Is It Just Us, Or Has Kim K Been Killing It?

Fandom fandom fandom fandom, fun!


Are boyfriends the new stylists?

Considering my personal relationship status which disqualifies me from experimentation, I can’t be sure. If ever there was an indication that it could happen, though, Kim Kardashian’s metamorphosis as pioneered by Kanye West might be it.

Sure, they’ve run into a couple snafus along the way; while wearing Givenchy to the Met Ball seemed like a great idea, the woman was pregnant and therefore covering every square inch of her body in what looked like a so-dated-it’s-fresh floral print was practically begging for the couch comparisons that it garnered. It was fun for the internet, yes, but it warranted the woman’s getting cut out of images on for heaven’s sake.

Recently, though, it seems like the steering wheel on Kardashian’s style has done a 180 to drop her off on the corner of mad and chic. Maybe it’s been the result of a post-pregnancy urgency to get back on the fashion bike. Or maybe the deluge of generous gifts coming at North care of Alber Elbaz, Phoebe Philo and Riccardo Tisci to name three who have never so much as blinked at most of the population, are inspiring her change. Still, we want to argue that boyfriends are becoming the new stylists.

An interesting point that Amelia made is that for ages, women have been trying to re-wardrobe their men. She noted that any time she’s complained about the way in which a prospective dalliance dressed, her friends always told her that “a guy’s clothes are the easiest and only thing you can change about him.”

It seems like a double standard, doesn’t it? Frankly, and I think I can speak for all of us, we’d be fucking pissed if some dudes tried to change the way we dress. The thing is, that’s probably simply because he might try to cloak us in bandage dresses or something equally discomforting. What’s happening with the Westashians is a little more thoughtful, a complete reversion, in fact, and can also function as a pedigreed nod in the direction of man-repelling.

Just take a look at the outfits chronicled above, all shot through the course of the last two weeks. Short of that aggressive boob reveal, which as Amelia put it, makes her look a lot like Jafar’s sex slave (image #4), Kardashian is looking good in beige ankle length coats (they’re slightly reminiscent of the one John Cusack wears in Say Anything while holding a boombox over his head that blasts the 1980’s classic, “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, which is much better than a Lil’ Kim tribute, no?), cloaking her equally modest and decidedly form-fitting silhouettes.

The accessories are on point, too. Single sole, double strap Alaïa sandals and pumps make up for the decades of triple sole platforms she used to wear — the ones that unwittingly contributed to her emulating a stork while America laughed and she likely prayed her ankles remain intact.

But perhaps what’s most interesting to note about the extreme makeover is that she’s proving how silhouettes previously assigned to tall and lithe body types are equally flattering (if not more) on a woman with unapologetic curves. Where many complain that designers only create for the runway anomalies — Kim, at the hand of Kanye, shows otherwise.

Wait, did Yeezus just rise again? Talk to us, people.

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  • XOXO

    It’s nice to actually see her with (italics on the with) clothes on. She’s strategically planning, making sure she doesn’t become a Paris Hilton AKA forgotten.

    • JL

      tally of gross unnecessary comments referencing the sex tape made against her will: 1

      • elizabeth

        i think we can all safely say that sex tape wasn’t made against her will.

        • JL

          RELEASED against her will, yes.

        • Lilli

          but this wasn’t about her sex tape… she looks fucking good at the moment!

          • The Provoker

            Yeah she’s werking it! SO chic actually.

  • Jyoti Limbu

    I doubt she picks out any of her outfits. It’s all Kanye or the stylist. Either way I think she has been killing it.

  • I think she looks really good in the second photos. All the others….meh… not as sold. On another note, does her face look strangely old in these pics to anyone else?

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      I’ve been noticing the “older” face thing too. I think what’s causing it is the elongated space between the bottom of her nose and the top of her upper lip.It’s a much larger gap than it used to be. A normal sign of aging (but this soon?) and also can occur after rhinoplasty, when the nose is shortened, leaving a more visible, longer gap.

      • trixiedarling

        The nose elongates with aging so I’d say a second round of rhinoplasty. Indeed, I suspect that Kanye will re-shape her over the years. He claims to be THE most visionary artist alive (fashion, architecture, music) so I’m sure he considers reshaping a woman well within his talents. I see this ending really badly for Kim – big custody fight etc. I love her. What was she thinking?

        • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

          I think it might be that she is wrapped up in how much he appears to adore her (kind of like: “I love the way you love me”)and not really in touch with her own feelings beyond that.Control freaking is flattering at 1st because you are getting all this attention and then it quickly becomes confining and you feel trapped. Also how long can you listen to your man drone on about how awesome he is before you need to reach for the puke bucket? Doesn’t matter if he’s talented or not – that sh*t gets old. I really don’t see this ending well either.

          • trixiedarling

            Kanye is really the King in no clothing – remember that story – no one told him he was naked because he was the king. Perhaps with Kanye if you don’t like what he’s doing, you don’t say it because you would be fired and that is why is has this totally over ranked opinion of his own capabilities. I don’t see him as cutting edge in anything and before he was with Kim, we didn’t hear that much about him either.

  • I love her pink and camel coats…and Kanye’s vneck sweater.

  • Stone Edward Estok

    she’s right on point for 2015 S/S.

  • Jennifer

    She has been looking quite fab post pregnancy!

    xo Jennifer

  • I like the “new” Kim, too – she makes me very curious about her future outfits and that’s kind of nice of her. Also: I don’t think I have ever seen a natural darkhead go blondish before and look so good (aka I have never ever approved of it before – strange).

  • LIz

    Perhaps what we mistook as countless Herve Leger dresses was actually a full body cast she recently got removed.

  • girlfriend has obviously eschewed the damn croissants because she looks amazing.


  • I’m just glad to see that she looks happy and more comfortable in what she’s wearing. I don’t get the impression any of those looks are inconvenient/painful/too risque (even with her titties out…she knows what she’s doing in that department).

    While I don’t allow him to do this often, I do sometimes let my husband pick things out for me to try on when we’re out shopping – just for fun. He’s surprisingly good at it. I think some of that has to do with the fact that we ladies are often so caught up on our own hangups that we’ll never even consider certain clothing based on our own issues with our bodies. D. doesn’t choose things based on my hangups – he picks things he likes. I don’t know how he does it, but he does. He’s amazing at finding dresses and coats, especially – two things I often have problems buying for myself.

    The best part? Whenever he does this, he pays. Yes, I know that goes against the whole “go get your own,” but hey…if he picked it out, and I’m comfortable wearing it…I’m not going to turn down the offer. 😉

    • I do that, too: ask for his suggestions and try things on and out – otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to surprise myself sartorially because I’d choose the me-approved things only. While I like my own choices, obviously, I also need some diversity and this is when I ask for ideas (and don’t curse if they turn into presents, no, not me) …

      • Last night, I was standing in my closet starting at the wall of clothes and not finding anything I wanted to wear. So I tried something new – I dragged in my husband and told him to pick something out.

        15 minutes later, he came out with skinny black jeans, a loose grey long-sleeved tshirt, and a black blazer. It’s a bit more rock-star chic than I usually wear to work, but it’s the most comfortable outfit I’ve worn in ages.

        There might be something to this whole “letting a guy dress you” thing, at least once in a while. 😉

    • Emily

      So funny you posted this- I was about to put that my husband picks things out for me. You’re right- they’re usually not things I’d pick out for myself, and most of the time I get them only to make him happy, but I swear every time I wear something he’s picked out and I get multiple comments on how cute it/I am wearing it. I make sure you always give him credit 🙂

      As for Kimye- she totally has been killing it lately, albeit it’s definitely from Kanye or a stylist because I just don’t see that she could put these looks together without adding in some trashy. And strangely, I’m liking her hair too- that’s extremely tough to pull off.

      • Eh, trashy is kind of her namesake, so I’m glad to see she hasn’t ditched it entirely. It’s what makes her look her own…whether we like it or not.

        I’m loving the hair color change too. 🙂

  • Amanda GREY

    I wish my man had some serious styling input! She looks amazing… specially because she flaunts her curves like NOBODY! Love them both.

  • Merve Mahmutoglu

    No matter what, she’s always looking good!!

  • Ludapris

    Shout out to Theophilus London in the back, (image #1) Love his style!

  • Sofia

    Anyone know where she got that pink PVC skirt? I want!!

  • Celine

    Note: she was pictured in the same shoes (and coats) not twice, but THREE times – a first in what seems like today’s ridiculous notion that things can only be worn once. Go Kim! 🙂

    • Leandra Medine

      Good clothes are good clothes no matter how frequently you wear them, right?

    • This is a good point. She’s known for constant changes, so it is refreshing that she’s rewearing things– and looking so fab and (relatively) laid back doing it.

  • thebloginista

    She looks great post-pregnancy, but I do have to say – I remember an episode of KUWTK where Kanye came over and raided Kim’s closet. He told her what she could keep and get rid of (and the toss pile was MASSIVE). It always stuck out in my head as being super weird and controlling. Even Khloe (in that episode) was shocked that Kim was agreeing to basically re-configure her entire wardrobe based on what Kanye said. I get the man is into style & probably gives out decent advice here and there, but I can’t imagine ever letting my boyfriend have THAT much control/say over what I wore.

  • Pualani@TheRustedKey

    I don’t think her change of style is the act of Yeezus at all. If anything, I think, or I hope at least, that her change of style is a sort of post-birth epiphany of “I need to be somewhat more reserved for my daughter’s sake.” The “Jafar’s sex slave” bit though? Completely on hilarious point. How do you feel about her new hair color?

  • Her style has definitely been looking pretty chic lately!

  • RitaB

    She can be styled by the greatest ones out there BUT, her attitude, personality and innate lack of sophistication will punch her back to her nature

  • DVSQ

    I hate to say it, but she is in fact looking great.

  • I like that she doesn’t necessarily “care” about “sex selling” as far as her image. She doesn’t need to prove to anyone that she’s sexy. So, kudos to her


  • She is killing it, it’s true. In fact, she made the final sale for me on that perfect peach coat by Celine. I’m still uber-confused by Kanye (is he sweet or so aggressively narcissistic it’s scary? Or both?), but he has turned out to be a great stylist for her. I am glad she’s wearing colors again (not just black, as she did during the first incarnation as Kanye’s protege. The light colors and her lightened hair look gorgeous on her. In the name of feminism, however, I’m hoping that she’s dressing the way she is because she feels good that way. And not just because someone’s telling her it’s the thing to do.

  • Thamsa

    I’ve read some pretty mean comments about Kim and her experiments with new looks, like who is she trying to be, who does she think she is, blah blah blah. Why should we all be restricted to our pasts? Why can’t we try new things, new looks and do what we want to make ourselves happy? Who cares if her hair matches her clothes and her skin lol. The jabs people are taking at her are just ridiculous. She looks good! If you don’t like it, whatever.

  • Sir Alex Hak

    excited for her shoot with Showstudio’s Nick Knight!

  • candabear

    sometimes i think my boyfriend has better style than me. and that’s AWESOME. i can always ask him if an outfit works and he’s usually right on.

  • I looks like she picked up a few basics and have been styling them differently and I love that, I wasn’t a big fan of her personal style but I do love these pics except for that black dress too much cleavage.

  • rachel

    it seems like she is also toning down the eye make-up quite a bit which makes these looks even better!

  • Audrey

    I do like her styling better these days. Unfortunately, I follow lots of celebrity gossip, so although she looks good, I can’t help see all is the no so attractive stuff I know.

  • Cynthia Chen

    i love her and her style

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    #1- Fine but does not flatter pear shape
    #2 – Classy/chic-love
    #3 – Classy/chic-love
    #4 – Elvira/flasher/crude boob display, not flattering to body type
    #5 – Cute/chic- love
    #6 – Shirt unbuttoned to the waist with massive cleavage hanging out? – noooooooooo.

  • KH

    I think all boyfriends comment on what they like to see you in, and what they think suits us, and hopefully we appreciate their comments, and sometimes actually act on them.
    I do think it’s a completely different playing field, though, when your boyfriend is actually interested in fashion, and can design items that sell out in minutes!

  • Alexandra

    It was all fine…until I saw picture #4 (with the black dress) …Margott, why?!
    But in general, she looks great 🙂

  • sarah

    I think she has been taking the advice of Kourtney, who has ALL the style in the family. I think her makeup and hair look pretty great. I really hope she doesn’t jab any more stuff into her face because if she stops here she just may get away with it. I also think that a little while back Riccardo Tisci wouldn’t have held her hand.

  • Jessica Lappe

    Kim is starting to learn to have STYLE. Before, her outfit choices were cheap, trendy, and mostly one time uses. Kim has finally learned quality vs. quantity. People who have true style know how to use their closet and get the most milage out of their clothes. Kim finally is starting to look comfortable in her clothes. It looks like she is wearing the clothes, instead of the clothes wearing her. Her outfit choices are sleek and sophisticated. She has also paired down her hair and makeup to match her clothing choices. I think Kim is taking her life more seriously and her style is following suit. I say BRAVO Kim! I think she looks great.

  • God is My Mojo

    So no ones gonna talk about how empty and sad her eyes look? She looks emotionally imprisoned and trapped like nobody’s business’s and to boot those two black goth outfits that she wore to dinner suck major editorial gonads. Kanye is a true narcissist and I don’t think dressing your lady like she’s a Kewpie doll is what’s hot in the streets.

    • Sadie

      To be honest, I think my eyes would appear pretty empty if I’d had numerous cosmetic procedures around them, and had dozens of flashing lightbulbs going off around me! Each to their own.

  • Kanye probably offered her a new stylist as a push gift! Anyway, I really like her new blonde hair, it really suits her, and YES, she’s been killing it indeed!

    Mafalda ❤

  • rouxa megala.megethi

    Ο τύπος δίπλα ήταν προγραμματισμένο να είναι εκεί ή πέρασε τυχαί;; ρούχα μεγάλα μεγέθη

  • zoe_whip

    I agree. She seems to be going classic instead of trendy which is a great idea for most women especially those in the spotlight. What I find interesting is the colors she seems to gravitate to are very flattering to her and her skin tone (with the exception of that awful black dress, of course).

  • TNA

    She looks fantastic and super chic (and I don’t use chic lightly)! Very mommy appropriate! Well not that Givenchy dress… She looks great, but the blonde hair, i’m not much of a fan.

  • Hmmm

    I beg to differ. She stopped wearing the body cons years ago (even before Kanye). He was putting her in very unflattering clothes pre-pregnancy. She does look better post pregnancy (and I love the hair!). Interesting though bc something in her face looks old now. I wonder if she got more work done.

  • antifacebook

    This girl has gone from Bebe to Balmain. The strongest point you bring up is that someone with her bountiful curves is rocking look usually reserved for the waif models. Respect to Kim for changing stylists or least having the sensibility to let Kanye step in. Double respect for wearing the camel coat and Alaia heels on multiple, public occasions. This in my opinion demonstrates a genuine appreciation for the designer, and the worth of the item to wear more than once.

  • If I were compared to a couch on every major news outlet in the States, I doubt I’d ever make an appearance in public again. Huge improvement to the body-con dresses and stripper shoes (which I guess are really comfortable though…? i.e. that Top Shelf interview on ITG), and I gotta say, she’s been killin’ it these past few weeks. Never thought I’d be jealous of Kim’s clothes!

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro

    she definately has, but I guess it’s all because of Kanye. Her style has changed drasticly in the past year or so

  • Kim

    I just can’t. I think that blonde is terrible on her. The tone make her skin seem sallow and tired. It distracts from everything else.

  • mariana

    I think she gets a pass on the “aggressive boob reveal” — she’s breastfeeding! Trust me, it’s not easy to contain them, especially if your already large-ish breasts have been made enormous by milk.

    Anyway, I agree, she is looking amazing. And love the hair.

  • Yawn

    You must really be running out of things to write about if Kim is your subject. Seriously, who cares?!?

    • Double yawn

      oh look its that person…who cares?! who is kim kardasien?? i don’t even watch tv so i wouldn’t know!!

  • mmmdot

    I can’t really say that I’ve found any of Kim’s outfits flattering since Kanye started to dress her last year. She stopped wearing her constant stream of Herve Leger dresses and skintight clothing years ago. She began dressing herself in less titillating and more stylish clothing that was more complimentary and flattering to her shape and frame then the monstrous high fashion clothing Kanye started putting her in, which only got worse and more uncomfortable after she got pregnant. I feel like the coat doesn’t is overbearing on her petite frame. The sleeves look too long and the coat completely masks her shape. I feel that some of her clothing looks ill fitting and too tight like pink skirt, the pink dress with the split, and that atrocious black dress which does not appear to be adequately supporting or containing her breasts. The rest looks pastel and boring. The double denim outfit looks uninspired too. I do think her shoes choices look more sophisticated then what she’s worn in the past, but that’s about it.

    I LIKED when Kim dressed herself. It might have been pedestrian to some folks but boyfriend jackets, tees, and leggings/skinny jeans ALWAYS looked good on her no matter how much she weighed. I think all she wants is to look beautiful after such a drastic body change and being made fun of all last year for her pregnancy body (which was absurd) and the unflattering way she dressed it (Kanye’s fault). On top of that she’s an admittedly vain and shallow person. She wants to look good, and this isn’t cutting it. I read that Kanye likes to make his girlfriends feel insecure about how they look and that he likes to be control of them right down to the way they dress. Well, it’s time for him to stop now. He’s not doing a good job and he’s made Kim look ridiculous long enough.

  • Didi Ramirez

    This is quite a nice turnaround for her. However she would look even better if she paid attention to the “fit” of her outfit. She would look more elongated if her skirts/dresses were mid-length and have a relaxed fit. For wide hipped and short-legged women, the fit and length is key. But Kim is really rocking those coats!

  • reut

    It is just you…

  • pamb

    Notice how she looks best in casual wear? Jeans, blouses, coats? As soon as she tries to be sexy, with either the boobalcious black outfit you have pictured, or the one with a black sheer netting top, she looks horrid. I think that is a sign that she shouldn’t try too hard, the more she tries to be ‘fashion-y’, the worse she looks.

  • amelia

    ain’t nothing with an occasional ‘agressive boob reveal’ once in a while – you can’t expect her to completely ditch her signature, even it if were in the name of fashion. this is coming from someone who is unfortunately not as blessed in the chest area as Kim K, and is constantly wondering what the fashion world finds so objectionable about a little bit of boobage (or, admittedly, a lot, as above).

  • Izzi

    Kim HAS been killing it… Did she change stylists or what? In any case, she looks classy. That skirt (or a very similar one) is on sale on RueLaLa. Sign up with this invitation: These sweaters were on sale a few weeks ago on RueLaLa. Sign up with this invite for brand names on sale!

  • She’s looking good and, I think, finally flattering her body instead of trying to squeeze her curves into something meant for Miley.

  • Grace Hoy

    Sorry but whoever is saying that picture 1 basically tight fitting skirts should not be worn on pear shapes i think you are completely wrong. Yes i get that it means you are showing off your curves but that is the point of it, it you are blessed to have such an amazing body as Kim show off what you have because it means you are hot.
    I don’t personally believe that if you are a certain body type it means you can’t wear something or have to wear another thing. As Leandra said about Kim wearing clothes that are stereotypically for model like figures, Kim can wear it because she can pull it off with her attitude as can the Olsen twins wear what they do. You should wear things because of your personality and what you like not because what suits you and what doesn’t.

  • madalena

    she is a real pig

  • Jackie

    She’s trash. No talent. No taste. I’m sure there is a glam crew right behind her.

  • Diane

    I find her quite repulsive.

    • txt

      We’ll said!

      • Sarah

        Sometimes it’s better to leave things to the imagination

  • Coco

    Has anyone noticed how much work she’s had done? I wonder what Georgia okeefe would say about this surgical beauty?

  • AH

    I admit, with no shame, that my husband has an incredible fashion sense – way better than mine- and I am always asking him for style advice. I kind of enjoy it. I don’t have to worry about dressing the both of us, and honestly, I can be lazy and put my trust into him picking out a desirable outfit for me. I guess if he likes it, it may not be man-repelling material, but hey, you take what you can get! (P.S. We’re definitely no Kimye)

  • Kassy De La Cruz

    Putting aside that awful exposure of extreme boobage in that wrap style black dress, lets take a minute to appreciate her demure make up! Gone are the days of pounds of foundation/highlighters/bronzer etc. She’s naturally beautiful and I feel like this new approach has highlighted her features a lot more. I feel like she’s positioned herself and she doesn’t have to overcompensate with extreme make up techniques. Get em Kim K!

  • she does look good

  • Shama

    It is so exciting to watch her transition, from tight dresses to where she is now. It’s honestly inspiring. Perhaps more than styling Kim, Kanye provides her a perspective where she feels more comfortable to try new things. Even with her boobs parading in picture 4 she looks absolutely stunning.

  • gayjmorrisx

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  • Kaila Heard

    This – Kim K’s newer, better wardrobe choices – has to be THE PERFECT example of how fashion influences the way people see you. In her bandage, super sex kitten wardrobe, I barely thought about her except to kindly dismiss her. Now in her dramatic, sweeping coats, I find myself wanting to reconsider Ms. Kardashian, perhaps there is something – an insightful mind, wisdom – there after all. I just might tune into an interview to see if she now has anything interesting (finally!) to say.


    Yes! At the hand of Kanye she is becoming a force not to be reckoned with.

  • Jenn1117

    I appreciate that she is getting multiple wears out of those lovely Alaia sandals

  • tunie

    What I love most is how stunningly well she rocks her curves. The improved styling enhances that, and frankly adds a youthfulness – away from the nearly matronly direction her ‘zsa-zsa’ self was heading…