And Then I Was French

Tips up to Isabel Marant’s now available-for-mass-consumption collection for H&M


Do you think if I keep waxing desperation on the topic of my provenance, this self-fulfilling prophecy I have been expounding upon since the very early days of Man Repeller will hit me over the head and that the next time I venture to travel internationally, I am called an invalid while trying to use an American passport for one Leandra Medine when in a reality still unbeknownst to me, I am actually now a French citizen going by Léandrrrrrrra Médine?

Me too!

Today is a phenomenally big day not because it is the 318th of its kind according to the Gregorian Calendar or because in 1533, the conquistadors of Spain arrived in Cajamarca. Neither is it because Czechoslovakia became a republic on this day in 1918. It’s not even because Michael J. Fitzgerald was born today. No. It is because Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M is officially available for mass consumption and that means the cultural zeitgeist as measured by fashion is now for everyone — and for the first time available to purchase online — hooray.

In doing my part to celebrate the dissemination, here is a look Charlotte and myself shot on Bond Street sometime last week utilizing the black blazer that comes with a skinny tie belt, a linen slub, short sleeve t-shirt that fits better than most underwear and white leather — real leather — lace-up pants as complimented by a pair of electric pink Jimmy Choo heels, which in scanning the introduction of this story, really make me wonder whether I’ll ever actually get to be Léandrrrrrrra.

A girl can try, can’t she?

And here’s where I ask reticently: WELL, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, PEOPLE? GO! SHOP! DO IT! …Unless you already have, in which case, what the hell did you buy? Tell me everything – stories of victory, struggle, frustration, unlikely success. These things can be hard — vent. Leave not one single detail out.

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  • Natali

    Fabulous outfit! I just got 4 great items for myself this morning 🙂

  • Overmycloset

    Couldn’t be at the store, so I tried the online version.. so frustrating. Nothing on my side. I crave that blazer so much.
    more here:

  • CDJ

    How would you say the sizes run?

  • claudia

    amazing if you want visit my blog

  • Can’t tell you what I bought cause I’ve been put in a queue (online), still waiting … I could tell you what I’d like to buy but I need to stare at my screen, waiting for the online queue to move on 🙁

    • liv

      My current plight.

  • pinkschmink

    I got the reversible bomber for me, and the little fleece-lined denim jacket for Mini Me. I WISH I’d been able to get that black jacket, but by the time I’d spent two hours clicking refresh it was sold out in my size. Though I hear I can get one on eBay if I’m willing to sell a kidney. And if I’m going to sell a kidney for anything, it’s not going to be a high street collaboration …

  • Quinn

    If I skip French class to go to a store, that still counts as French education, right?

    • Jessica Rose

      Think of it as a *field trip* 😉

  • FatFreeFashion

    Love the pants! Suede pumps on cobbles…brave!

  • k_bee

    Am I the only one who’s not blown away by this collection? I am thinking about some of the linen tops though, and Leandra’s description makes them sound more tempting…

  • Brie

    i wasn’t really feeling much of this collection, blouses that i’ve already got something similar to, i don’t DO bomber jackets, and the jeans/pants were too much out of my price range. blasphemous right? oh well…

  • Dafne

    Leandra…what size are you wearing on the black blazer and the metallic jacket? I am in Mexico and I don’t have a chance to try it myself but I think I am about your size! THANKS!!!

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey girl – black jacket is a 4, metallic one is a 6!

      • Bettie

        I love that jacket on you! Thanks for sharing the size, it definitely helps when I order online!

      • Dafne

        Thank you so much!

      • Amandine

        Hi! Did you get the court shoes from the collab?

  • Those shoes stun me completely and add that great pop to the outfit!

  • Jessica Rose

    Very excited, sadly I couldn’t get to Oxford Street today….having said that I don’t think I would have coped with all the unlady like shoving!!

  • You are the best!!

  • Andy

    I got myself fringe boots!!They were sold out literally in a minute and I managed to get a pair while few girls were grabbing it from my hands (but I was holding them really tightly), they are gorgeous:D

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    I ordered the same shirt!

    Plus the basic white top and the slip ons from the children department, can’t wait to receive it al! 😀


  • Patricia

    H & M in south beach looks like the end of the world. impossible. the website is not working too. fail.

  • Munnazza Khan

    I bought the black blazer you’re wearing! Took me three hours online. The website crashed about 6 minutes after 9am (which is when the collection went on sale in the UK). Then we kept being put in queues. If anyone wants, I also have the metallic dress in a UK size 10 (US 6) and the all over black and white print biker jeans in a UK size 12 (US 8)

  • Ana

    what happened to naomi shon? is she no longer part of the team?
    love you leandra!!

  • Acheté! Mon Dieu!

  • Klara

    Leandra, I´m sorry for being off-topic but Czechoslovakia existed only as a republic. It did not become a republic on 14th November 1918 (that´s nevertheless the day when the first Czechoslovak president was elected). I guess you confused the date with 28th October 1918 when Czechoslovakia was granted independence from Austria-Hungary marking the beginning of an independent Czechoslovak state.

  • Wenny

    You look great in Isabel Marant pour H&M. I got the wool blazer, wit shirt and the grey sweater. And it was pretty easy after 1,5 hour waiting in the queue for the online shop I got everything I wanted from the collection 🙂 x

  • Kim Thao

    Love this! So simple and elegant. Those pink heels with the white pants looks so good together!

  • Love your pumps to bits. It’s official, you’re more French than me!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Aubrey Green

    I am a complete moron and completely forgot that today was/is the day – so, I am sure there will be nothing left. This is f*cking annoying – I mean really it’s bullshit, that’s all.

  • Tamara

    What did I buy? Hah! I went online and was “placed in a queue.” Could not even access the website! Can you say “fuhgeddaboutit?”

    • Happened to me, too. Tried to get in online for hours but all I got in the end was a T-shirt (men’s) … but then, I really like it (I like black and white)

  • Mónica Mes Voyages a Paris

    I love the pants!!!!



  • Tamara

    Give me jcrew any any ANY day over this nonsense. And I wouldn’t even dream of approaching the store…

  • I was lucky enough to attend the press preview party but not that lucky to have the chance to buy something. I only hold for just a minute, the pumps but they were not on my size. 🙁

  • kk

    after 18 minutes in a an online “queue” … i FINALLY got on the site and was able to purchase the white leather pants {you’re wearing}, the black wool blazer {you’re wearing}, and the sequin leggings. i just hope i got the right size! also– because you asked for stories of frustration — i was able to put that AMAZING red / black / white “jacket with beaded embroidery” into my basket, multiple times, only to find out it was already sold out. what a TEASE!

    • kk

      PS- i just ADORE you, Leandra! French or otherwise!

  • Anonymous

    In Mexico City almost no one buys these special collections, weird. Case-in-point Maison Martin Margiela on mega sale after a couple of weeks. Guess I’ll bet on that this time again.

  • niki

    bought the leather pants in black. I was queueing for 3/4 of an hour outside in the cold of Stockholm but it was worth it

  • Selena Aponte

    I didn’t buy shit. I’m leaving to France in a few days, but in a moments notice decided to duck into the flagship on 5th Ave to see if I could get my hands on the black see-thru lace top. Well.. it was insane, no.. not the clothes, the people.

  • My nearest H&M is a few hours away… good luck to everyone!

  • The online shopping is a bust. I waited in front of this computer screen since 9 in the morning just to be placed in a queue at 12, while in the other hand I held my mobile device, rapidly clicking the “try again” button. By the time I was allowed onto the sight everything was sold out. All I wanted were the bracelets. One for me and the other was to be gifted. Oh well.

  • Perry

    I worked the release in Toronto and boy, did those fringe boots and jumpers of all variety sell swiftly.

  • Em

    I got the MENS Aztec pants in white sz 30. I’m hoping to be able to wear them as a boyfriend fit with pumps and a t-shirt/blazer combo such as yours!

    I was just happy to be able to get an item that is similar to IM’s iconic print for a fraction of the cost 🙂

    xoxo, Em

  • Andrea P

    I tried to purchase the knubby white and black jumper but it was sold out before I could even type in my credit card information. Sadding because it goes for +200 dollars on eBay, which is completely out of my price range.

  • Helene Marie Taylor

    Yes, it’s here. But alas, I waited online starting at 11:45 my tucked away ‘favorites’ on the website disappeared. I waited 18 minutes in a queue to buy items. I bought them, lickety-split in 4 minutes and by the time I went to pay? All of my items were “out of stock”. Over $500 worth of purchases I was going to make disappeared. 🙁

  • ann

    i wanted the trousers u have on so badly! i got the mens grey coat and the biker jeans. (btw the grey coat is kind of big but *kanye shrugs*)

  • Kristina

    I couldn’t skip my class so I went there 2 hours after the shop opened and everything was gone. Everything. In Slovakia. I mean, who the fuck knows Isabel Marant (except me of course) in Slovakia?! I managed to score the white linen tank and the children’s bracelet which fell apart 15 minutes after the purchase. Not a successful day

  • muzikchick

    I was able to pick up the black lace top and the white linen longsleeve tee but wish they would have had the short sleeve linen tee as well.

  • Anna Jezewska

    I wanted get a silver jacket and lace top but there was 1 hr queue to ladies stock,couldnt wait had to rush back to work but miracle happen mens and kids department no waiting so i bought patterned black and white mens top,white tank top (kids),grey smile sweatshirt (kids),blue bracelet(kids),white long sleeve top (kids) black jeans with a side stitching (kids). that gotta be love xx

  • Emilie

    Lovely outfit you’ve got there, Léandrrrra. We all dream of being a real parisienne sometimes.

    I literally almost got into a fight with a guy for lying about a t-shirt being mine but managed to escape after he consented to let me try it on and looked away to give me some privacy. In the end I went home with the printed tee and the printed shirt, though this one was found in the children department. What a happy day!

  • Great shoes!

  • 25highClothing

    The collection was kind of bland for me. Cohesive, but boring. I did like the fine knit top though!

    shop at for modern, and vintage women’s trendy apparel now 20% off with code “Grand20”

  • kriss

    i guess you are actually the only person in the world who can rock these white leather pants. they are still available in all sizes in the german online shop. 😉

  • Lindsey

    I hated those pants.. Until I saw them on you. You look gorgeous!

  • Savannah

    Leandra, you probably don’t watch The Carrie Diaries (I read your book, the chapter on you being ‘fucking Carrie Bradshaw’ was hilarious nonetheless). Still, last week there was this scene about amazing couture being a total turn-off for men. In defense, it was said that “No self respecting woman dresses for a man.” and that the right guys will actually want to date women who wear ‘man repelling’ clothes. Naturally, it made me think of your blog. Have you seen it?

    No self respecting woman dresses for a men.
    No self respecting woman dresses for a men.

    • Savannah

      (Allright, something must have gone with those last two sentences. Not my intention, now it looks like a freaking mantra or something. WE SHALL NOT DRESS FOR MEN!)

  • Leandra, you’ve been lookin’ French for years, girl. This is merely the carmelized sugar atop the crème brulée, the fromage atop the croque monsieur.

  • Savannah

    Oh and also, this outfit is great. Love the pink heels. Online shopping for Ms. Marant was hell, didn’t get to buy anything at all. So, lucky you!

  • Cat

    I waited outside the store since midnight. It was about -2 degrees Celsius here in Toronto (fuck you wind) so my fellow queue-mates and I had to take turns guarding each other’s spots while the rest went to recuperate the feeling of their toes in a nearby Mc Donalds. After a pretty rough 8 hours, I managed to get in with the first group. At the top of my wishlist were the fringe boots and the coated red biker pants. I took my usual pant size (STUPID, I know Isabel’s regular line runs awfully small, I should have anticipated size would be an issue, maybe less so but still…). Five minutes later in the changing room when I asked for a bigger size in the pants THEY SAID THEY WERE ALREADY GONE. This, along with a few other things which I won’t go into detail about made for an experience that could be described as extremely frustrating, but that would be a huge understatement. I think given only small groups of people are let into the collaboration section at a time, the staff could really afford to be more friendly. We had been freezing our asses off all night, I was truly expecting them to be a lot more willing to help us out.

    HOWEVER, I did end up liking the black leather pants, a piece I have spent a couple of years searching for to add to my closet. So that and the boots, I would say it was worth it, but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.

  • Kate Treacy

    Stopped by Santana Row H&M, which is by the way in buttfuck San Jose, assuming that the crowd would be manageable being that silicon valley is known more for Uggs and Havaianas, Tom’s and the occasional Sperry. Walked in and saw everyone grabbing the sweaters I had my eye on. Realized that I didn’t really want to be that person who walks down the street and encounters 15 people that are wearing the same blatant Isabel Marant x H&m piece, who probably have little idea of who Isabel Marant is or why they should really be lusting over that white Irish cableknit sweater. So I took my ass upstairs grabbed basics out of the men’s section and bounced. Going to spend my money on real Marant, even if I’m on a budget and have to scour sale sections of online stockists until I cry.

  • fabi
  • belulopezchamba

    This is not Man Repeller at all, I wished to see you doing something better with this collection.. I mean, it’s fantastic and you tend to mix it up in a way that it looks extreamely awesome.
    Come back, Leandra!

  • Erica Rae Deutsch

    i went this morning!i got the black and white embroidered/mesh top. cannot WAAAAIIIIIITTTTT (oprah intonation) to start the pairings!

  • maxim leone

    I went to a pre-shopping event here in Paris on Wednesday night. I was so happy cause I won an invitation with French Elle and it was the fisrt time I ever won something !

    So I grabbed my best friend and we were off to the Champs Elysées … and it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who had won : After two hours in a freezing cold, we finally got inside and what I saw is nothing compared to what we vitnessed outside while waiting .. girls ripping clothes off the mannequins, fighting over … well, pretty much everything, and pushing and shoving as if their life depended on it ! We hid in a corner with a glass of champagne, and then we jumped into it all !

    What we found, you can see here : I managed to grab some pictures !

    But it was after all a fun night 🙂

  • Maheshie

    j’aime touts les vetements!!

    I too, make believe that i will be french one day and prep by utilizing my semester-of- french knowledge whenever i’m around a native (no shame)

    1- jacket’s amazing. i need it.
    2. you’re a trooper to hang out on all the cobble with all that choo

  • Christine

    I went quite early and it so happened that that H&M didn’t have the collection so by the time I went to one that did, it was sold out… Very disappointed as I was loving the boots! We “the masses” need more designer collections to be in such proviledged zeitgeist that is apparently of our limits.

  • Annie Park

    A woman next to me was fiddling with the silly ribbon belt on that blazer when I couldn’t stand it anymore and told her to cut it off when she got home, beautiful otherwise. The sizing was true to size, not tiny like real Isabel Marant. Even though I got there at 8 and didn’t get in until 945 group, I got everything I wanted. The beauty of living in style deficient Vancouver.

  • AP

    A woman next to me was fiddling with the silly ribbon belt on that blazer when I couldn’t stand it anymore and told her to cut it off when she got home, beautiful otherwise. The sizing was true to size, not tiny like real Isabel Marant. Even though I got there at 8 and didn’t get in until 945 group, I got everything I wanted. The beauty of living in style deficient Vancouver.

  • Pualana Lemelle

    This is crazy, but things that were sold out are now available online!!! Try again peeps!

    • Yes: in Germany, for example. Quite a few of them!

  • From now until eternity, you will be Léandrrrrrrra Médine to me!

  • Marta Pozzan

    pants look really good on you

  • Rebecca

    How does the size run on those HOT pants?!

  • cCod

    Keep checking the stores ladies… The collection has a 7-day return policy and the sizing, I’ve heard, is unexpectedly small. Not the biggest deal for sweaters and jackets, but those pants have to fit like a glove. I’m thinking people may have snatched up the wrong size and will be returning them, most likely this weekend. Oh yes, black leather lace-up pants, you will be mine. Oh yes, you will.

  • Amelie J

    I went to the H&M x Marant collection too, and carted away a whole bunch of gorgeous items. Unfortunately I was too late for the black boots and Lacey sweater…

    The Neon Guava

    The Neon Guava

  • Adrian Buckaroogirl

    Love love love this outfit! So perfect!

  • Joel Harris


  • Rhian

    fabulous shoes and intelligent writing to go with them xxx what a relief finding such an inspiring blog. 🙂

  • rebecca clark

    The pants look really gorgeous on you! Love your shoes! Totally sexy look!

    End of tenancy cleaning

  • lenna0013

    I’m so sick of everything being sold out on pre-sale… my fellow blog editor and I started a petition here
    And my complete opinion here
    Thank you for participating.

  • Erica

    All I have to say is for making fashion more accessable to the masses this collection really was about how badly you wanted to get your hands on it. The purchasing online aspect in my view was a total disaster! Great for H&M and Isabel Marant but an awful experince for the consumer. Saying that – like many I fought hard to get what I wanted. who knew my finger could press ‘refresh’ over 100 per second!
    Finally 4 hours after launch I got the white leather pants and the next day (go figure) the black. And for £80 over the sale price the grey blazer on eBay. In a way I’m happy as I point blank refused to bid for items on eBay but I REALLY wanted that jacket.

    The question i have is on sizing…what size are you Leandra and what size did you get the leather pants you are wearing in?

    There has been so much talk about the sizing being all over the place that I won’t know if these will fit till they arrive (possible the end of this week). I’d heard the pants were coming up small so bought a size up. which I am hoping was the right move. In any case I’m hoping to avoid the second shopping rush when items that were bought online get returned and restocked online which should appear in the next 2-3 weeks.

  • I’m actually fawning over those pink (suede?) heels. Those shizzzz be adding extra oomph.

  • Hannah

    Hello, I am obsessed with these leather trousers and am finally going to buy (although I would have to pay mega bucks for it though). What size do you recommend? Is it true to size or small for size? I am sometimes size 0 or 2 depending on designers. Thank you.

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! E-mail me. Might have a seller for you. (these are a sz 2 BTW)

  • tali

    I am sooo jelous that you have those pants.perhaps you are interesting selling it via your website? Xo tali