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Disassembling Outfits

Why, mom. Why?


collaboration with Giorgio Armani.

Until I turned, let’s say, 15, I was falsely under the impression that if you bought an outfit — a coordinated, matching-even-if-it-wasn’t-matching, two (or more) piece outfit, you were never to wear either garment separately. Early on, this made sense. My dad never wore vests from his three-piece suits if he wasn’t combining said vest with the jacket and pants that came with it. Nor would my mom ever wear her ridiculous, brown corduroy pants from a suit she picked up at a store on Third Avenue if it wasn’t with the matching jacket. That she would wear such a suit to begin with begs another form of discrepancy.

But what a stupid idea that is. The whole fun of investing in (well, spending on) an outfit proper is that when all is said and worn, you can — and should be able to — disassemble the individual pieces and let them function as their own entities thus cultivating upward of three costumes as opposed to one. Ka-ching!

This is precisely why last week, just after Giorgio Armani’s now discussed-at-great-length One Night Only in New York, I took apart the satin peplum blouse and affiliated trousers that I wore (plus a denim jacket because inexplicably, I have an incredibly hard time feeling-more-than-looking overdressed) to demonstrate how the two pieces might look when finally divorced.  They’re fantastic together, don’t get me wrong, but the way I see it, any set of twins would likely feel highly offended if you grouped them both as a single individual which is precisely why I’d never do that. I’d like to extend that same level of sympathy and respect to my clothing.

In outfit #1, I’m wearing the Armani suit of sorts with the aforementioned denim jacket.

In outfit #2, I’ve forsaken the peplum blouse in favor of an oversized, striped (and therefore casual if not wholly comfortable) sweater to create the illusion of a pajama party in the form of one outfit. My favorite caveat is that the pants are a really elegant form of thick silk and the sweater is cashmere, otherwise known as cash-murrrr. (Sweater by The Row, pants and sunglasses by Armani).

And finally, in outfit #3, I swap the pants for the peplum, add a pair of JNCO-style light wash Chloé jeans (purchased from Yoox at $180 a pop, people) and Manolo Blahnik pumps so that if for some reason the mayor of New York City comes over an aggressively loud megaphone and officially dubs Monday night the new Saturday night, I am ready.

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Part of a collaboration with Giorgio Armani.

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  • Nenuphare24

    I don’t buy ANYTHING if I can only see myself wearing it one way/with one thing/as one outfit. Too broke 😛

  • Jensen Luther

    When I was little, if someone bought me clothes as a present and put them all in the same box, I was of the firm belief that they ALL had to be worn together, no matter what it was. It got to the point where my mom had to ask people (esp my grandma) to wrap all articles of clothing separately before giving them to me.

  • Barbi Knapper

    To this day, I swear jumpsuits were invented. So it matches

  • I love how you styled the pants!

  • That GIF? Definitely ballerina status!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Sarah Kyle

    It sounds like you’re describing my mother.

  • Mallory

    love the JNCO reference 🙂

  • Magda McCann

    Before I scrolled down I thought “man Leandra needs to do a GIF in that purple peplum”. Thanks for making my (small as they might be) Monday dreams come true.

  • 25highClothing

    I have never been one to buy in outfits, Always in separates! So I always felt free to put whatever with whatever. as long as it was stylish

  • Love the suit broken down every which way–not to mention how much I love you breaking it down in the GIF!

  • I love this post! I always tell people that if what you’re purchasing doesn’t fit in your closet then you shouldn’t waste your money. It’s not fashionable nor cost effective to have to buy a complete new ensemble to match one sweater you may never wear again.


  • Pipay

    Leandra, you are super fun! 🙂

  • If i cannot immediately think of 3 separate ways to wear something with what I already own I typically don’t purchase it. A suit of sorts is somewhat different because obviously you can come up with 3 outfits pretty easily. I LOVE the third outfit!!

    xo, Nina

    • Leandra Medine

      I have the same rule!

  • that GIF is hilarious lol. i cant imagine only wearing a suit together but boy oh boy was that the norm back in the day. it gives you so many options-t would be a waste to limit it.

  • Gabriela Rivera

    Leandrita! This made me remember The Simpsons episode where Marge deconstructed her Chanel Suit like three times 😛

  • Yo, Leandra! I just wanted to say that with those glasses and that whole ensemble in outfit 2, you look like early ’70s Joan Didion. I hope that the magnitude of my love for this outfit and belief in the aforementioned statement is a testament to my holding you, your writing skillzzzz, and your style in utmost regard.

  • Taylor Humphries

    Love your jean jacket! I am currently obsessed with jean vests. Check out my blog at

  • Galina

    The wide-leg jean and peplum combination outfit is impossibly chic! So in love!

  • This is one of my favourite trends: wear something unexpected with a strong piece, just like you did with the peplum top and the jeans. This week is going to be boyfriend jeans and chic pumps for me.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Tripp

    you’re just chic as shit.

  • your writing rules full stop.

  • Zaitsev

    Let me throw you a fashion life jacket, you are drowning in your clothes.

  • I understand you…

  • Lina

    The peplum top is stunning. Love it with the jeans.

  • MGF

    The mom jeans+ purple top+ green pumps= you look tremendous

  • Charlotte

    What are the necklaces you are wearing?? I keep on askign but get no reply 🙁

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey girl – the gold chain and pendants are by my brother’s line, Khai Khai and the oxidized moon is Sara Weinstock

      • Charlotte

        Thank youuu!!!They are so amazing!!! And this post.. GREAT!!

  • TeuntjeVDW

    Love the peplum top! Perfectly combined with the bf-jeans! xx.

  • Anna Proffitt
  • Haha thanks for that entertaining last bit.

  • Rosie

    This is so great! Although I was particularly the kind of kid who, if the colors were bland, I AM ADDING A RAINBOW TO MY ATTIRE. Which basically meant that if it was plain, it wasnt plain, heck I added plastic necklaces of every color and a neon feather boa to my outfit, as well as rainboots and a small purse. We were going to walmart. Im pretty sure im the kid who started the notion that walmart is a place for the dressed and distressed people to go. These many years later, I have learned my lesson. Rainbows for the most part are best to stay away form in my everyday attire.

  • Curvily NYC

    My (male) BFF could NOT bring himself purchase a shirt without buying pants to go with it, and vice versa, until well after college. I loved to mess with him about it, and now I have to go ask if it was a mother-induced hangup.

  • SariBlue®

    Do you remember garanimals? Matching by the animal so you do not screw it up.. drove me crazy…. cannot put the giraffe with the hippo … You are fab, just love this

  • you have spunk! i like it 😉