Flora, Fauna and the Fun Stuff In Between

Rounding up the street style trends we saw during all four fashion weeks


If it’s true that birds of a feather flock together, then perhaps that explains why the street’s most fashionable seemed to be flying due south by way of their sartorial choices. The Indian summer gracing these past weeks of fashion may have something to do with it as well — the consistent sun and seventy-degree temperature lent itself to exactly the type of weather we dream of for dressing. Not too hot, not too cold; all you need is a light jacket, and perhaps some fringe, florals, novelty heels, and a hat for sheer luxury as opposed to necessity.

Florals? For Fall? Ground breaking! (For real.)


The first trend to catch our eye was a smattering of well-heeled gardens as they traipsed through the concrete of Fashion Week’s four cities. Floral is typically a pattern reserved for spring (if you consider textiles in the traditional calendar sense), so it’s nice to see a whole slew of late bloomers before the imminent winter sentences us all to a uniform of black.

Speaking of well-heeled…


We just recently mused on the merits of flats, but if street style taught us anything it’s that A) trends can be-debunked as quickly as they were announced, and to that, B) if you are going to be the brave soul towering in heels while everyone else scampers in sneakers, why not make those high heels count? A large grouping of street stylers did just that and eschewed tame stilettos in favor of novelty.



Flapper tested and cowgirl approved, fringe took to the streets at exactly the same time it was popping up on the runways. Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Valentino (and more!) all showed the same swingy, stringy mass of pulled-apart fabric, decadent and delicious like fresh, wet pasta hanging to dry in an Italian chef’s kitchen.

The Birds


Some of the greatest moments in fashion happen when its wearers are having fun. That’s why, where I tend to avoid birds like the plague thanks to Hitchcock’s traumatizing film and/or because pigeons are possessed in this city of New York, it was actually a delight to see fouls by way of owls, roosters and flamingos on various forms of outwear.

Mad Hatters


To top off the notion of fun and fashion, show-goers weren’t afraid to punctuate outfits with their heads. Whether the cap in choice was a turban, a fedora, or something else entirely, one can’t argue with the fantastic feeling of wearing a hat because it completes your look, as opposed to the boring pragmatism of heat-insulation come November.

And finally, if for nothing other than your Pinterest board, we just had to share this black unicorn purse with you.


Images via Vogue.com and Style.com

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  • ni ni

    Just finished reading your book. I liked it. x

  • Harling

    Overall it seems like women are embracing being women–but with some seriously bold twists. Today’s latest iteration of the fashion power play isn’t an ironic t-shirt with Justin Bieber’s face on it–instead, it’s pieces with edgy sophistication that are somehow incredibly wearable and have the power to last from season to season. (Kind of like progressing from dorm wall art to an actual painting). Still whimsical, but more refined. Loving this.


    • Yes! I agree that these trends seem to be in the spirit of true man-repelling. Details like the unicorn purse and the flower-encrusted wedges speak to femininity and whimsicality, yet certainly aren’t utilized to invite any kind of sexual advance. These outfits see women being women, and it’s fabulous.

  • Madame Ostrich

    Fabulous! I am glad to see that the ostrich finally having its day in the sun 😉



  • Are those Eiffel Tower heels?? Crazy awesome.

    Btw, love that floral dress for fall from the first picture! 🙂


  • I love that there are so many new posts on The Man Repeller everday! I try to keep up, but every post is totally worth it (including this one)!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • (BAD) Blog About Design

    I have to agree. The heels are pretty cool.

    Check out the BAD Blog…design-bad.blogspot.com/

  • This Exquisite World
  • that flamingo dress !! yesh.

  • I love the feathery fringes and faux-fur, but I don’t think I’ll go any further than that!

    Mafalda ❤

  • The Fashion Panda
  • Gerard

    I just love a good juxtaposition in fashion. Pixie Geldof’s fringe skirt and House of Holland jumper do it perfectly!

  • the square hat is insane!

  • These looks are so fun. Love the shoes and the fringe especially.


  • Dosta Radnjanska
  • Ariel Robert

    I would like to be buried with that unicorn clutch.

  • Reanta’s Vintage Shop
  • Ashley

    the 1920’s fringe inspiration is phenomenal!

  • Tatiana

    anna dello russo is such an attention whore
    that said, i abso-fuckin-lutely adore this pictures. inspiration everywhere!

  • Judas Lee
  • AdeLe DattoLa

    Great inspiration ! The birds are top, floreal will be a s/s 2014’s must have. Kisses



  • Guest

    Your Legally Blonde and Devil Wears Prada references were greatly appreciated.
    And I am relieved concerning the fall florals, can’t seem to let go of them to save for spring quite yet.

  • simone

    i’d be totally fine if comic books and mexican folk art are in style from now on. mixed feelings about the birds, on the one hand, chickens are so punk rock, on the other, that scene from portlandia…

  • Alexis

    I need that unicorn bag

  • Fashion should be artful and inspirational, just like each of these styles. Very positive and strong statement amongst this collection of looks.