Do You Really Want to Dress Like a Bowl of Lucky Charms?

Hint: the answer is no.


Look, I’m not here to contradict my counterpart, but man! Amelia is stupid!

This morning she told you guys to dress like a bowl of Lucky Charms! That’s like basically telling you to masquerade yourself as the precise dividing cells that become malignant masses which can eventually kill you. Think about this for a second. The Charms in all that which is not Lucky are highly processed marshmallow bits that are not probably but definitely abusing your digestive system — and illusively at that.

So picture this: there you are, munching on your artificially colored clovers watching Saturday morning cartoons, thinking, “Man! This is what makes life worth living!” But then, bam! Diet-related maladies run amuck in your intestines and there’s really not much you can do it about it. As a micromanager, I find that one of my biggest fears is to have to forfeit control over the internal state of my body and that which does or does not make me healthy. So in light of preserving your control and well-being, let’s scale back and reconsider the stereotype that Ms. Diamond has submitted to forgo about the New Yorker and all that is black.

Make no mistake, though. I will be the first to tell you that black is arguably the most boring chroma on the color scale. Any single individual who has ever so much as exchanged a breath tethered to shopping with me will confirm that I have expressed, on a generous number of occasions, that I “don’t do black.” And while I want to continue to believe that it’s true — just in the name of personal consistency — guess what? I am “doing” black harder than Jay Z does Brooklyn.

Furthermore, too, I’ve been thinking about how much easier it is to get dressed — and not just dressed but dressed with panache — during winter months. This runs counter to my having historically sympathized with preferring to dress for warmer weather. I have previously argued that because in the summer there are fewer layers and therefore a more streamlined necessity to stand-out, it’s easier to get dressed. But as I slip my legs into the same pair of black rag & bone jeans day in and out, then pull an iteration of a grey, navy or black crew neck cashmere sweater over my head, I realize that in spite of what is indubitably boring, I’m not bored at all.

Plus I save like fifteen minutes of my mornings which brings up another interesting point: when discussing getting dressed, where there is no thought, there is no time-sensitive foul. But why the change of heart to begin with?

I could argue that in the same way I personally exploited prints two years ago and therefore haven’t been able to look at one (give or take a Pilotto piece), I’ve done the same thing with color. I’ve worn and re-worn too much yellow and red and green and pink to allow continued penetration in a world where I just want to be French.

Or maybe I really am slipping into a uniform. Maybe my trying on and taking off identities and repeating that process until I find something that sticks, that stays fresh, that doesn’t elicit an absolute urgency to locate the nearest Zara in pressing search of a temporary “new me” is just a testament to that.

Who am I kidding? When it boils down to the cold, dark facts, I just want everyone to know that I’m from New York.

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  • Marianne

    Black is cooler in a way.
    I mean, it’s harder to be cool wearing actual colours, whether prints, neon or pastel colours…

    • Eve

      When making a selfie, you can basically throw in any color you like… as long as you filter it all out into the good old black and white in the end. Even your mismatched socks will look cool.

  • Irene Laura
  • CaspianVogue

    simple but very nice..

  • kristina

    Perfect! lucky charms are over rated.

  • All black is classic and will never get old!

  • Winter is depressing enough. Wearing all black everday would certainly lead to my suicide.
    Now, if you do a switcheroo of the Uniqlo sweater for an off-white Rag & Bone shirt, I will call that my go-to outfit on days when “I have nothing to wear”.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I’m with ya on the easy to get dressed part and you do look good, as usual, BUT for me too much black can be depressing. It’s just not a happy color.

  • I have been really drawn to navy and black recently, and I almost always wear all of my looks with my somewhat battered, well-loved New Balance 574s. While dressing like a Lucky Charm actually does seem sorta fun, I don’t think I’ll be straying from the uniform of more muted colors anytime soon. Leandra — you like so New York-y in the above. The plan worked well.

  • Cat

    Leandra! Is that Uniqlo of the men’s variety? and if so, WHAT SIZE?! Thanks, love you more than fuzzy hamsters.

    • Leandra Medine

      Yes! Medium!

      • Kirsten

        Leandra, do you find it uncomfortable to wear that choker in winter? Doesn’t it get really cold being exposed to the weather and then make your neck super cold??

  • Andrew

    After seeing Marc, Vuitton, and Saint Laurent (which I usually hate), all I want to do is layer on some eyeshadow à la Jenny Humphrey and put on a black jacket with ruffle sleeves. Who’s with me?

  • AEKK

    Nice style! Simply, deeply! I really like this! Thanks for your sharing!

  • Guest

    “When it boils down to the cold, dark facts, I just want everyone to know that I’m from New York.”

    Why would anyone care about that?

  • yv

    I actually super love all those runway looks.

  • Sorry, Amelia wins this one.

  • ni ni

    Ah! Think I’m gonna have to stop reading MR for this season. It’s spring down under and all this black and cold talk is too disorienting.

  • I love all these beautiful dark outfits, especially yours Leandra! Those blue boots are to die for!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Black is the new black. Always and forever! As I age I have been channeling my 15 year old goth self, minus the Hot Topic duds and raver pants (I never went to a rave, ever. lol)

  • CDJ

    How do you remember your previous blog posts so well? Actually, 57% of the time I know which one you’re linking too.

  • Eve

    If you are the star and the director, who’s to tell you that your movie can’t be black and white? And anyway, Lucky Charms are only lucky by reputation (“reputation” pronounced with a sniff).

  • Pualani@TheRustedKey

    I recently had the a similar dilemma. I went to a concert for a band from home, and my friend and I faced the dilemma of a wearing New-York-styled outfit or an outfit full of home identifiers so the band would know where we were from. In the end, we went with New York, our new home.

  • zoe_whip

    I love color — on OTHER people.

    I have tried, Lord knows I have tried to wear color but whenever I view photos of myself wearing color, or florals or the dreaded stripe I could just die! I love them and are drawn to them but I always say to myself — what the hell were you thinking! I’d head out the door bopping around like the shit but when that photo appears, I could just die.

    So no more color, no more florals and God, no more stripes. Black, gray, navy and some white but I do textures now. Nubby, wooly, leather, denim and blend them creatively together. Color now comes from assessories.

  • Guest

    It’s definitely a uniform. I call it “dressing like a Death Eater.” Gives it a sense of purpose. (Other than always looking good all the time always.)

  • erica

    It’s definitely a uniform. A really awesome uniform. I call it “dressing like a Death Eater.” Gives it a sense of purpose. (Other than looking good all the time, always.)

  • Diane

    im going through this same transformation. color –> black. It’s refreshing, but strange. I don’t know who i am, but i also do.

  • Amelie

    Absolutely perfect to the last inch.

    The Neon Guava

  • The uniform looks so darn good!! 😀

    LOVE that dior trench dress!

  • joanna

    I think the black & navy minimal look is amazing on you. However, isn’t it the whole not-looking-like-everybody-else thing that got you here in the first place? It’s the prints, colors, layering, unexpected color/pattern matchings that makes people visit your blog and buy your book! Might as well change it from Manrepeller to Yet-Another-Elin-Kling/Emmanuelle-Alt-blog. Nothing manrepelling about your looks anymore

  • swashi

    Black is magic. Look at Yohji Yamamoto, Coco Chanel, and Goth kids everywhere.