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Talking trends with rag + bone, Google+ and the CFDA


In partnership with Rag + Bone. 

What came first? The rag or the bone?

Obviously, the answer to the initial question should technically be that they came in tandem. While Marcus Wainwright (call him Rufus, I dare you) initially set out to launch Rag + Bone several years before initiating his partner, David Neville, the two currently function effectively as yin and yang, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly or, more fittingly, utility green and denim: two separate entities that operate most successfully when merged.

Joined together by a little ampersand (okay, fine, it’s technically a plus), which if you look at hard enough, resembles two friends holding hands on a playground (hold the playground), Wainwright and Neville (who, I understand, were not literally joined together by an ampersand –  it was actually an English boarding school) have become both individuals and a collective synonymous with cool girl borrowed-from-the-boys fashion.

Yesterday afternoon the guys and I joined rag + bone fans to discuss their fall collection via Google+. Seeing as I was the one moderating the conversation, we also covered love and leather and Coca Cola. The chat was part of a pilot program featuring  a new shopping app for Google+ Hangouts in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The app in question allows viewers to shop items mentioned during the Hangout, within the Hangout.

Repurposed below for your viewing pleasure, the chat is below. Should you be wondering precisely what I was wondering, here’s a teeny titaki spoiler alert: if they could only design using one fabric for the rest of their collections’ life it would be…[cue drumroll]…


You can shop the hangout here.

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  • Royal Wang

    love this brand so dynamic and i hope next time i should be a part of this issue,and look forward seeing more issues like this !!!

  • natalie smith

    Love them!! One of my top 5 favorite brands 🙂


  • Amatoria Clothing

    I watched! You did a great job. Rufus is fucking adorable. I have been lusting over that Camel Coat for a year now. Meow.

  • Loved watching the video!

  • Oliver Lips

    Such a great & fun video! You hosted it pretty well.
    The guys are just fantastic, love their work!

  • Rachel Nepper

    Just watched this entire video! So cute. You always learn the funnest stuff about people you don’t know from interviews like this one.
    You should have your own show!!!

  • xylophone

    lol you are so funny leandra. i want to buy everythign in this!

  • MyRagwantstoBone

    I think I just developed a Leonardo DiCaprio status crush on Marcus ampersand David…
    And Leandra, you can do no wrong. Going to watch again & dream of those BOYS!

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I really love this segment. You are such a charming hostess and looked so flawless and glow-ey, even in your close-ups.Seeing the clothes on a model moving around is helpful and hearing a little about the pieces was interesting. I’m one that gets impatient when designers ramble on about inspiration, but these guys kept it short and to the point-very enjoyable. Well done, I look forward to more of these!

  • carla

    Wow! great interview, you are so charming !! love rag n bone

  • Karen

    Leandra, you are made for this, please have your own talk show… pretty please

  • Jessica

    so true!! leather would be my fabric of choice.. loved the video

  • Catherine and Greer

    HOLY CHICAGO! You truly are moving up in the fashion world. To think a few years ago you were posting reviews on events and now your at them, I mean HELLO! RAG AND BLOODY BONE!

  • Catherine and Greer



    (I dared to be different)

    slash here is some guilty self promotion:

  • EtralaLondon

    I love Rag & Bone! It’s a great brand!

    Today on the blog, our latest Making Of Video >>


    from London

  • Great hair, Leandra. Wow 🙂


    LOVE you as a host! a fashion show better be in your future.

  • Marta Pozzan

    Love the part when Marcus said he looks sharp in the camel coat 🙂

  • Beks

    hahahahaha this was great but also so uncomfortable at times where there was an elongated silence. Leandra: “mhm, alrightttt soooooo let’s get started!”

  • 🙂

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  • Randy

    I loved it! love rag n bone

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