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Fall is upon us and dammit, I want stuff.


I know, I know, it was only 24 hours ago that I spent 800 words waxing poetic on the terrible social condition that has plagued so many of us and led us to believe that our respective urgencies to own things can be masqueraded as investments that always come with problematic ROIs on the other side.

For the sake of admittance — the first step on a path away from denial — and the fact that fashion seems really, really fun again (reasoning for such is still tbd though make no mistake, I have every intention to conjecture until the end of days at some point soon), why shouldn’t we dive nose first into each and every item we (I?) believe might really actualize our (my?) existence(s) by way of petty, exterior festooning.

What’s fun about this concept of “making things my own” lately is that sometimes social proprietorship is enough. I can tweet and Facebook and Instagram and blog about shit I like and often, that will satiate the desperation stamped across my wallet. Often, too, it doesn’t work but that is another story for another time. (Next Wednesday to be exact.)

For right now, let’s just pretend the Internet is our closet and marvel in how great we look.

Let’s start with a thick black Stella McCartney turtleneck (via Yoox) which will be chunky, make you feel like Nora Ephron and also look great with Acne’s menswear-inspired Pop jeans (via Matches) or Zara’s high-waist denim skater skirt (I’d also include Nike sneakers with this look which I’d imagine you already have).

Still stuck on Acne, I’ll probably go for a men’s denim shirt (via Mr. Porter) to pair with the anterior jeans and the photographed charcoal grey cashmere sport coat as pulled from Club Monaco’s men’s department. Here’s where those majestically colored Manolo Blahnik pumps come in.

Then, I’d be like, self, I think while I’m at it, I should get myself a denim jacket too so I’ll go to the purveyors of that artform — The Gap — and pick up one of those, at which point, I’d probably say, man, I think I also need some men’s relaxed-fit chinos and head over to J. Crew and buy the smallest size in their, what do you know, relaxed-fit chinos. (I’d obviously also cut them at the ankle) and concede that, fine!, you’re right! I do also need those white pony hair Isabel Marant booties to wear with the look.

And now that I’ve spiraled into that territory, it’s only right that I indulge in another skirt from Zara — this one mid-length, white and swingy — to wear with the booties which will also look spectacular with a blue and white striped oxford blouse from the men’s section at Club Monaco.

See? Now that we’re looking so sophisticated we need a more elegant topper. Good thing The Outnet just dropped a generous deluge of last fall’s Chloé where one particular beige coat surfaced for over 65% off its original price. Nice.

And now that we’ve got the coat, we need a little flimsy dress to wear under it for when we don’t want to look like sophisticated mother fuckers. Right? How about this yellow one from J. Crew by way of Net-A-Porter? It will just look so damn good with a pair of monk strap loafers (by Rachel Zoe, via Shopbop).

And now, for the accoutrements: a box clutch by Sophie Hulme, one particular Dannijo cuff to mask your wrist and a pair of reflective rainbow lenses from ASOS.

Did I leave anything off? Ah, yes! That navy and white polka dot Haider Ackermann dress which is now on The Outnet. You’ll wear it over jeans with pumps, under briefs with monkstraps, and through the moon with…boots. Am I right?

Conclusion: like with Pringles, once you pop the fun don’t stop and man, was this fun.

Featured Images Courtesy of Exit Magazine & Vogue Paris

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  • Isabel Marant is my favorite!

  • Those acidy green Manolo’s are pretty awesome! I need those.

  • Didi Ramirez

    You go Isabel Marant! The turtleneck gods are pleased with this.

  • Liz

    I’m on the search for monk strap loafers but not those. Those are for ladies.

  • malky W.

    love that white skirt from Zara!

  • Alexa Noelle

    Blog blast, huzzah!!!!

  • allmyfreckles

    This whole idea of the internet being our closet or that “wanting” is a state that could possibly satiate actual purchasing is a very novel idea for me. I am a terrible window shopper and ending up spending way too much on random cool stuff I never even knew I wanted. Thank you for putting this thought in my head….it may take a while to actualize and eventually I am hoping it may help me better value money, what I already have, and the art of new combinations.

  • Sarah Fentem

    The J. Crew mens’ Bowery chinos are absolutely the best for girls who want a slim chino but also want to look like they’re wearing ACTUAL MANPANTS and not just a boyfriend CUT. They’re just a tiny bit dorky and they also have big ol pockets for your phone. Ringing endorsement. They’re perfect.

  • Tilda Swinton

    I read yesterdays post legitimately 5 minutes after returning from INA with my most recent indulgent purchases. You could not have spoken at a more perfect time.

    F*** Fall and Fashion Week for implanting these ideas and imagery of gorgeous clothing/accessories into our heads. I have a running list in my iPhone notes section of Fall Must Havzz and have been quite successful in checking these items off as the weeks go by. I’ve been playing this awesome game called “After A Stressful Day At Twerk, Lets Wander To All Consignment Stores In Lower Manhattan And Browse/Purchase Designer Items With My Waitress Salary (In Which I Can Not Afford (Even Though Sadly They Are Already At A Discounted Price)”. Another game that’s sooper fun is called “Not Checking Your Bank Statement And Ignoring The Chase-Alert Emails You Receive Post +$125.00 Purchase”. If you don’t see that actual dollar $ign amount that currently exists in said account, then nothing has really changed since the last time you checked, correct?

    Sometimes blogging/discussing/dreaming is enough to satiate the hunger, I agree. For me, saving items to my desktop// keeping 1,000,000 tabs open in Safari can ALMOST be enough as well. But then there are the times when you gotta make the splurge for those brand-spanking-new camel suede Nike dunk’s, even if it means eating cardboard for a week. Because, we deserve it?

    I’m pretty sure the only way to cure an addiction like such is to move to the woods, because in the woods only the trees can judge and honestly I doubt their bark is Prada SS’14, so… see ya there or be a big fat square o___O .

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      “Not Checking Your Bank Statement” combined with Not Checking Your CC Charges is exactly my present state of temporary denial/avoidance, after a worse than normal spree, brought on by all these crazy sales. I’m glad I’m not the only one…

    • Amelia Diamond

      Well I think we can all drop the mic and go home because Tilda Swinton reads Man Repeller AND said “see ya there or be a big fat square.”

    • liv

      You are my sartorial sister! I too pin everything to my desktop and leave a gazillion Safari windows open with those lovely items I wish to purchase. And don’t get me started on those Chase alerts! This was the truth!!!

  • this list just reaffirms what i always feel most strongly at whole foods but apply to fashion as well, bulk is best. a seasonal investment piece can suck it, i want it all!


  • “Lucky me”: I set my sights on H&M & Marant and can still wait a little bit, because I’d love to snatch a piece or two and will need to feel good about it … so my digits have to stay calm right now. Calm. Right now. Calm.

  • Aubrey Green

    This was fun.

  • I want all of the things! Ahhhh!

  • Bo

    It really was!Loving all of the outfits.

  • Oh dear, my eyes are bleeding from seeing such nice pieces! I want it all too, and I think my husband is going to organize an intervention and take my credit card away from me…

    Mafalda ❤

  • Jake

    Totally in love with the post, i m obsessed with sweaters, got a couple for this winter , here a link, nothing warms you up better than a cozy knit,


  • Natalie

    Amazing. YOU ARE A VISIONARY LEANDRA!!!! these perfect ensembles are so worth a mortgage payment.

  • Anna Proffitt

    Perfect style,

  • Sinje Lesemann

    Hilarious!…hahaha…this post and comments totally made my day…happy shopping 🙂

  • if my rapid online shopping thoughts were translated into Into the Gloss’s Top Shelf feature

  • shaina28

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