Because It’s Saturday

And maybe you don’t know what to wear.


Returning from any long distance trip is always a great way to remember to appreciate my existing closet. It has got to have something to do with the fact that living out of the constraints of a suitcase for, let’s say, ten days, roaming around a foreign city, admiring the style cues being taken and subsequently owned by people I will never look like makes everything that I’d originally packed feel flat.

That orange embroidered mini skirt seemed like a great idea but not after I saw That Woman in a pair of high waist light wash ripped jeans so clearly purchased at a vintage shop and therefore impossible to replicate, with a hunter green cashmere v-neck tank and loafers.

Why didn’t I bring my damn loafers?

It is always during the first week that I get home from Paris Fashion Week in October that my cues are informed for the rest of the season. Last fall, I submitted that I would wear so much denim, if one day I happened to shit it out, that wouldn’t be jarring. And guess what? I did. One particular American Apparel blouse and a pair of ripped Paige jeans under every coat, jacket and vest I own.

This season, I’m still working through precisely who I want to be but let me tell you, it feels good to be back in the throes of that which I own, feeling incredibly grateful for it and nothing beyond it. I guess Shania Twain Sheryl Crow (a pop culture wizard, I am not) had it right that one time she sung – it’s not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you have.

The above outfit might mean nothing to do you, but when I wore it yesterday (and then put it back on this morning), I felt like a great dame of magic, glitter and fashion.


The jeans are a pair of white Maison Martin Margiela ones, which I sheepishly purchased at a fire sale of sorts without trying them on over three years ago, and they finally fit me for the first time since our lives together started. When I put them on yesterday, they seemed a little long so right after cutting my hair, I snipped their white denim ankles et voila, now they’re cropped.

The t-shirt is Acne and green and I think looks great with a utility jacket over it, as it does with white and black and navy and burgundy and especially with a very light wash of denim. The utility jacket is one of the first that Rag & Bone made years ago. I’m pretty sure they continue to remake it which seems genius for those who have already purchased it and generous for those who think they missed the boat.

As for the shoes — they’re Balenciaga. Yes, the same ones my dad likened to the work on a really bad carpenter. The rings are by Annelise Michelson and my brother.

So…did this help? Are you going to wear something similar? Shop your closet! Make it feel important again, damnit.

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