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Ye New Peplum

Sass & Bide is opening stateside and I’m celebrating with layered leather hip adornments.


In collaboration with Sass & Bide.

What are your thoughts on tool belts?

More than just being impressed by how much stuff they holster and furthermore how heavy they can get without cracking a human torso in half, I maintain the belief that they might be the hero that goes unsung when considering their more fashionable cousin’s relatively recent rise to fame.

The cousin I’m talking about is, of course, the highly futile but if worn properly, cool-as-frozen-ass peplum. While screw drivers may not come included, when said peplum is offered in a pleated and layered leather finish, you’re left to wonder just how much functionality actually matters.

Because, here are these belts, right? One aids the vocation of specialists that are known to fix things, while the other just sits on our hips. Sometimes it will conceal private anatomic snafus, which is certainly an achievement, but surely the former must feel a holier-than-thou sense of superiority to its chiefly ornamental relative. And that’s rough.

Which is why I’m not above gathering every keychain and/or clip-able tchotchke that I own to latch on to the peplum in order to prove its pragmatic worth. So while photographed you will find the leather peplum* fashioning its bare bones against conductor-inspired cropped jeans and a measly t-shirt and denim jacket, that is simply because at its core, it is a gentleman and would never want to make its cousin feel bad. What’s more, the little dude has only recently immigrated from Australia which reminds me of something much more important than the personification of a fucking peplum: us New Yorkers have an exciting deluge of openings in store.

That pun was wholly intended.

Most compellingly and quietly might be the imminent Sass & Bide shop opening, slated to finally let us in between November 20th and 22nd on Broome Street in New York’s SoHo. It kind of feels like the magicians from Sydney are finally allowing us the key to their hearts and in doing so bequeathing us the gift of anything-but-lazy, layered, leather and pleated hips that definitely don’t lie.

S14rOX on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

The most important question independent of my wondering whether you’ve noticed that creepy thing my fingers are doing in the above: how would YOU wear this peplum? Hmmm?

*This particular peplum will be waiting for you at Sass & Bide’s new store in SoHo.

In collaboration with Sass & Bide; US store to open Nov. 22 at 480 Broome Street in SoHo. 

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  • Quinn

    Australian fashion does not get enough love from this side of the world. Same goes for New Zealand, I went on an exchange there for 6 weeks and the lifestyle that goes along with the clothing is so much more relaxed and laid-back than here.

    • Molly D

      I completely agree!! Australia has some of the most innovative and interesting young designers with really unique aesthetics! They just have such an ease about clothing and design over there.
      I have always been such a fan of Sass & Bide and that peplum RULES!

      • Lavender

        I love Manning cartel

  • Savannah

    Leandra, I know this has nothing to do with today’s post, but what size are you in those Chloé wide leg denim trousers from Yoox? I was thinking about ordering them, but I’m not sure if I should get a 2 or size up and get a 4.

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey girl, I bought those in a 2 which I believe translated for a french 34 which is not typically my size (I wear a 36) but actually fit a bit lose. Get the 2 fo sho.

  • estefania
  • Jenna Somers

    Lovin’ the tool belt idea, it definitely takes this look to a new level! a little leather never hurt anyone.

  • Hannah

    Thank you for the Monday pick me up!!

  • Fisayo Longe

    The best thing about this outfit is most def your lipstick.

    • Leandra Medine

      It photographed way more orange than it actually is pink (armani lip maestro)

  • Christina Storm

    Very cool peplum!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  • Not a big fan, but I love your green pumps to bits!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Natali

    Absolutely magnificent!

  • Casey

    Leandra, I love you, but the jacket-as-cape thing…PLEASE. This “trend” has got to go. You’re killing me Smalls!

  • Victoria

    LOL, I love how you move~ yeah~, you are hilarious! 🙂

  • Guest

    sass & bide is most definitely up there with Summer Heights High. Ja’ime would approve.

  • Louise

    sass & bide is most definitely up there with Summer Heights High. Ja’mie would approve of this peplum.

  • thursdvy

    In love with the peplum! I might just make myself one this weekend.

    Stay fabulous!

  • pineapple

    looks like something mr.slave would wear

  • can i just say that while the sass and bide opening is very exciting, the most exciting part of this post is that you’re no longer just rocking the texas tux you’ve added a holster. you’ve gone full texan. welcome to the dark side my friend.


  • carmen
  • The a Hipster Housewife

    I actually wear a tool belt for my real life job, but this is fabulous too

  • Haha Love the Gif!
    Cute peplum!

  • Lindsey Cook

    Love the tool belt/peplum! And the leather is a nice touch 🙂

    I saw similar belt/peplums from Givenchy, but they are quite the investment for something that is maybe not so practical. Oh well.

  • Izaskun Arana Pozo

    with a coloured dress: plaids, spots, or flowers, acompanied with coloured ankle boots and a large camel coat. kind regards from spain.

  • Jacqueline Linton

    Love this, but for the love of basics, what is the navy tee you’re wearing?

  • Great peplum! Love the pictures and beautiful lipstick! Even though I live in San Francisco, I’m excited that NY peeps will have access to Sass &Bide’s store! Woohoo!!!


  • Love it, but for some reason I am so bothered by the bunching at the button on the pants. The peplum gap? Love the idea of styling with pants though, because we normally see peplum belts with body-con dresses and all that lady-like shiz.

  • Lynn Lehner

    This post is fab and the last pic is awesome!!! HAHA LOVE IT

  • Lavender

    Leandra, I’ve found yesterday your blog is ranked in top 10 World blogs! Do love this belt, looking perfect on you with red lipstick, but as I’ve found it’s actually pink:) at least it’s red on my screen:)

  • Veevee

    Leandra what lipstick are you wearing? I must have it! Thank you. xx

    • Leandra Medine

      It is an Armani lip maestro!

  • Pilar

    Me parece que es el peplum mas original que he visto en mi vida .
    Eres una gran fuente de inspiración ,gracias eres la caña .
    un beso

  • Eva

    Leandra, what are those supa cute pants you’re wearing?!

  • Lydia

    Makes me so happy that Sass & Bide are being recognised overseas! Makes me proud as an Australian. I own heaps of Sass & Bide, and their pieces are always beautiful, effortless and timeless.

  • sarah

    those are creepy. and creepier still is that your mouth doesn’t move. but really? i am so happy that we got a sass and bide years before you. we never get anything first. 🙂

  • Lilli

    you look so good with red lips when i see you in it, it makes me try it and i am disappointed every time

  • b

    you all cannot be serious. that looks horrible!