Office Apropos, The Sequel

Here’s what we wore to work this week


You remember the first one, right? 60 days of suntans later and with pasty skin in tow, we’re back because it’s fall and there’s one more of us. Ready for a full 5 days, 3 girls, 15 outfits all in one post?


Well, this is going to be awkward.

Day 1:

Leandra: This was the last 60 degree day in New York and I’d have been damned not to share my hairy legs with humanity! Pairing my happy-days skirt (it’s actually a peplum, and happy-days because I got engaged when I first wore it) by Miu Miu with a Studio Nicholson double breasted jacket and Uniqlo sweater seemed like a great idea but only if I could fit these black and white Saint Laurent brogues into the frame. The sunglasses are Oliver Peoples and the scarf is Athena Procopiou.

Amelia: Unlike Leandra I do not take 60 degrees to mean “it is hot out” and therefore wore pants (H&M pants of the leather-ish variety, to be exact) plus a Ralph Lauren shirt and sweater. Topping it all off are a pair of Céline sunglasses and bottoming it all off are my trusty Jack Purcell sneakers that I wear basically every day.

Charlotte: I was freezing in the morning and therefore not a happy camper — who really is on Mondays? To assuage the grumpiness I threw on my winter uniform from last year consisting of a whole lot of layers.  These Étoile Isabel Marant plaid pants genuinely feel like flannel pajamas, and paired with a chambray Theory shirt and cozy Topshop sweater I was feeling pretty comfy.  I laced up my Doc Martens and topped off the outfit with a vintage coat & ASOS beanie.

Day 2:

Leandra: By Tuesday, I was all, I feel like an angel, so maybe I should wear assloads of white, which I did with the aid of a Rochas blouse, Stella McCartney pants I got from The Outnet and the men’s Acne denim jacket that I more or less haven’t taken off since I first bought it. Those sunglasses in my pocket are by Armani and I am pretty tickled by how oily my hair looks. It’s kind of endearing, no?

Amelia: I am not sure why I posed like I have a creepy secret, nor am I sure why my hair looks blonde. Either way I am wearing a Uniqlo men’s shirt, 3×1 jeans and Chanel flats. This outfit is just another day, another dollar of me wanting to look like Twyla Tharp.

Charlotte: That fringy Maje goodness of a jacket possessed me to sway left to right and flash an emphatic thumbs up. The skirt and creepers are care of Zara, where there is serious magic happening right now. For extra warmth I wrapped myself in a White + Warren blanket scarf and shielded my eyes with some vintage glasses.

Day 3:

Leandra: Another day, another breakout. Of Acne, that is. Ugh, looks like I’m at that point in the week where my jokes are so far from funny, it’s equal parts hilarious and pathetic. Though I do think there’s something to be said about my having unconsciously reversed the role of who I was the day before in black skinny jeans instead of white wide leg pants and a t-shirt instead of a blouse. The jacket is Blk Denim and the sneakers are Nike Trailblazers.

Amelia: It was Wednesday, I was lazy. I wore Tuesday’s shirt and threw an old Zara sweater over it, put on my favorite Seven jeans and so that I didn’t look like a short little baby for once, I wore a pair of burlap-ish Rag & Bone booties that have more than passed the test of durability.

Charlotte: Wednesday was about the 3 L’s for me: leather, leopard, and lumberjacks. These Whistles overalls are smoother than butter and make fun audible squeaking noises when I move around not unlike a baby bird calling for her mom. The coat comes from a vintage vendor who sets up shop on the Barnard campus each semester. She was a dangerous pass time in between classes I sometimes wish I never discovered as most of my bartending cash went her way, but hey — I got a lot of cool coats.

Day 4:

Leandra: Have you ever fallen victim to the sneaking suspicion that a man may or may not be masturbating while looking at you in a huge, double layer, reversible and therefore chunky-as-shit knit sweater, high-low skirt and fringe, knee-high boots? Ditto! Same! Never. Much to my pleasure, the last 60 degree day was not Monday. It may have been Thursday, though, which is precisely why I forewent tights in favor of bare thighs but concealed legs. Ask me to do a drop kick. Please. (Sweater by Alexander Wang, skirt and boots by Isabel Marant).

Amelia: Today I decided it was officially stick-my-head-through-a-tube weather. This is otherwise known as turtleneck season. I bought it from Vince and I will wear it 80000 times this winter. Also making an appearance on my body: an old coat and these shoes from Zara, Joe Fresh jeans and a J. Crew belt. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the Céline bag covering my crotch, that’s because it’s Leandra’s and I was using to to cover a hole. OK?

Charlotte: Apparently I woke up feeling like Johnny Depp living in France when I tossed this wide brim Rag & Bone fedora on and shimmied into these Étoile Isabel Marant trousers. To complete the look I am wearing what I am convinced is the world’s warmest sweater care of Theyskens’ Theory. It hugs you when no one else will and has pockets to hold all your earthly possessions. Those Topshop Chelsea boots have seen better days but are too comfortable to part with.

Day 5:

Leandra: It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday — in flare leg jeans. Do I look spectacularly comfortable all the while elegant and in complete control of My Shit? Thank you! Thank you very much. On this day, I wore a pair of Mother jeans that do this really awesome thing to my thighs where they turn out looking like alien legs paired with a knit sweater from Zara that features a huge @$$ collar meant to, I believe, evince the spirit of this sweater and…DRUMROLL PLEASE: a gray jacket from the collaboration of the century. Yes, that sure is Isabel Marant pour H&M. (Say it with an accent or it never happened.)

Amelia: Today I said, “Self, I’d like to look as much like an Irish mermaid as possible.” So I wore all green (knit by J. Crew, skirt by H&M), fluffed my hair and called it a day. Then I gazed at the sky like an idiot.

Charlotte: I woke up and thought, “Hey, today I want to be a cloud” and wound up with this monochromatic look. I disguised a vintage jumpsuit as trousers by throwing a knit sweater on care of the Zara kid’s department paired with some white Chucks. Remember on Sex and the City when Samantha dates a short guy who purchases his suits from the boy’s department? Well he was right, it is half the price and the stuff is pretty adorable. The high pony indicates that on Friday I MEAN business (or that perhaps my hair could use a good washing).

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