Salute Your Polo Shirts

Golf tournament bound? Yeah, me neither.


I never went to Catholic school for several reasons — the most salient being that I am not Catholic. This makes it really unusual and borderline psychotic when I say things like, “If only my Catholic school teachers could see me now.” I think I have a really hard time slipping out of the identities that I assume when stepping into style cues. Speaking of, you’re probably wondering what genre of sartorial pursuit might make me think I’m Catholic, yes?

Well, it’s all in the polos. Stay with me here, I think I’m onto something.

Earlier this summer, I developed a mild case of the must-have-yous in correlation with polo shirts and what would happen was I’d get dressed, look into the mirror and think to myself, this would look so much cooler with a polo.

But why?

Why did I want to look like a retired tennis player or gym teacher or Catholic school student? What in the good name of crew necks was happening to me? Though the douche bag jar opened historically wide when polos first appeared on men, layered and with popped collars, the shirts somehow always looked relatively decent on guys. But when worn by women, they seemed like a sad, thrifty try at gender crossing.

I guess it was right around the time the recent resort collections were being shown that I realized they’re not so bad. They’re actually even kind of cool — especially as mandated by Rochas, Carven, and heck, even Marc Jacobs who displayed an off-duty locker-room tee for our purchasing pleasure.

Is this a reaction to the more masculine cues that female high fashion continues to take? Maybe, but success is in the manipulation. For Spring/Summer 2014, Rosie Assoulin and Alessandra Rich upped the anti in a decidedly further feminine iteration of the blouses (in the case of Rich, as a dress) and when I test-drove the trend you know what happened?


I looked like an angry beast begging for you to drop and give me 20. Naturally, too, I thought the inevitable — if only my Catholic school teachers could see me now.

Polo from Lands End, slacks by Dolce and Gabbana. Street Style Images courtesy of the Sartorialist, Street Peeper and Tommy Ton

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  • Stacey Freeman

    Wow, that Alessandra Rich dress! You look great too, love those Dolce and Gabbana trousers. I look terrible in white and beige, sigh.

  • Shulie

    Leandra are you growing your hair out? It looks super hot in this picture, and right now I’m suffering from a case of a bad haircut

  • fashmongers

    Polo shirts make the outfit sporty and definetly classy

  • Amatoria Clothing

    You don’t look like a gym teacher. If those khaki’s were cut above the knee and so tight that the camel toe may actually be harmful to your reproductive health…. THEN I might start thinking of excuses of why I can’t go to gym class today. <3

  • Those pants are amazing!

  • Laura

    What brand is the choker you’re wearing? I’ve been searching far and wide for the perfect one and I think I’ve found it!

  • Bria

    Those Dolce slacks are money!

  • Lo

    The layering you did with the gold necklaces is unreal. Love the look on you!

  • xtyb

    Whenever my son has to ‘look nice’ that is answered with ‘a collared shirt’. A polo has the comfort of a tee with a bit of polish. Polos are ‘fancy’ that’s why they are the uniform. Love them, always searching for the perfect polo. This year my request was finally answered with a polo brought back from my parents’ trip to The Masters. A polo ne plus ultra, because you can’t just go buy one, you have to be a superwaspy golf nerd to get in there to get it.

  • gail.

    I love this! For my first Jr. High School dance I rocked an untucked, oversized polo paired with JNCO (handed down/stolen after my older brother outgrew them), and mary janes (with socks, per the 90s). I instinctually repelled pretty hard in my teen years.

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    You’ve made the look of the polo new and fresh with these Kate Hepburn trousers! And, the choker~ even better!!!!


    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Not really my cup of tea, but you look fantastic with that white polo shirt. And the Marc Jacobs pic is just so funny!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Marta Pozzan

    The Polos… I couldn’t wear anything but that in high school

  • The Fashion Panda
  • check out fashion

    love the trousers, look’s great on you.

    check out my blog, I love to hear your opinion:

    best wishes

  • nya huro

    If I can just find one that flatters the boob endowed, I’m in.

  • I’m loving your look; however, find that a polo is not my thing. Despite my love for menswear.

    xo, Nina


  • Greer Clarke


    • Leandra Medine

      super – cool – ass French designer named ANNELIESE MICHELSON

  • Moni

    Even if the Polo is nothing new, your look has something fresh to it. And yes, those slacks are kickin’ it! I’d give you an A+.

  • If I’m getting a polo I’m definitely getting one from Fred Perry…they have the best ones!

  • Chloe

    I’m sorry, I can’t. Polos were part of my school uniform up to 2005… and it just hasn’t been long enough for me to recover.

  • Ashley Lluberes

    I feel like your blog is not your anymore. There are other people posting on it, and it’s jsut not the same as you. Doesn’t have a personal feel anymore. And I realllllllly miss your repelling posts, when you would post a sexy outfit and then turn it into a repeller. Bring those back!

    • Leandra Medine

      There are certainly new writers on the site — but this post IS by me!

      • Ashley Lluberes

        I know, and I love you 🙂 I just don’t want this blog to lose the unique you-ness, because it is one of the only blogs that I truly enjoy and check often.

        • Leandra Medine

          Point TOTALLY noted — and I love you too.

          • Ashley Lluberes

            Love you even more cause you actually responded to me. I feel famous, I will prob screenshot and insta this. And if you do an old school repel-a-sexy-outfit post I will be on cloud 9.

  • wouldn’t it sound crazy if I said that the entire outfit is beautifully summarized by that bright bold in the face red lip. I guess that lip is what makes the entire attire all the more sexy and sassy!

  • Love polo shorts bu hats off to the wide legged trousers. I am freaking in love with them!!

  • Kate

    Well, I did go to Catholic school and I still rock it in my Lacoste polo. Those trousers are intriguing. I’ve never tried it that way. Very Coco Chanel-esque if you ask me.

  • Pualani@TheRustedKey

    Unfortunately, I had my fair share of polo shirts throughout grade school and high school, and by fair share, I mean that I had to wear them every single school day of my life. I’m much more a fan of the structured collars though as opposed to the limp cotton ones. However, now that I have a freedom to choose what I wear on a day-to-day basis, I still find myself choosing the collared shirts, but out of habit or because I actually like them, I have no idea.

  • Brita

    You look amazing!!!
    BTW, I got your book for my bday and just finished your chapter about the bare midriff at school. Not that different from Catholic school!!!

  • Polo shirts are the bessssst. All the flattering put togetherness of a collar shirt with the combined with the ability to get dressed out of a pile on the floor like an old tee shirt.

  • Allison R

    I love long slacks like that! And paired with that polo it just elongates your body. I can’t stop staring lol


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  • Micheal Jim

    Your dotted pant took my heart away. You look stunning.