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One Night Only with Armani

Fret not though, the night magically lasts through the weekend


collaboration with Giorgio Armani

What is irrefutably my favorite part about fashion is that every so often, outside the confines of the “delegated weeks,” a seemingly quotidian Thursday night in New York City could find you traipsing through absolutely mind-blowing traffic in a purple satin peplum (or something like that) on your way to a Pier on the West Side Highway to celebrate just because — which brings me to last night, when I traipsed through egregious traffic on foot in, yes, a purple satin peplum blouse to celebrate just because.

Individual responsible for festivity? Giorgio Armani.

The enormous space, built out to boast three separate venues — one for a runway show (the first of its kind in New York), one for an exhibit (Eccentrico continues and if I may, I’d love to call it New York’s answer to Alaïa’s exhibit at the Galliera in Paris), and one for people to dance — was the setting for the ineffable designer’s One Night Only event.

Behind the black carpet and intensely lit facade, a throng of recognizable faces — Glenn Close, Renee Zellweger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Swank et al — infiltrated the space, walking back and forth between the exhibit which displayed a selection of Mr. Armani’s couture work (lime green feathers, “love” festooned minaudières) from as far back as 1985 to present, and the runway show venue, which had to have accommodated over 600 seats.

“When you come to New York, the one thing we’re not is a local city,” Oscar de la Renta told WWD while seated front row next to Anna Wintour. So maybe there was a cause for celebration — and it was Manhattan. After all, was it not our very own Mayor Bloomberg who officially designated yesterday Giorgio Armani Day in New York City? The latter has expressed devotion to this city — and country — calling it, “a very important market.”

While the rest of the night’s show-goers trickled into the runway venue to see what we believed would be an encore performance of Mr. Armani’s most recent couture collection titled Nude, the Privé show actually became a spectacle of 140 looks, broken up into ten separates series all meant to inflect a uniquely distinctive vibe.

The first dresses were black, and then they were white, then they became red and green and pink and printed until finally, they were nude. A large selection of the models seemed so tightly tethered to their ensembles, they couldn’t so much stride as they may have wanted to and instead slowly and softly tip-toed. As far as I’m concerned, this evinced the apex of the Armani ethos — that when you’re a woman in Privé, you’re never, ever rushing.

While the show imbued the spirit of the evening’s One Night Only sentiment, the engagement with an artist’s past lasts in the form of the Eccentrico exhibit all weekend long, and free at that. I’d highly recommend that all y’all get your behinds over there to see the magic that is Armani. OKAY?

Eccentrico at SuperPier,  250 11th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Open to the public Oct 25-27

Part of a collaboration with Giorgio ArmaniAll images courtesy of Billy Farrel Agency.

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  • Those 2 dresses/outfits … the blue and green one and then the zig-zagging one … mmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Lauren

      Give me that Bubble dress!!!!

  • Donna

    Beautiful writing, Leandra. How I wish I lived in New York so I could attend the exhibit! At least the images and prose leave me feeling satiated.

  • SweetdreamzofArmani

    I think it’s pretty fantastic that this celebration occurred. I can’t even imagine what a spectacle it must have been to see a history of couture come alive before your eyes.
    This was a really smart way to draw attention to the artisanship of Armani Privé and diversity among the collections. I can’t get over the versatility in his repertoire of designs. Bravo Mr. Armani!

  • Lucy Spiegal

    Privé is always my favorite couture collection BAR NONE, I DIE for that space age collection from a few years back.

    • Gemma Trout

      If I am being quite honest, I have to say Privé never makes a huge impression on me. That space age collection was the same season as the Givenchy couture with the unreal helmets and long intricately detailed gowns which stole the spotlight from anything and everything in my opinion.
      However, after reading your post and looking at a more expansive capsule of past collections I am truly blown away. The clothes really speak for themselves and the craftsmanship is laudable, it made me go through some of the older collections on with a new eye for Armani’s work.

      • Lucy Spiegal

        Definitely check out Spring 2010. SO beautiful

        • Greaselightnin’

          MY FAVORITE too!

  • Rosalin

    “As far as I’m concerned, this evinced the apex of the Armani ethos — that when you’re a woman in Privé, you’re never, ever rushing.” <– this is perfection, and so are the photos. thank you for sharing this experience!

  • duckiee

    i did not want that slideshow to end. beautiful! leandra you are so lucky to attend this!!

  • jamie j

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Armani has always been my absolute favorite. I had no idea this exhibit was happening but now I will def go this weekend!

    • Alice K.

      Me too! Trying to go today!!!

  • Coco Grangé

    I saw the Alaia exhibit in Paris and it blew me away. It is so thrilling to see a comprehensive history of a design legend’s stunning works. it makes such a difference to see the clothes in person and I feel so lucky to be in New York right now so I can go! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Maggie Lipman

    An event with Leonardo DiCaprio AND Giorgio Armani? I want to go to there.

  • advil del ray


  • Rosemary

    have a feeling Thurs night will be one of those iconic evenings talked about for a long long time. Miss Leandra, with your keen eye, any idea if Lauren Hutton’s leather jacket might have been Armani?

    • Leandra Medine

      It sure was

      • Rosemary

        grazie mille. loved your ensem, your clutch you gave excellent lip and you looked very pretty

    • Mia

      Lauren Hutton’s jacket was to die for. She is everything.

  • jess


  • One of the many reasons I wish I lived in NYC.

  • June

    You really made me feel like I was there. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, as always your writing is ace. Can’t wait to check out the exhibit for myself!

  • Lizzy Jackson

    I went to the exhibit today and I have to say, WOW. I was simply blown away by how beautifully curated it was. I didn’t realize the extreme diversity in his designs until I saw them positioned next to one another. I’m so glad you shared such similar sentiments. Truly a sight to see that I would reccommend.

    • Kelly H.

      Agreed. How AMAZING were those clutches!>?!? (there is a pic in the slideshow) but in person they were so intricate and unbelievable as was everything there.
      I’m really glad I was able to check it out, well worth the trip

  • J.D.

    Lovely post Leandra!

  • Amelia Diamond

    the whole thing is gorgeous

  • Ximena Puente Bahnsen

    I’m a fan, the first look… genius.