Finally! A Look at Céline Resort

And what’s more? It is better than chunky knits on a Saturday morning.


Remember last June when resort previews were being held all around New York City and as a direct result, your Instagram feed was moonlighting as a lower-resolution-yet-more-accessible mobile version of’s runway show tab? Me too! That was great! Only there was one pivotal piece of the vestiary* puzzle missing. It was highly apparent from day 1 and just became more flagrant through day 10, until finally, in an uproar, the Internet asked, “Earth to FASHION! Where in the good name of the French Riviera is Phoebe Philo’s collection for Céline, dammit?”

But this was certainly no oversight. The pundit very deliberately decided she would not allow preview attendees to photograph her most recent collection and so while The Chosen Ones were blessed with the opportunity to see the clothes in the flesh, that presentation felt akin to walking into a proctored room where the SATs are about to commence, only to be told that the use of writing utensils is prohibited. “Figure it out!” said proctor may exclaim, a note of schadenfreude all too detectable in her voice. And that was that.

Until now, when it just occurred to me last week that the Céline website itself has leaked images from resort. I realize it’s not so much a “leak” if they are willfully placed there as it is the act of plugging images into a website for public consumption but come on, let’s make this more fun than it already is. We’re in, people. We’re in.

And what do the findings indicate? That come November 1, when most resort collections begin spilling into stores, we’ll know it’s Céline if it could have been worn by Eliza Thornberry had she not been born on a piece of paper, as a cartoon, and instead bred in the 15th arrondissement of Paris after having taken extensive how-to-be-cooler-person classes from Daria Werbowy. This is evidenced by the sweeping safari references as demonstrated on the khaki coats, blouses and in the belts (some of which appeared in deuces on single garments). The anterior Thornberry would probably have to lose the braces and pigtails too.

Furthermore, you’ll know it’s Céline if it’s light blue, buttoned up or sheer and unbuttoned. There is also a new selection of Birkenstocks to continue us down the Gen. X fabricated corridor that makes you think: What Am I Doing Here and Why Do I Like It?


There is purple suede, a generous helping of black and white (one such nod to the former appears as a beautifully constructed, a-line, mid length skirt), and new cuts for the suiting emblematic of Céline under Philo’s reign, all of which continue to deflect the male gaze and allow us the choice to display — or not display — our extremities however we see fit.

It’s excellent, really.

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  • Love that long black dress a classic but definitely feels very 2013

  • I love fur…but good lord. That fur coat makes me cringe. I do however LOVE LOVE that black simple dress, and the very first picture with the long back coat and all white underneath. So pretty.

  • Roula

    Did not like it very much…



    (P.S. Visit my shop … Alaia, Marni, Etro, Marc Jacobs, LV, Thakoon, Margiela most of them never worn and in perfect condition!!!)

    • Emma

      Thank you for saying so. I’m having a very hard time believing that everyone is just eating this up. About half way through viewing the collection, I actually wondered if it was some kind of joke. Not that it was all bad, but….

  • Sarah

    I can’t stop clicking through these. Love it. I’m running home and pulling out my karate uniform!

  • Mallory

    Obsessed. Love the balance of masculine & feminine.

  • monki


  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    The white turtleneck is beautiful, but the wildly oversized garments aren’t even able to flatter the tall, thin, gazelle-like models. They will look absolutely hideous on the average person.

  • Caitlin Inwood

    I love the Leather skin top and the long black silky dress. Both are statement pieces and look pretty wearable!

    Check out my latest post on Sample Sales in NYC:

  • I love this collection, and the shoes! It’s gorgeous!

    Mafalda ❤

  • monkeyshines

    amazing elongated looks!


  • jacki

    That cray cray Jetsons construction paper poodle circle skirt thing is really doing it for me.

  • jacqueline eisenhauer

    Damn, those models look scary! 🙂

  • Tedore Greget

    I Love this collection, Love Céline!

    I made a post about this collection like 3 weeks ago

  • J.C.

    Is it just me? The proportions make me think of Margiela.

  • Celine

    An unattainable, unaffordable obsession. Hmmmmmmm….
    VERY cool as always.

  • Margot T. furrrrr

  • Poulette

    The parachute outfit looks like something Kanye would wear.

    As per usual, this collection is stunning – either stunningly ugly, or stunningly lovely. But say what you want, Phoebe is a smart woman to be featuring those coats for Resort, knowing they’ll be in the shops in November when winter will be descending upon us.

    Not that she is asking me my opinion, but ultimately I still prefer this to the spring collection.

  • We Voice Fashion

    Celine’s always been cool. Phoebe Philo just made it cooler. She designs the pieces minimally yet there’s always that “Parisian chic” going on. We love it!
    Asma and Reem

  • diaph

    Disgusting–when will these designers learn that fur is only worn by fools?

  • Marc Ferraz

    Not very nice…

  • I was so enamored by the coats and turtlenecks that I didn’t even glance at the shoes! Thanks for the huge one at the bottom. *thumbs up*

    Gosh the coats are amazing. I want the super long one!!

  • Sarah88

    Seriously? Many of the models looks like Beetlejuice with their teeny tiny heads poking out through giant, oversized, way too long pants. Yuck. The heels and fitted pants were gorge. But the Birkenstocks that made their feet look HUGE with elegant dresses are beyond man repellent. They’re UGLY.

  • Such an amazing collection. I always love Celine!

  • Love the usage of the D rings lol, genius.