A Lady, a Siren and Tomboy Walk Into a Bar…

Then they get a drink to discuss NYFW day 5 and 6.


Today we recap four designers who wouldn’t necessarily sit at the same high school lunch table: Oscar de La Renta hangs with the uptown girls, Narciso with ones who are still gangly and unaware of how sexy they are. Michael Kors is with the athletes awaiting their scholarship letters to ivy league schools, and Jack & Lazaro are the artistic boys who the popular girls have crushes on. Despite the divisions they’re all fantastic in their own respect, each with a different point of view and way of executing it time and time again.


Designer: Oscar de la Renta

One Sentence Recap: “She’s a lady, whoa whoa whoa she’s a lady.”

Important notes: The Oscar show was a rom-com from start to finish wherein the first look is scene one and our heroine is on her way to work. She bumps into a guy on the elevator who spills his coffee on her gingham skirt and instead of suing him for what we imagine to be scalding third-degree burns, she falls in love. So then scene two is right around Oscar look 7 where she meets him for their first date. She dons the floral dress above in scene 3 to meet his parents for the first time (at a Kentucky Derby party where things go hilariously awry) and by look 32 she’s in her SEVENTH white dress of the movie and runway show.

At this point she’s just like COME ON DUDE I AM DONE BEING SUBTLE, JUST PROPOSE.  So he does. And after various scenes of them attending very fancy parties where she waltzes around and shows off her ring, the classy mofo gets hitched in a tiered ivory column gown. I think the finale gown is look 51 where Jane Fonda-as-her-mother tries to steal all the attention away but WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT.

Ultimately, they divorce.


Designer: Narciso Rodriguez

One Sentence Recap: The Narciso Rodriguez aesthetic — but a little bit shorter.

Important notes:  To say you don’t like Narciso is somewhere between saying you hate puppies and sunshine; everything he does is so simplistically lovely that it’s hard not to get. There’s no major production, no bells and whistles, just thoughtfully executed clothes that feel timeless and cool. But something about his quiet designs is undeniably sexy. This season he shot the hemlines way up, while adding a bit of youth and color to his near flawless repertoire. The ’90s were prevalent yet again but hi — it’s Narciso. He like, invented the slip dress.


Designer: Michael Kors

One Sentence Recap: Menswear for women who still want to dress like women.

Important notes: The Kors show was kind of delicious this season. While I don’t understand the need for fur in a spring collection, everything else was mostly crave-able and wearable. Thanks to Kors we want baggy cardigans belted over delicate calf-length skirts, loafers with pleated trousers and retro bathing tops to pair with high-waisted bottoms. Definitely not the nineties, so a big shout out to Michael for that.


Designer: Proenza Schouler

One Sentence Recap: Acknowledging the consumer while appealing to the critics, or perhaps vise versa.

Important notes: What we mean by our one sentence recap, which we know is not actually a proper sentence because we had English class once too ya know, is that where Proenza used to be all about the fashion it is now also about the business. Jack and Lazaro have clearly mastered the ability to design within their personal aesthetic and remain true to who they are as artists — the construction is there, the vision is there — but now as part of a larger corporation they must also sell clothes. Judging by this collection, they will.

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