Because It’s Fall

And maybe you don’t know what to wear


The transition from summer to fall is always a more difficult one to digest when held up against its analogue, the transition from winter to summer.

During this time of year, we’re certainly in better spirits as a direct result of a. a surplus of vitamin D, which is obviously different from the deficiency that every East Coast denizen confronts sometime around the beginning of January and b. our not-quite-but-still-slight remnants of a summer glow. But we’re also getting ready to revert back to respective defaults: cold-ass, angry aliens with skin so pale it actually starts to look green by the time March — and therefore a sliver of hope — is in tow. Or maybe that’s just me.

But see the thing is, that’s precisely why what I wear feels considerably more important now than it does during the reverse switch. When I’m transitioning into summer, I can use atmospheric accoutrements as a respite from detailed, intricate dressing. It’s sunny, I’ve got a tan, it’s hot, I can’t fathom the notion of wearing a blazer and therefore I’ll repeat the same white cotton dress day and out. You know what else? You won’t care. In fact, the more often I wear it, the deeper my glow gets, the more you’ll start to like it.

It doesn’t work like that when transitioning from effortlessly attractive (at least by unilateral standards) to in-desperate-need-of-third-party-help because a little dress just won’t cut it. In light of that, I’m putting a foot forward to Alexander Wang-esque pajama-ish blousing (a contrast collar is not necessary but certainly adds decent zest) in the form of one blue and white Carven blouse, high-waist white jeans because whoever first mandated the color was a no-go post Labor Day is clearly a fucking moron, and a pair of black ankle boots with short heels because they’re comfortable enough to wear daily and because this particular pair features (faux) fur lining that bleeds out of the ankles which famously begs a question I haven’t been able to ask since 2010:

Are those chihuahuas on my feet, or am I walking?

Answer: They are not chihuahuas and I am not walking.

B9Rujo on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I am emoting and I am dancing.

Top the lewk off with a long vest or coat. This one is from Zara and I-swear-to-Phoebe could have been Céline in a distant, deceased life. See how much fun I’m having? Woo! Your turn.

Carven blouse, Maison Martin Margiela jeans, Zara vest, See by Chloe booties, (fupa, stylists’ own).

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  • Lina

    I love how I can start my mornings laughing hysterically at your posts. Love the outfit, and the booties even more, wish they were still available!

  • Ah! I haven’t heard that question in a long time. Jeez, look how far you’ve (we’ve?) come. Unfortunately based on my location, it has still getting up into the 80-degree range and I’m sick of it! About 2 weeks ago I thought it was amusing, but now I never thought I’d say this: I want to put away my denim shorts! I want jeans and button-down shirts and beige coats. Now, I’m still trying to review and compare about this one but….when it starts to cool off into actual fall weather, I find the mode of dressing actually makes me look smarter than I do in summer. It’s not so much about lack of fabric in the summer but perhaps about the structure of pieces I choose in the fall. I don’t know, though.

    • I want to put away my … actually, you don’t 🙂 as you are still to find out 🙂

    • Sarah Fentem

      The thing is, where I live, there’s this really amazing period in fall that lasts like…a DAY, where a little lightweight coat and jeans and an oxford is perfectly warm and comfortable. After that it’s parkas and wool from there on out or you’re just going to choose to suffer. : ( It’s like a haircut, it’s too short too short and then it looks amazing for an HOUR and then it’s time to get another haircut again.

      Kind of like avocados! (and boys). 🙂

  • Yagmur

    I could not read your articles because of the gifs. They are LIFE! x

  • Natali

    Fabulous vest and boots! Love your style, posts and sense of humour 🙂

  • coffeetoo

    I love this! I was just looking at this vest from Zara but in grey. The boots make the look though.

  • Mimi Hecht

    Love the sidepart! You look, cuh-las-sick!

  • Sonja

    Hello Leandra thank you that you wrote an article about this topic. Now I can let it inspire me. Or in the extra magazine what it was at the fashion magazine Jolie times here in Germany :-).

  • Tessa

    Question! Do the See by Chloe boots run TTS? I’m contemplating between a 38 and a 40 since 39 is sold out 🙁

    • Leandra Medine

      Go with the 40!

      • Lina

        Wait, are those boots still available?

        • (BAD) Blog About Design

          Yes they are! Here is the link:

          • Lina

            Thank you!

  • Paz

    Gifs are the first thing I look for when I open every single post. They are hilarious!

    • Angie Wilson

      completely agree! wonderful dance number! ha ha loving those booties as well!

  • Brie

    i was going to say how your fupa is overpowering the second picture, but i think you got it covered with that last add on. also, that vest is sick and if i saw you on the street i would beat you up and take it.

    • Leandra Medine

      I know. High waist pants, man. (Also: muffins)

  • I am liking.

  • I am liking!

  • TeuntjeVDW

    I looove your GIF’s!

  • Emma

    I love those booties! Can’t find them anywhere!

  • Hayley Mitchell-Gardner

    gorgeous outfit! And im really loving those boots, they are gorgeous!

    Hayley xx

  • Kate Sarah

    In England i’ve already resorted to the daily bundling up in scarfs,hats,gloves,thick coats. Sadly the summer tan has long since faded. But I absolutely love that Zara vest. And that gif at the end is hysterical!

    -Kate from bleached mort

  • lori

    man repelllller….. im in a state of emergency. moved to nyc two months ago, accumulated a few blisters from…a) rag and bone newbury boots b) superga sneaks c) leather converse. what gives! these shoes never bothered my feet until my move, which obvs includs tonsssss of walks. contemplating a pair from cole haan since theirs r suppsed to b comfy but….any other suggestions? im a short girl, so i like a little heel, im looking for a nice boot like my rag and bone ones. i think they jsut gave me blisters cuz i wore em too many days in a row? who knows! i give up :(! help?

  • I love these booties (and the silly dance)!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Liz

    I need many accouterments to compensate for my green/yellow winter skin. Summer…my birthday suit is a layering piece. Spot on. PS in what world are three inch heels short heels?

    • Thamsa

      LOL I was thinking the same thing. I guess though, if you have a platform at the toe, it balances out??

  • Sabrina

    YAY for gifs!

  • cicic

    yah you got it

  • monkeyshines
  • Carlotta

    Dude. You finally nailed it with the HAIR – IT’S PERFECTION.

  • luisa

    Hi! Coincidentally got a similar sleeveless vest from last spring’s Limi Feu, except just the back panels are shorter than the front, allowing for the back of a stark cut blouse dress in contrast color to peek through…and relate to my petite height. Love your chihuahuas!

    I was reading your older post about eye bags…I massage my mega puffs by tapping on the bones supporting the muscles all around the eye ( where the fluid pools) delicately with my ring finger without pulling-, early mornings and right before bed, after 2 weeks, I see consistent overall less Puff, maybe this will come in handy for you too? If I do this with any caffeine cream or chamomile water on, the effect is more marked :).

  • Katie Turner

    My favorite part was your line about white after Labor Day, my thoughts exactly! I love this look, but is it not freezing in New York right now? I’m currently a student in Chicago, and we can’t leave our apartment without our winter coats!

  • Vanessa

    Did my best to copy this look this morning with what I had in my closet…semi-successful! I love having some inspiration in the morning. P.S. those boots are fab

  • B

    If you wore this outside in Manhattan today you would freeze! It’s so cold. Coats on coats on winter coats

  • vanessa kelterborn

    LOVE your style, I can dig it
    xx, Vanessa

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  • Sage

    You look fantastic, like always. How you manage to pull off Chihuahuas on the feet, I will never know – but, you do. Props.

  • Lilli

    i could eat those boots

  • Amita Glamplaza

    A chic satin scarf will jazz up this lovely ensemble-

  • Georgia

    The booties are gorgeous!

    Domestic services

  • Jess

    I almost spilled the coffe from my mouth when I saw the gif, it is so so funny.

  • skirt sorbet

    love your spirit!!

  • Giovanna

    Loving this look already. I’ve never felt fashion that much fun! You crack me up everytime!

  • eugenia

    I follow you since a few months and all the times the same.. AMAZING!!!!!!! your spanish fan number one!

  • robinavidor

    Yes, you are a nut! Saw you talk at #LuckyFabb and wonder what sarcastic retort you may have to any comment I leave here! Makes it hard to say anything!! But def keeps it interesting!! xo

  • jacqueline eisenhauer

    how do you do these moving images, Leandra?

  • 25highClothing

    Here in Ohio where we experience all seasons at the same time during transition periods like October, and April/May It is extremely hard to have any kind of clue as to what to wear during this time of year. You end up wearing boots and then the temp goes up, and you see others out in flip flops. its always a toss up!

  • Haha cool dance! Love the super long vest!

  • Love this! The dramatic vest is perfect for fall! For more fall accessories check out

  • lazyerminia_lop

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