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Super Fun Fall

Kick off your shoes and bring on the sweat socks! It’s all about you, me and our TV sets this season.


In partnership with ABC’s Super Fun Night.

Fall rocks. You know why? Because other than the fact that it’s crisp and lovely and emblematizes a new leaf turning over in a crunchy hue of orange, you can get away with wearing just about anything aside from a large tree on your head (even if its foliage really is “everything”). Fall is also a time to bring it on back home–especially on a weeknight when the evening starts earlier, and lingering out well past the wee-hours seems like a worse idea then ice skating naked on a pond. Yes, we’re much more inclined to lean towards the comfort of the sweet glow of our television sets and there’s one show in the new October lineup that we’re particularly excited for: Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night, which will likely function as our super fun night in from here on out. (See what we did there?)

And now, because everyone loves a list, here are five reasons why:

 1. Rebel Wilson. We wanted to befriend Wilson the first time we met her. By befriend, we mean: marry. And by met, we mean: watched her in a movie. From the time she read Kristen Wiig’s diary in Bridesmaids (“I thought it was a very sad, handwritten book,”) to her a cappella version of “No Diggity” in Pitch Perfect, it was our high-ponied bff’s one-liners that stole the show. And our milk money. It’s fine though. We said she could keep it.

2. Hunk from Across the Pond. The role of dreamy babe British lawyer is played by Kevin Bishop, and if the name’s not familiar, you might recognize him as the LEAD FROM MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND. (And if anyone wants to discuss how awesome it is that Tim Curry AKA Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Time Warp enthusiast, also starred in Muppet Treasure Island, we’d love to have that conversation.)

3. Conan O’Brien. The man can do no wrong in our book and he’s an executive producer on Reb’s show. Apparently the collaboration grew out of Rebel’s appearance on Conan, where she wooed the supremely tall talk show host just as she did us.

4. Lady Power. At the center of Super Fun Night are three friends who seem obsessed with each other; good obsessed, not CSI obsessed. From their “Always together! Always inside!” mantra, we’re guessing there’s a plot line on co-dependency waiting to unravel. So…can I get an amen for those nights you’d rather stay in and eat blocks of cheese with your weird-ass friends than go out to an actual party?

5. Validation of Humpday Pajama Party. Team Man Repeller is hunkering down Wednesday night to braid each other’s hair, eat hunks of cheese, talk about the Feminine Mystique, and watch the premiere of Super Fun Night. We’ll be live-tweeting with hashtags and everything, should you decide to join. Retainers and head gear are optional. (But not if you come to our specific party where the aforementioned are non-negotiably mandatory.)

In partnership with ABC’s Super Fun Night, premiering October 2nd. Sneak peak below. #SuperFunNight

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  • Huge fan of Rebel Wilson she is a scene stealer!

  • Stacey Freeman

    My husband thinks Rebel Wilson is the new Chris Farley…thoughts?

    • Wilted Orchids

      Hahah I’ve never heard this but wow!

  • I would watch a spinoff series of Man Repeller starring Leandra and Rebel every day.

  • Yay for staying in at night! These are exactly the reasons why I love the Fall and my TV set…or laptop, rather.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Amatoria Clothing

    …you had me at Conan.

  • Ewa Prokopczuk

    I wanted to watch her new show from the time that she wore a “Bitch” necklace on Conan. Her deadpan straight faced talent is out of this universe. Seriously ridiculous.

  • Herro

    Is this a paid advertisement? I’m kinda disappointed, you’re too smart and funny (with so much to offer!!) to sell your soul to promote a sitcom

    • Herro

      not that i wouldn’t watch it if you TRULY thought it was deserving

  • luchoek

    Looooove it!

  • ruoqede

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