Bitchin’ Backstage

Stay in bed! You can get your shit together on Sunday.


It’s Saturday morning and you’re probably more hung over than you’ve ever been in the history of alcoholism given the nature of your Thursday night, which we want to guess bled into Friday, so, good thing it’s roll-over Saturday.

Halloween (did you see anyone take our costume suggestion and wear their hand on their head? Please advise) may be over but it’s never too late — or too early — to indulge in years worth of photography that details pretty people backstage at fashion week, wearing non-costume, total costumes. So keep your head in the mold it’s created on your pillow and your shoulders planted firmly under your big white comforter.

We’d get you an iced coffee but…where do you live?

Here’s a song for atmosphere, and to soothe your brain that probably feels like a big jet plane is crashing into it. See you Monday!

[Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane]

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  • Currently watching Despicle Me 2 on giant couch with kids hung over on sugar (the Halloween party was yesterday, they’re 4). The Monster High shitty makeup was impossible to remove last night, so the girls looks like Panda bears with greyish green puffy eyes. Hubby and I have put on 2 kilos. Despicable us.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Graciela Silva

    Love the song, happy weekend!

  • This post is the gift that keeps on giving. I love me a whiny, low-pitched voice.

  • Luciana Safdie

    I am currently in bed, nursing my hangover; both the post and the song were incredibly appropriate. I’ll take this post as permission to stay in bed all day today, thanks!

  • Song brings me back to two years ago — I would assume a different mindset in many ways, in other ways not so much. Ahh, the ability of a song or a scent to do that.

  • EvaFalco
  • That Valentino is perfection.

  • Project Maganda

    Freaking LOVE THIS SONG

  • EtralaLondon

    I love the backstage images! I always prefer all the “behind the scenes” stuff than the actual show or campaign photos.

    The song is beautiful!!

    Today on the blog, my sketches for the latest collection:

    Best, xx

    from London

  • Hehe, “we’d get you an iced coffee but where do you live?” Your voice is so cool Leandra! I just want to quote you!

  • crackingfashion

    The Unfashionable Life of an Average College Student