Louis Ghesquière, Meet Nicolas Vuitton

Whoever said no news is good news has never experienced the game of musical chairs that is fashion.


Or is it Louis Jacobs, meet Marc Ghesquière? I’m not quite sure.

Evidently, week day mornings have become only as interesting as the details one can cull on the most recent designer (a new age genre of celebrity in itself) to have publicly stepped into or out of control at a label. Where two weeks ago we may have been wondering what the future for Jil Sander, who just lost its namesake designer, might look like, whatever lingering curiosity may have spilled into this morning was put to rest by a distraction that will continue to proliferate until next March at his debut show. The speculation period is over and Nicolas Ghesquière is replacing Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton.

This, of course, means that come fashion week, Paris will get its French knickers in a twist so difficult to untangle, wedgies will ensue far beyond the boundaries of the Cour Carrée du Louvre. Before Hedi Slimane would reveal his first collection for Saint Laurent three seasons ago, it was near impossible to have a conversation with any English speaking pundit that did not allude to sweeping excitement or disappointing exclusion provided whether or not you were one of the chosen recipients of the leopard print book of a show invite. As that happened, the result has been a mixed bag of infuriation and infatuation. But what will be when Ghesquière gets to Vuitton?

Not a carrousel reminiscent of one’s childhood, or an escalator that displays models dressed elaborately in near-priceless uniform, or a train moving along its tracks. Similarly, we probably can’t expect redactions from the Cristóbal archives so maybe, just maybe, in fusing together parallel collections from Ghesquière’s reign and Jacobs’, we can derive a paltry dose of intel.

Our first report suggests that the two designers, whose aesthetics are rarely compared, may or may not have unwittingly created and subsequently presented in tandem collections that really could compliment each other. Maybe not in the case of Darth Vader when held up against the feminine, embroidered organza florals of Spring/Summer 2012, but at least they’re almost always on similar pages regarding head and its corresponding gear.

The other, maybe more salient thing, is that both designers look phenomenal in their own clothes. So, is this what it feels like to be on the peripheral of fashion history in the making? I think I like it.

Runway images courtesy of Vogue.com

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  • carotte

    Don’t EVER stop doing photo montages!

    • Leandra Medine

      Charlotte is a wizard. A true wizard of HTML.

  • Ha ha, this is so funny! Love him with the big poodle hair!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Victoria

    lol this is hilarious!

  • Gabby

    I just died. This is EVERYTHING.

  • Alicia

    I am SO thrilled that this rumor is more than just a rumor. I can’t believe we have to wait until March, but I just don’t think they could have picked a better person to succeed Marc. I was sad about his departure, however this excitement trumps all. BRING IT ON MARCH!

    • Alicia

      Also—DYING at the Spring 08 combination. The nurse hat!

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    hahaha awesome! x kittenlamoda.com

  • So funny! 🙂

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    I just guffawed coffee onto my Mac screen!

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      me too…. my coworker thinks I’m a loon I’m convinced.

  • Mod

    So brilliant!! xx

  • Jamie

    Well this certainly made my Tuesday more bearable. Thanks for the laugh, Leandra!
    And in all seriousness I could not be more thrilled with Ghesquière at Vuitton. What a win for LVMH!

  • Asma and Reem

    Those clothes do in fact look good on him…

  • Love this! So amazing! http://www.lezu.com

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  • Jo

    Nicolas is a dreamboat… too bad all the good ones are gay…

  • this is going to be interesting…

  • David Giorgadze (Dathuna)

    Love your creative name for this topic.
    You are that one blogger who inspired me most
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