    earrings are a great way to style up your outfit in just a second!love them with the hair up in a messy bun or a ponytail

  • Miss J.

    I got my ears pierced quite late, only 4 years ago, but I feel naked when I don’t wear earrings now! Preferably very big ones!

  • Ro

    I suspect you could draw inspiration from Eddie Sedgwick

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      Absolutely, no one has ever done it better than Edie with that little messy pixie and those massive chandeliers.

  • Kari

    Only 1 piercing in each ear, but this makes me want more. I go through phases, but I’m definitely a fan of the dangly earring, always feel a little more put together like you say 🙂 Here’s a pic of my current Friday night at home waiting for the party to start earrings.

  • Kate Barnett

    ugh! after years of nudist ears my holes have closed. i want to be part of this club SO badly.

  • Sheena Sood

    Earrings are totally my jam as well. Absolutely love your selection. You guys will really love my jewelry too!!: http://abacaxi-nyc.com/jewelry

    Let’s start that club. 😉

  • Sheena Sood

    Earrings are totally my jam as well. Absolutely love your selection. You guys will really love my jewelry too!!: http://abacaxi-nyc.com/jewelry

    Let’s start that club. 😉

  • I absolutely love the earcuffs, but I wouldn’t wear them. I like dainty jewelry. But these pictures are beyond beautiful.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Martha

    I go through cycles or something when it comes to earrings and necklaces, and right now I’m all about necklaces. But the last time I only wanted earrings, my fav was a thin chain that I would take through all three piercings in my ear, kind of like sewing.

  • I’ve been into statement necklaces lately. Long, short, big, small. I just posted about how I was able to snag a few at criminal prices, gotta geed my addiction somehow, right? However, they make it hard to wear earrings along with it, I feel like it all becomes too much. Maybe I should start statement earrings and dainty necklaces…decisions, decision.


  • MSCFBeeches

    I actually have 4 holes in each ear. Got em in HS, because I couldn’t get tattoos or anything else pierced, lol. Barely ever used them though. Fine jewelry is my new thing now though! I’m convinced it’s now a necessary part of growing up, along with hating work and parting on a Wednesday night.

  • Leaf

    My conch piercing (mid-ear cartilage) was one of those spontaneous decisions that I actually have never regretted. I always have a gold or silver hoop in there and just studs for my regular ear piercings, though I’m tempted to rock some chandeliers soon with all of these pictures you’ve shared…

  • Bonnie Meyers Cohen

    I love earrings but as you know I wear glasses…so earrings don’t seem to work that much with glasses…what are your thoughts? I read that it’s a style no no as it’s sorta competing accessories and nothing seems right….

    • Jill

      I’d say go over the top and wear earrings that totally conflict with your glasses! Make it part of your own style. I’ve seen plenty of stylish women wearing glasses and earrings together…thee only style “no’s” are the ones you decide for yourself; don’t worry about what anyone else says. There are way bigger things in life to have to worry about than whether or not your earrings and glasses clash. : )

    • Gene

      This sounds like horrible advice akin to that stupid old saying “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

      • Bonnie Meyers Cohen

        That’s not what I meant. I proudly wear glasses! I just meant the look never feels right to me…

        • Amelia Diamond

          Do a small ear cuff and little studs! I think earrings and glasses look great together it just depends on the combo. For me personally, however, I’d get annoyed with something sitting on my face and dangling from my ears. If it doesn’t bug you, try it out!

  • Jill

    Hello, 2004. Chandelier earrings were at the height of their popularity. My world was so blissfully happy…then fickle fashion moved on, as it does, and focused its attention elsewhere. No matter; my collection of dangly earrings started in the 1980s (in fact, my oldest pair is, like me, 1980s-vintage) and I don’t want to count how many are in the jewelry box(es)…my love for fun, dangly earrings will never die. Welcome to the club, Amelia. 🙂

    p.s. I have five piercings – 3 in my left ear and 2 in my right. But I have small silver hoops that I never take out of the upper piercings; I just switch out my earrings in the bottom holes.

  • Mara Rothbart

    You should check out our line http://www.smithandmara.com for some really good mix and match skimmers and studs. Our pieces create the illusion of multiple pieces with just one piercing. We were just featured on vogue.com, daily candy and rachel Zoe. Check it.

  • I used to love wearing earrings until I started hating my updos. I just cannot figure out a way to make it look chic and undone! (super frustrated) I should invest some more time into youtube tutorials. If only I can get my hair to look like the Vogue Spain shot… 😛

    Oh, i used to have like 8 piercings but let half of them close becauess I rarely wear earrings anymore. Still debating if I should get the mid ear cartilage pierced or not.


  • Maui Mendoza

    I wish I could wear all the dangly door knockers without looking like a fortunetelling fishwife. Srsly. I think I only look good in studs. Hoop earrings look good on a lot of people but the threat of torn and mangled lobes killed them for me.

  • Lydia

    Thank you so much for including clip earrings! I’ve never had my ears pierced and have never really felt the need to because my Grandmother and Mother don’t, and both own beautiful clip earrings that I ‘borrow’. Now that I’m actually making my own hard cash now and can buy expensive jewellery for myself, it’s nice to actually see options for those unpierced people! My favourite earrings are (actually my Mum’s) Herve Van Der Straeten gold plated earrings that Mum generously let me borrow for my school formal (Australia’s version of prom). The three massive gold loops make me feel like J.Lo (not Jennifer Lopez- definitely the J.Lo era).

  • After I did my post, I remembered this. I was able to find such great statement earrings all for under $10. Some were even as low as $3-4!


  • Gina

    I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 12. It was a big hit for me cause I was dying for wearing earrings since I was a really little girl (my mom even bought me some pairs of clip on earrings cause my dad didn’t want me to pierce my ears). So, when I finally got them I started wearing all the time and bought several pairs. When I was 14 I got a second piercing and my dad forbade me to got more till I reach 18 cause I was starting to have too much piercing plans (belly button, nose, cartilage). So one month after being 18, I got my last one, a cartilage piercing. Not too long after, I stopped wearing earrings cause I was studying drama and I was not allowed to wear them at class, so I was taking off and putting again all the time and in between I lost many of them and I began wearing it only on weekends. Then it happened to me that too much time seeing myself with nothing on my ears caused me to feel really strange wearing earrings, really not good-looking, so most of the time, I only wear my cartilage piercing. The big irony of life. After years of being an earring-maniac and not being able to be in public without them cause I felt NAKED, I don’t wear earrings more than 3 times per month (most of the times, I go out with them and when I’m in the elevator and I see myself in the mirror I take them off…). Plus, they hurt my ears.

    SO… now I’m almost 22, have plenty of them (like, 35-40 pairs plus 20 who lost their pair, I’m not joking…) and 4 piercing holes but I don’t wear it. I love earrings (of any kind) but I put on my ears and it’s like… uh, no. This is my funny and stupid story with earrings LOL. It was quite a therapeutic kind of thing writing it, I think I’m going to start wearing them again now. Wait… just joking.

  • SangeetaSharma

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  • Lila

    do you know Christophrer Alexandrer from Brasil? i love his earrings <3

  • Zoe

    I am more partial to weird studs, just because whenever I go big and dangly my earlobes hurt :/. But as you can gauge from my pic im an asshole. For reference I am drawn to a crass selection of necklaces which include but are not limited to jesus pieces, heavy chains, large brass grillz from verameat, and anything obnoxious.

  • Zoe

    not sure if my image was posted but here it is again


    I use wear one dangling earrings in 80’s but you don’t see guys wearing them no more they just wear studs hoops and plugs I was wondering if they are out of style for guys now