Buck Up, Old Chap

It could always be worse – at least I’m not endorsing knee-length messenger bags


Is anyone else in this chatroom jonesing for a bucket bag? I don’t know what’s come over me — especially considering how averse to handbags I’ve grown in the last two years. Give me a pocket and I will make an honest container of it. Offer me, however, the finest italian leather, stitched beautifully at its intricate seams and watch me shrug.

Here I am, though, scouring the vast Internets for buckets and buckets and buckets of…buckets. I want to blame The Row for having constructed the alpha anterior; this was right around the time the $49,000 crocodile hoopla commenced. People became so consumed either by outrage or benign, amused fascination that no one so much as cared to look at the incredibly modern, plain leather and therefore sufficiently less expensive take on a tale as old as a Coach classic.

Then, last week, at The Row’s sample sale, I came face to face with one. It was beige and ostrich — its skin resembling all too keenly the interface of the deceased Ostrich Skin Clutch.

We could have been together for a wide range of reasons but we were destined to part for an even thicker breadth. I thought we’d say goodbye and that would be it. It might sting for a little, the way bidding farewell to a summer dalliance does, but I certainly didn’t expect that the agitation would, or could, continue. Until, that is, I became a creepy Internet scowler, typing bucket bag into my Google search bar maniacally. And then it occurred to me that if I’m hankering for one, maybe you are too? And that maybe, as a plea to the fashion gods to make this go away without depriving myself (ourselves?) the right to liquid assets, posting and reposting a flood of images of different bags could actually curb the hunger? And enthusiasm?

I just don’t know.

Maybe the answer is in a real, tin, non-gardening bucket. I’ll try it if you will.

Bags credited in slideshow. Now, doesn’t that make life a bit easier?

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  • Lauren

    I too have found myself gravitating toward them. The only thing keeping me from taking the plunge is that it would solidify the fact that I am becoming my mother.

  • I’m pretty sure the Alexander Wang dalmatian Diego was and always will be the only bucket bag for me. *sigh*

  • There could be a closeted rucksack lover living inside you, no? 🙂 (I do have one, (s)he’s nice and easy-going)

    And why not a cane toad pouch ? (cane toads are poisonous and not liked in Australia, but they make nices bags)

  • from Mexico City

    This one seems very similar to the Cynthia Rowley, and pretty inexpensive https://baggu.com/shop/drawstringpurse

  • Laura Mitchell

    Been wanting a Wang one. Or perhaps a few steps farther to the Chanel backpack. Isn’t a backpack just a bucket bag with an extra strap, really?

  • Alice S

    I think the last suggestion (the original “bucket”) is the only thing I can afford now… aaah the perks of being a student

  • Greer Clarke

    Don’t forget mimco’s amazingness of late in regards to bucket bags

  • Aubrey Green

    I don’t know how I feel about them – but, I feel/think that you can just make one for far cheaper than most designers are selling them for.

  • Selena Aponte

    ..and whats wrong with knee length messenger bags? : (

    • Leandra Medine

      How do you walk!

      • Selena Aponte

        I blame the transgressions of graduate education & lugging 510,398 peer reviewed articles whilst attempting to be as ‘chic’ as possible.. As long as it is 1)leather 2)distressed they can pull double duty.

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      Yes! Love crossbody messengers that hang below the hip.

  • Celine

    Forget the bucket bag… literally clicked onto STOP IT RIGHT NOW and saw this. I had to share it! http://www.stopitrightnow.com/2013/11/step-into-grid.html

    • Celine

      And also Bucket list anyone???

  • I’ve been considering the Elizabeth and James Coated Leather Sling Bag… Although it is more of a backpack… It has the look of a bucket bag AND gives me a nice flashback of the miniature backpacks from the nineties (which I was not able to partake in 🙁 )


  • For some reason, I too have been scouring the internets for a bucket bag lately. It just seems like a nice relaxed option to have in one’s wardrobe.

    Also, I proudly wore my mini black backpack in the mid-90’s and must admit I have been pondering one again. Pretty sure my cousin in New York is still using hers, quite a practical gal really.

  • Kristen

    you could totally rock a tin bucket, no question

  • Lavender

    Love all of them!

  • Ever since I saw an instagram picture of the super stylish Stevie Dance with her Hermes Grooming bag, it’s all I’ve wanted. A perfect messenger. ugh ugh ugh

  • I find these boring, I saw so many buckets bags in the 80’s/90’s that I will scream if I see another one (plus try to find a ringing cell phone in a bucket bag and you’ll see what I mean). My distate for backpacks (well Hello Dora) is even worse, I will probably puke if I see the thing one more time!
    There are things from the past I really enjoy seeing back into fashion, but others I just can’t stand, like espadrilles. Wait until you’re 40 and you’ll get the feeling 🙂

    Mafalda ❤

  • Amparo

    I don’t like these bags at all…. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. I think they make me look like a grandma…

  • Albatross

    I’ll do the tin bucket. Anything that might make Jane Birkin proud.

  • Mo

    Bucket bags is cool girl territory. Who can handle one, that is the question.

  • EvaFalco
  • Nika
  • I’m also into bucket bags lately, and it is something that I really don’t understand. To be honest the best that I found were in the vintage stores around the center city, in Valencia – where I’m living now. Thanks for the gallery – I love the red one 🙂

  • Rangerhunter

    I picked up a classic Coach one this summer at a resale store and haven’t been able to put it away (even though I mostly wear black in winter and it’s that classic warm tan). The leather is so good. Now I just need a black one!

  • LOVE The Row. That bag is perfect! http://www.lezu.com

  • Sarah Keller

    I’m jonesing for a Wang Diego with iridecent studs. JONESING. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/378330

  • Bekah

    hahaha always a surprise ending 🙂

  • aunt_rae

    check out my line of chic & simple bucket bags http://auntrae.com

  • SF

    This particular item never gets me. Or the other way around. Doesn’t it make you look like you carry a thing containing a head of an ex you chopped the night before? It’s bulky it looks full even when it’s empty.

  • Klara

    I love my bucket bag and every time I wear it non of myngirlfriends share my opinion


  • I’ve been eyeing the Mansur Gavriel one for a while now (Black Flamma Bucket Bag) and everytime I click on the check out button it somehow just ends up being sold out (of course leaving me without a bag). And this is what makes me want it even more. February couldn’t come early enough…


  • I just bought this bucket bag from Zara and I love it. It adds an edge to the otherwise classic bucket bag – or the good ol’ tin bucket. I’m not sure what this new “Limited Edition” business is though..

    At $270, I would say it’s a pretty good deal even though its from Zara.


  • Belovedtheshop

    Tory freakin Burch? Nu uh…