There’s No Wrong Way to Wear a Messenger Bag

Unless you’re trying to pierce it through your nose which may in turn make for some very saggy nostrils.


One thing I noticed from the participants at New York Fashion Week was that a lot them were wearing The Celine purse. You know which one I’m talking about, right? It’s the not trapeze tote (with the suede flaps that emerge from both sides like they’re about to take off) nor is it the luggage tote (which has become synonymous with the brand for all the wrong reasons)–it’s that initial, unassuming, thick leather box bag with the shoulder strap and gold closure, separating and bringing together the bag’s top flap and bottom container. It is beautiful and it is expensive.

But it wasn’t really the bag that caught my eye so much as it was the way it was being worn: not at messenger length (which is typically right around where one’s pelvic bone is or consequently, while splitting a woman’s chest in half, where her butt is) and not around one’s shoulder. No, it was raised high enough to appear as though, in messenger formation, it was all but absolutely intended to be worn as a bag that would sit directly on a woman’s rib cage. This would make valuable-item-safekeeping even safer (last I checked no one was pick-pocketing from our most arresting organs). It would also look fresh. Which, of course, meant I really wanted to try it.

While I don’t have the exact Celine purse used to master the art of proving that there’s no wrong way to wear a messenger bag, I do have a slew of additional ones that I was sure would do the trick just as well if not better. So I took a small Valentino pouchette (please note this will work with any small-sized messenger bag), tied the gold chain strap in a knot and placed it over my head only to let it land precisely where I hoped it would, et voila. It’s so damn easy and yet seems to make such a difference.

While I was at it, I got to thinking, why not try to wear it as a handlebar purse too–so I roped the strap in the way I might a watering hose, clipped the loops together and concealed the clip with my hand. I suppose I got lazy by wearing-strategy #3 because all I did was hang it on my shoulder.

Oh! There’s one more, though. I’m not sure if you remember the way in which Thakoon’s SS14 models wore their purses but it was as a choker-cum-pouch. But I’ll remind you:


What you do is wrap the strap around your neck before setting is across your body, and then just like that, you’re wearing jewelry and a bag. The thing of it is, if you’re planning to have your bag contain any of your belongings, it will indubitably get heavier thus weighing on the strap and ultimately choking you. I know people often say that they die for fashion but no one actually does it. That would be foolish.

I’m wearing a Studio Nicholson blazer, Rxmance t-shirt, D-Squared jeans, Anthony Vaccarello heels, Ray Ban sunglasses.

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  • Love this! I wonder if someone has actually died for fashion, I’m guessing yes. A stampede at H & M or Target?!

    • Those 1 K workers in Bangladesh?

  • Anonymous

    I love this! These are the kind of styling posts i miss!

  • Perry

    I thought backpacks was all the rage. Says BOF and Rumi Neely..

  • Lise Joergensen

    That sounds so uncomfortable – hope they did it just for the picture and took it off as soon as they were away from photographers! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your bagmasutra positions with us!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Hudson Berry

    There’s def no wrong way to wear those Anthony Vaccarellos

  • Heidi

    I have a similar Rebecca Minkoff clutch with a gold chain and I’m fearful that knotting the chain would cause it to break!

  • Fashion Follows Her

    I think cross shoulder bags may be the way forward…. much easier for shopping!

  • I like this! I have a tiny Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag that would be perfect for knotting and wearing shorter.

  • maud.schellekens
  • Stacey Freeman

    Cute bag and fresh color. I actually thought something was wrong in the image where it rests on your rib cage…the tiny strap must have gotten caught on something. Ha. So I guess I don’t ‘get’ that trend:)

  • CarolinaG

    Nice post!!!!!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • RedsBoutique

    Great idea very fresh. I’ll try it as soon as I have the right client for the look.

  • Kim P.

    Die? Not really. Get arrested? Maybe. Worst dressed list? ALL DAY.
    Great post Leandra.

  • lori

    question about the tshirt! is it “the perfect tee?” haha. meaning, is it soft, and does it fall lovely?

  • Yeah, I noticed this form of bag-wearing over in Italy. The Italians make it look really good.

  • Ines De Cock

    Nice post!
    was cool seeing you at the Dries show yesterday

  • Tatiana

    whats wrong with your haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair?!
    i want/need your old hair back, you know, au naturel

  • Haha only do the THakon way if your purse is empty. 🙂

  • Lys

    Nice post! 🙂

  • Vivishine

    So happy to read your post because I am 5′ 9” tall and when I tried to wear my chanel bag across my body (the classic black one) it hit just below my ribs…. the way you describe it. Now, I feel cool. =D