Because It’s Saturday

And maybe you don’t know what to wear.


Returning from any long distance trip is always a great way to remember to appreciate my existing closet. It has got to have something to do with the fact that living out of the constraints of a suitcase for, let’s say, ten days, roaming around a foreign city, admiring the style cues being taken and subsequently owned by people I will never look like makes everything that I’d originally packed feel flat.

That orange embroidered mini skirt seemed like a great idea but not after I saw That Woman in a pair of high waist light wash ripped jeans so clearly purchased at a vintage shop and therefore impossible to replicate, with a hunter green cashmere v-neck tank and loafers.

Why didn’t I bring my damn loafers?

It is always during the first week that I get home from Paris Fashion Week in October that my cues are informed for the rest of the season. Last fall, I submitted that I would wear so much denim, if one day I happened to shit it out, that wouldn’t be jarring. And guess what? I did. One particular American Apparel blouse and a pair of ripped Paige jeans under every coat, jacket and vest I own.

This season, I’m still working through precisely who I want to be but let me tell you, it feels good to be back in the throes of that which I own, feeling incredibly grateful for it and nothing beyond it. I guess Shania Twain Sheryl Crow (a pop culture wizard, I am not) had it right that one time she sung – it’s not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you have.

The above outfit might mean nothing to do you, but when I wore it yesterday (and then put it back on this morning), I felt like a great dame of magic, glitter and fashion.


The jeans are a pair of white Maison Martin Margiela ones, which I sheepishly purchased at a fire sale of sorts without trying them on over three years ago, and they finally fit me for the first time since our lives together started. When I put them on yesterday, they seemed a little long so right after cutting my hair, I snipped their white denim ankles et voila, now they’re cropped.

The t-shirt is Acne and green and I think looks great with a utility jacket over it, as it does with white and black and navy and burgundy and especially with a very light wash of denim. The utility jacket is one of the first that Rag & Bone made years ago. I’m pretty sure they continue to remake it which seems genius for those who have already purchased it and generous for those who think they missed the boat.

As for the shoes — they’re Balenciaga. Yes, the same ones my dad likened to the work on a really bad carpenter. The rings are by Annelise Michelson and my brother.

So…did this help? Are you going to wear something similar? Shop your closet! Make it feel important again, damnit.

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  • Natali

    Outstanding pair of shoes!! Love ’em!


    those shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss !!!! <3 freakin love it !!! <3

  • Jo

    I will most definitely wear something! Love this outfit and everything else about you (in a totally non-creepy way)

  • I love that jacket!

  • Selena Aponte

    This outfit looks good, because you look good. It’s amazing how much better an outfit looks when the person wearing it is comfy in their own skin. Welcome back

  • Love your outfit and your bling, you look so pretty!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Love those shoes. You look great. You’re making me wish I could pull off that kind of laid back chic.

  • Maja

    Didn’t Sheryl Crow wrote those lyrics? 🙂 Anyway, you do look amazing & I will actually save this outfit as inspiration, because it looks so fierce! 🙂

  • Anne

    i love ya shoes!!!! 🙂

  • Merve Mahmutoglu
  • Ashley Napoli

    You look great!

  • Marina

    White denim is a mini obsession of mine. From skinny ankle to baggy 501s, nothing makes a color pop-hunter, burgundy, beige, etc. & instantly freshens & modernizes what you already have in your closet.

    Looking great, girl!

  • Miss Key

    I love this look, it’s so inspiring, probably I’ll try to do by my way.

    Lovely shoes


  • Diann Karnitsky

    Love the shoes! I still can’t bring myself to wear white jeans after Labor Day

  • Charis

    love love love those shoes!

  • Jennifer

    I like this outfit a lot!

    xo Jennifer

  • hi

    “Last fall, I submitted that I would so much denim, if one day I happened to shit it out, that wouldn’t be jarring.” – you’re missing a word [wear]

  • Andrea Ryan

    I’m in love with your shoes!

  • This Exquisite World

    Great look. I love the combination of neutral colors!

  • The shoes are amazing!

  • Izzi

    Military green + white = universally flattering. You can get a similar look for less on RueLaLa

  • I like the colour combination very much!

  • amazing shoes..and u simply rock the outfit!

    Giveaway on my blog

  • claudia

    Lovely outfit, so cute! The shoes are very cool!

  • Marissa

    Absolutely stunning. Love your style babe

  • Valentina

    How lovely!


    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • Merlin B

    “Shania Twain had it right that one time she wrote a song – it’s not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you have.” do you mean Sheryl Crowe – Soak Up The Sun?

    • Leandra Medine

      I do. I sure do.

  • Bring on the utility jacket. I’d take any excuse to wear one almost everyday. I think.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Clare Potts

    Those shoes are probably the best things I will see today, they are perfection.

    Tweet Tweet x

  • S

    Are those comfortable shoes to walk in?

  • Pilar

    Son preciosos esos zapatos ,estas estupenda con cualquier cosa ,felicidades.
    Un beso

  • Shazia A Ali

    I am green with envy, why didn’t I take my pic. in green, green ‘n white and plastered it on the world wide web before you did 😉 – You look amazing!

    Gonna take a moment here to highlight the importance of a (yours in this case) slim physique to rock this military fierce ensemble. Looking at my pic. now, add a few stones and the whole look got mushed into, what she was thinkin’ – Hulk on stuffed sausages. ;P

    Gals “Stay Slim” (underlined) not anorexic (again underlined) is an important epistle here coz it makes great dame of magic, glitter and fashion rock! xxx

  • Fashionlistically Speaking

    I totally want to sketch this look.

  • I am so in love with that army green shirt….it looks especially wonderful with those Margiela jeans. White jeans in general are just a really good idea. They seem to fit perfectly, as well. I’ve yet to find a jean that fits perfectly…and maybe that’s because I am quite sporadic in my style preferences. One week I want to be Jane Birkin, which will have me frantically looking for the perfect, tight-fitting flair. The next week (and probably underlying in all weeks), I want to be a French Vogue employee, which begs for the complete opposite silhouette. Commitment problems, maybe.

  • Behind the Mirror

    What is old is new and what is new turns old… to the closet I go… (it was like Dr. Seuss for a second, no?)

  • Jen

    I love the colour palette of this outfit, and as for the shoes, well I think Balenciaga can do no wrong. Check out my fashion blog at I guarantee you’ll enjoy reading it! 🙂

  • nica

    great outfit ; love the subtle powdery beige of your shoes.
    Want some shoes with similar heels ; see, it’s addictive and contagious. (reading fashion blogs) It works.


  • Tina

    All my favourite brands in one. Love the look girl x


  • christine rowfle
  • catarina tosellon

    The shoes are the best 😀

  • SherylCrow

    Sheryl not Shania!

  • happyasannie

    army green is a weekend staple. my weekend uniform here:

  • 10 days?! Girl, imagine three months in Europe with only one tiny suitcase! I was oh-so-excited to come home to all of my wonderful clothes – that is until I tried to slide into the first pair of pants and realized I had packed on 10 pounds from overindulging in Europe’s finest, well, everything.

    You look fab, by the way. The shoes, for some reason, reminded me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. But I bet if those babes were around during her time, she wouldn’t think twice. XOXO

  • I absolutely love this outfit. The slouchy green top, the utility jacket and the snipped white high waist pants – it’s perfection.

    I rarely feel the same about fashion week streetstyles. More than anything, they’re simply commercial for new collections and barely practical for everyday wear.

  • Greer Clarke

    The first thing I though when the first pic of the slideshow appeared on my screen was, wow it’s like Leandra from the old days! I don’t know if it’s the straight hair or the street setting but it looks so much like your posts from c. 2011, a nice grassroots outfit that really does look like something I (and you) would wear if it was a saturday… and I didn’t know what to wear…

  • Carina | littlelemon

    Sweet look! Loving the chunky heeled boots

    The Little Antlers

    Illustration portfolio

  • Absolutely love this outfit! casual chic.

  • lefukaka

    you should wear this all week, it is THAT good.

  • RedsBoutique

    The shoes are super cute!! Let’s talk layers

  • lhowarda

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  • Eden Kravitz

    Can you tell the name of the tshirt model? that link you provided dosen’t work. thanks!! and you look amazing, so skinny!!!!