Tailor Make Your Cool

Blk Dnm has elected to help. Is that an offer you’re willing to refuse?


So rare is it that someone can successfully tap into the workings of his own mental objects and translate those acute, elaborate thoughts to become something tangible for whoever is willing to participate. Because to walk into a store and recognize a scent as indigenous to that place, the photography as not just approved by but taken by the creative force that drives his commerce and to notice the nuanced difference between the lacquered floors and mahogany-but-same-color tables and appreciate that to make those colors work probably took months of sourcing for the sake of only one person’s appeasement, is, to me, what the shopping experience is supposed to be about.

To leave feeling like you’ve just culled an intimate relationship with a person you don’t even know, like you’ve very seriously purchased a part of his ethos — that’s something to talk about.

And when the merchandise paired with the experience is excellent, you’re either in terrible trouble or feeling really great about yourself. This, of course, depends on whether or not it’s Friday night and as *NSYNC so eloquently sang it, you ju-u-u-u-ust got paid.

At the helm of Johan Lindeberg, his brand Blk Dnm bleeds cool.

It is precisely the assemblage of high waist jeans that start exactly where you want them to at your stomach and end at a better ankle point than you’d even been looking for with the aid of a zipper down your leg, and loose fit counterparts that make you wonder how you lived before. The t-shirts fit the way they would on your trendy brother if he were a slightly beefy young boy, and the double breasted, thigh-length blazers which are “boyfriend fit” but don’t seem too perfect do exactly what you want them to: masquerade your upper body but beg the question of what happens when the jacket is off?

As for the leather jackets — the ultimate emblem of she who bleeds cool — you know my position on how trying the quest to achieve the perfect one can be. And because you know that, you also know that I found love in an anything-but-a-hopeless place at, yes, Blk Dnm.

So when a new project arises from these purveyors of swagger, what are we to do lest we concede to join?

Earlier this month, the brand launched a new project called Leather Project X wherein customers are invited to design their own leather jackets pulling from several pre-existing silhouettes and filling them in with blocks of different fabric and color — whatever the hell you want. It seems like the most effective way to tailor make your very own sense of “cool girl” which is why when I caught wind of said project, I was determined to participate in pursuit of constructing something equal parts awesome and weird.

What I came out with registered much more awesome than it did weird with its red suede front, black detailing and faux-croc back.

When I tried it on, I knew I’d finally mastered the art of faking it.

It’s like a white wall just found me, begged me to lean against it while I peppered my coat with a beanie and ripped jeans and before I could even spell out Daria’s last name, W-e-r-b…I was finally, irrefutably cool.


Of course, it wore off. But those were the best 16 seconds of my life.

Rag & Bone jeans, Blk Denim jacket and t-shirt, Theory beanie and Fratelli Rossetti shoes.

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  • rose

    You are simply the best!. Im in love with the outfit

  • Quinn Halman

    I really like the edge all the clothing from Blk Denim has. This one kind of looks like what Elmo would wear during his teenage rebellious phase. My birther (mom) has a super cool jacket from Blk and she wears it with these drop-crotch pants so from behind you’d think she’s Kanye West. I’m not kidding.

  • That jacket is FANTASTIC and you rock it my dear!!!!!


  • Isabelle

    AMAZING jacket! I love it!


  • Blk Dnm just seems like the ultimate brand experience, like you said. Instead of just being presented, everything is curated. It has a story, but then he also uses a numbering system (jeans 8, etc) to reinforce the cohesiveness of the brand. The pieces look like family.
    As for your jacket, it is so freaking cool. I love the red, and the way you’ve paired it only makes it cooler. Especially with those shoes.

  • Chic Trends

    Man Repeller, do us all a favor and make exact replicas of that jacket. 16 seconds of feeling cool and all. We’d appreciate it lots. x


  • Paco T.

    i love the jeans more lol


  • And then you go and spoil it all by doing something like … twerking?!?!? Damn 🙂 (I adore the jacket in all its details and love your faking)

  • Amy

    This is so awesome! There is nothing like having the authority to custom tailor something so it feels like it is uniquely yours. Even when I change a sleeve or pant length at the dry cleaner I feel a sense of ownership over the item because something about it is unique to my body. Nothing sounds cooler than making a jacket and feeling as though you played an intrinsic role in the design process. Bravo Blk Dnm for doing something that democratizes fashion and makes us feel uber cool even if it is only like you said, for 16 seconds.

  • That jacket is to DIE for and come back as the waif you are and be swathe in it.


  • dupras

    I’m in love with any colored fur, particularly dark green but after this post I may have to lean towards red! You look completely badass, my dear.


  • Hayley Mitchell-Gardner

    OMG that red jacket is freaking amazing :O

    Hayley xx

  • Kristen

    YOUR SHOES. Of course in a piece on a jacket I noticed the shoes…they are exquisite

  • Milda

    This is one of the coolest jackets!!! And your outfit, Leandra, is great. As always. Forever in love. 🙂

  • Lisa Thomson

    That red looks fabulous on you! I like the the BLK DENIM has models that are normal rather than stick thin. Very cool.

  • Vanessa Natalia

    you’re such a fantastic babe. THE JACKET. THE SHOES. THE JEANS. so good.

  • I agree with Rose. You are the best. Such a great writer, hilarious and pretty! Love your blog. And those shoes. I want them so bad.

  • Gabi

    Too cool for your own good.

  • viennarightnow

    On the twerk it bandwagon? 🙂


  • Amelie

    Love your outfit. No wonder so many people recommended MR to me!

    The Neon Guava


  • Celeste

    this outfit really flatters you leandra. even more than usual.

  • Leonidas

    j’adore! so weirdly beautiful.

  • Dope jacket but give me your shoes!! 🙂 sort jk..

    Great outfit!


  • Lavender

    Dope jacket! You remind me a new smurf here, it’s really adorable:) Last picture just LOL!!!!!!

  • Rachel Bell

    Love this outfit, the beanie is awesome too. I just got a red Pendleton beanie that looks similar.