For the Love of Shoes

Kick your own shoes off and look at these ones instead. You can get your shit together on Sunday.


When Dorothy clicked her red-glittered heels together while repeating, “There’s no place like home,” it’s quite possible that she was talking about your home, circa right now, because ten bucks says you’re snuggled up in bed or positioned on the couch with no plans whatsoever to move for the rest of the day. That certainly must beat Oz.

It may have also been her strange way of getting the lion to compliment her shoes or trick the scarecrow into asking who makes them.

I love Dorothy, but she’s sort of trying too hard to get street-styled, no? Those puffy sleeves, the ankle socks, the blatant photographer bait using her adorable dog Toto — we all know it’s physically impossible to not take a picture of a terrier in a wicker basket. But those glittery shoes are good, man.

And so is your bed — so stay there, tell Dorothy to move over in case she has magically clicked her way next to you, and sift through the slideshow above featuring delightful shoes that will take you exactly where you want to go.

And now for some atmosphere music. Do you and Dorothy want the fast-paced version? (Perfect for needing a pick-me-up, a little energy, like coffee for your ears…)

Or, do you need the more mellow version, like an Advil for your pounding brain? Choose your own adventure!

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  • Mijn Eigen Stijl

    <3 the 60's lace up shoes 😉

  • Those platform, printed Mary Jane heels from Miu Miu spring 2010 will haunt me forever. I love them so god damn much. Every once and a while I do an eBay search for a pair that I may buy for my future, although I rarely have luck. I am determined to get a pair in this lifetime. Please.

  • Shweta Shah
  • Amelie J
  • Binx

    Love them all! nothing like looking at gorgeous shoes on a rainy afternoon.
    Oz might do it for Dorothy, but ‘there is no place like a shoe store’.

  • this has to be the absolute best mix of shoes and music that will ever happen! going through the pictures while playing the songs did something to me I can’t explain. or maybe elated is the word. i just don’t know but i love it!

  • runway2street

    Love love love!

  • lyndesloovere

    Hahaha “she’s sort of trying too hard to get street-styled” LOVE IT !
    Great writing (again) xx Lyn

  • Rebecca Pollard

    You were right… this was just what I needed (plus a glass of wine). All the images I’d love to have hanging on my wall <3
    – Rebecca

  • thefashunaddict

    thefashunaddict on eBay

  • caught me in bed.oups!

  • QC

    *sighhhhhhs* contentedly

  • Ida

    Oooh, this shoe slideshow was just what I needed right now. Pure love. Thanks! 😀

  • Louise

    Those Reed Krakoff oxfords are very fucking fabulous.

  • The Fashiournalist

    Love this post! That Dorothy knew how to be a fashionista in her own way 😉

    XX TF

  • mile4style

    Wow! I love your blog 🙂

  • Ana Rodrigues

    If you love shoes you should give a look here (i think they don’t sell for the US, but i’m pretty sure you will enjoy it)

  • Lavender

    wow! Adorable, I’m obsessed with shoes! I’d like to have those from 1960

  • Joel Harris


  • Chelsea

    No matter the time of day or season. Shoes will always make any girl happy. Swooon!

  • Gabi

    oh god. too much. i can’t take it.

  • My fav are the Prada chandelier pumps from S/S 2010… Modern Cinderella. More shoes at

  • Megan

    That crystal Prada pair…………