Your Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Is Actually a Sunday Afternoon Flash Back – Day 4 of NYFW (Part 2) is here.


If you told me the first Sunday of my life post-Labor Day would begin with watching Wimbledon-ready tennis clothes and one very handsome David Beckham in tow, and end in front of a selection of highbrow despicable sports cars and a deluge of models wearing loose fit Bermuda short and trapeze-style cropped sweatshirts, layered over equally loose fit cotton and silk blouses, I might ask you if it’s fashion week.

In what was arguably a particularly robust day of shows, which previewed an entirely different selection of themes and motifs through the different collections, I learned three important things. #1: if you think your stretch, black, used-for-washing-your-face-only headband is actually just for watching your face, you’re wrong, as evidenced by Victoria Beckham‘s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. #2: If you’ve been carrying your purse messenger style across your body, you’ve been doing it wrong. Thakoon has demonstrated that it should be first wrapped around your neck to create the illusion of a choker and then left to messenger. And finally, if you’re over ugly shoes, you better get back under. Judging from the Birkenstocks at Edun and the likely-purchased-from-Modell’s black sweat socks under the flat, teva-slash-gladiator style shoes at Band of Outsiders, comfort is still beating beauty.

And per the specifics:


Show: Victoria Beckham

One Sentence Recap: I’m going to Wimbledon and I’m wearing a peplum.

Important Notes: The color scheme included mostly black, white and grey though did also preview a small bit of bright pink in a selection of silhouettes that amounted to a group of tennis skirts, high fashion-mutated by white pleating and ruffle work. The shoes of choice were wedged mules.


Show: Derek Lam

One Sentence Recap: Please invite me to the picnic occurring on your body – I’ll wear the turb-cap and everything.

Important Notes: Derek Lam has the most fascinating ability to feed my fear of wanting what’s on the runway right now without compromising that lust for the subsequent six months, up until the point that it finally hits sales floors. Is that what timeless clothing does? Or maybe it’s the sense of pleasant predicability when considering his silhouettes – which will almost always include a pair of fine silk slouchy pants and a straight, dark gown.


Show: Thakoon

One Sentence Recap: Is this a District 9-themed lingerie bridal shower party? Cool!

Important Notes: Smartly piggy-backing off several accents (lace under-peeks, for example) introduced during resort season, Thakoon’s Spring/Summer collection emitted a sense of elegant bedroom comfort that transcends to boundaries of said room. Proof of such? The thin silk dresses, light weight cotton crop tops, the pearls, lace thigh-high boots (which should take care of any woman’s reluctance to forgo her tights through the summer) and, of course, the tousled, static bed heads. The most interesting facet? Small doses of crystal chain work to display something a bit more regal and certainly very different from what the Thakoon girl is used to.


Show: Band of Outsiders

One Sentence Recap: We’re going hiking and we might get street style snapped in doing so.

Important Notes: Spring show a decidedly different turn when considering the contents of Band of Outsider’s resort presentation but only in favor of easier, more comfortable, throw-on-and-forget-about-it dresses and sets. Perhaps most interesting in this new nod to 70s style longer length blouses paired with pants as seen at Band, Diane von Furstenburg and Edun.


Show: Edun, duh.

One Sentence Recap: Just because you’re not a fancy, Celine-wearing athlete doesn’t mean you can’t look like one.

Important Notes: There is really one and this was propelled by the clothes displayed at Danielle Sherman’s first show for Edun, if you’re eschewing baggy shirts paired with baggy shorts, skirts and pants. Stop it. There’s no better, more high fashion way to cloak your body.

Finally, at Opening Ceremony‘s first runway show, where, holy shit, twenty sports cars drove into the large venue at Pier 54, each packed with a different model who would emerge from her car (and prove that even if you’re 5-foot-forever tall and offensively beautiful, there’s no chic way to get out of a car), the clothing teetered on a scale of urban street wear inspired, characteristically colorful but in line with the rest of the oversize silhouettes (in cropped bell sleeves and the previously noted trapeze shapes) indicative of the season.

After the show a large crowd huddled what I assumed was a Korean pop-star. When I learned, however, that it was actually Justin Bieber, I dropped my mic and went home.

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  • True story about no chic way to get out of a car – my always ask myself “How would Paris Hilton get out of this car?” then attempt to do the opposite. Actually, I ask myself how would Paris Hilton do this (and do the opposite) quite frequently.

  • I love Derek Lam’s collection!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Kim

    Loving your Fashion Week posts! The messenger bag idea from Thakoon frightens me having had my bag snatched before but I am pleased to hear that I can go from face washing to fashion runway without blinking an eye!

  • kirbybee

    The second to last model. The one in the blue crackle marble effect top and black skinnies with a strange suspenders/overalls hybrid thing going on. Is she smiling?!? I think I just fell off my chair.

  • Eden

    Leandra I thought this may interest you.. There was an Israeli model in Victoria’s fashion show

  • Стефани Табаковска

    Thanks for the photos 🙂 Love them.

  • clara

    now i want a big white belt, a weird crop top and some flowy trousers

  • The Fashion Panda
  • Love the recap! Don’t like the bag wrapped around the neck that’s just creepy.

  • All this excites me! And yes, all the footage I’ve seen from Opening Ceremony was pretty insane!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Love the simple, interesting shapes and tennis-dress thing. Note however in real life epic fail of Serena Williams’ fit & flare Nike dress. Wind pushed skirt all up into her serve. Nearly cost her the championship.

  • Thank you for covering Fashion Week. I can’t be there, and may never get the chance to go, so I appreciate hearing an honest assessment of it from a girl who tells it like it is. 🙂

  • pamela marines

    i want to see pics of your outfits

  • Idalia

    Ahhhh that Victoria Beckham. I def enjoyed Thakoon as well! Great review!


  • Sika

    Thank u, Leandra, for saving my day!

  • Victoria Beckham’s collection is so lovely!! I need those pleated skirts and the mules!!
    Band of Outsiers…sorry but I cannot get over those black socks. lol

  • Marta

    Hahaha “dropped my mic and went home” you’re the best.

  • Peta

    That yellow Derek Lam skirt!!! Excellent wrap up as always.

    Peta x