Their Feet at Fashion Week

We spend weeks talking about the clothes — but what about the shoes? The shoes!


And it proliferates. We’ve spent the last four weeks poring over different fabrication techniques, the hem lengths, the coifs, the lip colors, the science behind selecting a color scheme for a collection, the secret messages sent between houses to help build what we later call The Trends, and the way in which some silhouettes may compliment a body successfully while others remain reserved for the lanky women who model them. Yes — the ones who unwittingly declare their own sense of proprietorship, diminishing the seedless faith in making them ours.

But where size really doesn’t matter and we can really let our imaginations run wild, free, and completely devoid of the constraints that may hold us back north of our ankles, the conversation always seems a bit niggardly. It’s just, why?

For those of us who can’t afford runway clothing, if there’s a will, there is almost always a way to find yourself capable of dominion when it comes to runway footwear. Just last Saturday, my friend found a pair of Celine tuxedo loafers that she’d wanted since she saw them on a runway three seasons ago for $170 at Loehmann’s. It’s not cheap per se, but relatively speaking and compared to its original $890, it’s a deal worth celebrating.

But after carefully re-considering the shoe-spoils of the Spring/Summer season, the results are fairly underwhelming. Especially considering how fantastical, escapist and downright worth-saving-up-for they usually seem to be.

Don’t get me wrong, Dolce and Gabbana may have shown a gilded garden that doubles as a shoe (again), Prada made clear that should Michael Phelps find himself gay one day soon, her bejeweled, aquatic heels would look great with his skin stone and Rochas has literally taken a feathered-step forward pro Sesame Street couture. But other than a computable selection of shoes, where’s the mystery and romance that makes fashion worth watching?

Ah, yes, in the clothes. It’s in the clothes. And if the clothes are functioning as the magical enigma, I guess the shoes are just simply…the accessory – the thing you buy, you wear, you wear again and you continue to wear until you’re not tired, but physically incapable of using them any longer. At a certain point those heel tips become metal bolts and then what?

OR! Could it be that for the first in a long time, designers are alluding to the notion that maybe we don’t need to escape anymore. Instead of feeding a void that may not actually even be responding to a special blazon of hunger, they could be telling us that we just need our shoes to compliment who we are, not who we want to be.

Yeah, I’m going to go with that one and maybe buy a pair of white pumps.

Thoughts, projections, rebuttals welcome.

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  • Nico
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  • (BAD) Blog About Design

    I love these photos as well. The creativity of these designers is incredible.

    Check out the BAD Blog…

  • Allie

    I agree with the idea that the shoes are meant to compliment who we are. A lot (but not all of those images) were riffs on pretty classic ideas–just a little more jazzy. They seem like shoes you buy, you wear….and you wear…and you keep wearing…Then you stop wearing, find them again in a few years, and repeat the cycle. As far as runway shoes go, they’re remarkably functional.

  • The Prabal Gurung heel is divine!

  • My favorite part! THE SHOES!

  • Hudson Berry

    Stella McCartney, Topshop, Prada, Sonia Rykiel are all DREAMY

  • Alexa Curtis

    Would anyone really ever buy those shoes and wear them? Per say, if they aren’t the Man Repeller. And who has $900 to drop on a pair of shoes they won’t wear? Designers should start making shoes that aren’t just runway ready.



    • Leandra Medine

      My point here was mostly that the shoes are really wearable this season, though!

      • Alexa Curtis

        I agree! It’s making a difference, but still, many of the shoes besides the first two wouldn’t necessarily be worn to an office..

        • AshleyOlivia

          Every lady needs some non-office appropriate presents for their feet! Of course, unless you work in a truly Draconian office, wearing adventurous footwear isn’t a punishable offense (aside from the punishment of blisters, which is usually the telltale sign of a truly fabulous heel). Give the cubicles something to talk about, I say, because they’ll need something else to discuss after they’re finished rehashing Miley Cyrus’s latest antics…

  • Eef

    Nice foot tattoo. It says “This too shall pass” in Dutch, in case anyone was wondering..

    • Leandra Medine

      ooooh, thanks for that! My learn of the day.

  • Melissa

    Wait! I thought you hated tattoos. Welcome to the dark side 😉

  • Fashionably Sparkly

    I’m in love with the Balmain lace booties *-*

    Fashionably Sparkly

  • My absolute biggest runway pet peeve is when the shoes look to be three sizes to big or three sizes to small. I mean, I get the logistics of trying to order shoes for 30 different women, but it’s just so… distracting.

  • Stacey Freeman

    Man, I was so distracted by the foot tattoos in the first two images that I could hardly concentrate on the beauty of all of these shoes! Is it just me? Foot tattoos are so ugly.

    • Pualani@TheRustedKey

      I don’t think they’re ugly at all. Though, the second one may be a little more visually appealing and graceful. I think it’s great that in an industry in which women are paid to maintain these perfectly flawless bodies, they have found a way to make it their own: a permanent accessory.

  • Marlijn

    So cool that Dutch foot tattoo!

  • I love the Balenciaga flip-flop like heels, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a huge trend next year, I’ve seen them on many blogs already!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Jmw

    Creatures of the Wind killed it! Right down to the tootsies!

  • All of these are amazing! Check out

  • love this sentence “we just need our shoes to compliment who we are, not who we want to be.”


  • Lyne Mugema

    Most of my day is spent upright and in motion. For that reason, expression is censored on my feet. The rest of my outfit has greater range. The fact that my feet are flat and wide does not help the situation.

    I assume that designers want their audiences to be able to escape through their collections. If the shoes are full of fancy the fantasy is abruptly halted because for those like me practical feet are non negotiable.

  • Jen

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  • grace

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  • Curvily NYC

    Michael Phelps’ “skin stone”? I wonder how he avoids sinking like a rock.

  • Pualani@TheRustedKey

    Wearable maybe, but functional? I can see myself in the Oscar de la Renta pair, but I can also see myself ruining the shoes by stepping in some mysterious brown substance while trying to catch the subway before the doors close.

  • Balmain and Oscar de la Renta. I’m in love .

  • moldub

    try and avoid the dog poo this go around?

    • Leandra Medine

      ha! We’ll see.

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  • 25highClothing

    The shoes do usually seem to prove the most interesting part of fashion week.
    “A garden that doubles as a shoe” Why? is always my first thought on idea like those from designers.

  • Amazing! I love every style!