People in Prada

Everyone deserves a chance to feel like a party-wielding princess, don’t they?


In what is arguably the most cerebral show of the fashion month, Prada stakes its claim once more at the top of the totem pole, proving its forte in an art form that Marc Jacobs, too, has mastered: bearing no tangential reference to the clothes that came before.

On the topic of this particular collection, which showed yesterday in Milan for the Spring/Summer 2014 season, Vogue’s Sarah Mower asks: “Do you see feminism when you look at these clothes?” She also answers, “Miuiccia Prada wants you to.” And now that it’s laid out there, the influence makes sense: cartoon female faces on long, fur skirts and dresses. Embroidery meant to appear as nonfunctioning bras on coats and blouses. Miuccia Prada is a prime example of a culturally charged humanist, using fashion as her vessel to tell a story, address an issue, approach a topic and solve it.

And though the intellectual abstractions are great, looking past the clothes to determine said cogitations took a small surge of effort. After all, once you’ve feasted your eyes on the colors! The fabrics! The embroidery! The socks! The embellishments on the socks!, what’s there left to think about, right?

Hmm. Maybe the fact that these models forewent their birth-given heads in the name of Helga G. Pataki and Fran Lebowitz and Pat Kiernan et al.

Indeed, upon further dissecting the magic that is Prada, we really wanted to put some of our favorite, non-fashion people (feminists and so forth) in her clothes because everyone deserves the chance to feel she’s on her way to the hottest night club in town, titled Bra-burning Ceremony. It frequently occurs in tandem with a sermon by one John Galliano and a longstanding subsequent dinner at fashion’s favorite Greenwich Village hub: Omar’s.

Observe Sheryl Sandberg as she eschews leaning to instead fashion a pair of footless socks; and Pat Kiernan as he demonstrates that it’s not really news unless you’re delivering it in a strapless dress. Now here comes Eminem, who’s finally accepted that he’s outgrown Slim Shady but that he will never, ever outgrow a sporadic peep hole.

It’s rumored that Whoopi Goldberg sang selects from Sister Act during Prada’s pre-show practice with Albert Einstein as her backup singer, but watch now as the two of them take their runway strides with complete focus. Frida Kahlo is working her biceps in this strapless number — one would also assume she made it absolutely clear to Ms. Cara D beforehand that hers were the Original Eyebrows. And because the whole collection is such a seamless combination of luxury and athletica, here comes Eli Manning who also won a spot on the Miuccia roster.

So, who do you want to see in Prada’s most recent collection? Other than Anne Coulter?

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  • natty

    HELGA PATAKI! That is all.


  • Amelia Diamond

    i physically cannot handle Fran Lebowitz in Prada. i had to leave the room, cry, and then re-enter the room.

    • Amelia Diamond

      $20. damnit.

      • Charlotte

        though it might be too much color for Fran


    absolutely brilliant! <3 prada has outdone itself! <3

    • Leandra Medine

      Right? Commissioning Albert Einstein and MLK Jr. seems…out of this world cool.

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Miuccia Prada : “My instrument is fashion. I use my instrument to be bold. I had this idea that if you wear clothes so exaggerated and out there, people will look, and then they will listen.” She chuckled. “It’s a sort of trick.” Then she added, “I want to be nasty.”
    This reminds me of your chapter on the MC Hammer Pants. You have to be a confident woman to be able to wear something just because you like it. As soon as you have that confidence, you begin to glow from within and people take notice. It’s not about attracting men, or having people like your outfit. It’s about you, and what statement you want to make today.

  • lalahartma

    Maggie Gyllenhaal

  • Amatoria Clothing

    I know it’s hard to get past the clothing, but …. THE SHOOOEEESSS!!!!!!

  • Jen

    The whole bra-over-the-dress idea reminds me of mean girls :

  • Eli Manning pulls off Prada disturbingly well/ that is one hell of a photoshop job!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Charlotte Fassler is a photoshop wizard.

  • ML

    I would love if someday we’d discussed Prada Marfa. It just intrigues me.

    • Charlotte

      Me too! Marfa in general…

  • wattamelon123

    LOVE the “Hey, Arnold!” reference in the photo.

  • Photoshop does wonders.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Jeez, its like looking at an abstract work of art. just brilliant! great post as always <3


  • Sarah Fentem

    When i got to Frida and Eminem I just thought that you had given up putting on the faces and just put the regular models. They’ve got that look i suppose.

  • Oh I love this!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Females in Fancy Fur? F**k, No.
    (but everything else is … gut. The shoes. The socks … )

  • Ru B

    Let’s talk about Albert Einstein and Frida Kahlo. Whoa, that is indeed Eminem! Rocking that.
    The collection is so great, I may have cried…
    Those shoes!! Sigh!
    Ru |

  • CeSiDevotion

    Fran Lebowitz never looked better.

  • Alba B.

    What about to see Roberto Cavalli in Miuccia’s clothes and viceversa? Is it OK this shift for the fashion week?

  • viennarightnow

    I think it depends so much upon good styling and reduching 😉

  • Paniculata Cinco

    What a Crazy collection!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! xxxx

    Gabriela Rose

  • Alexandra

    This is literally the most brilliant thing I have ever seen.

  • Haha fun! But so distracting! I can’t stop laughing so it’s impossible to admire the outfits!

  • Too much for me

  • Love presentation of 21st century feminist dilemmas represented by juxtaposed soccer socks and outfacing bras with lady like coats. Vibrant Prima donna genius – functional fashion at its quirkiest.

  • Cat

    Team Man Repeller HAS JUST WON THE INTERNET. You win. You win it ALL.

  • a.n.a.l.u

    You made my day!!


  • Juanma Sadovy


  • Meg

    I would have never seen this without you. Thank You.

  • andrewmattmatt

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