Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night!

and here’s your SaturDAY show coverage


Today’s shows were all about futuristic interpretations on previous decades and also, the housewife. Alexander Wang showed perforated “rubber” gloves and at Prabal Gurung, an army of Fembots dressed for their Don Drapers to come home. We saw Kanye at Louise Goldin and dogs at Jen Kao, because it’s Saturday and anything goes.

Designer: Prabal Gurung


Vibe: Betty Draper Barbie Doll

Important notes: 39 models stood behind a transparent plastic casing, like dolls on a toy store shelf. They left their formation one at a time to walk a full lap before the audience, showing off satin dresses designed for coke bottle figures and bright, punchy lips. Among the many standouts: a poplin blouse with enormous sleeves (fly, Dumbo, fly!) and a giant opera coat lined in yellow.

Designer: Louise Goldin


Vibe: A light game of tennis. In the future. On the moon.

Important notes: Japanese style seemed to be the inspiration behind Louise Goldin’s SS14 show — pure speculation based off the clean lines and futuristic tailoring so prevalent in the country’s trademark look. Hints of Harajuku (and now we are really reaching here) appeared in the form of doily socks and bloomers. Each look was capped off with a slicked beehive hairdo, which Charlotte pointed out was, “What you probably did to your hair in the bathtub as a kid with your shampoo and soap.”

Oh yeah, and Kanye West was sitting front row.

Designer: Jen Kao


Vibe: Early Sonny & Cher meets 90210

Important notes: Jen Kao opened with denim and plaid and groovy-heeled platforms. The blast of tartan may have been a nod to past Dries, but it was most definitely a reference to the year 1970. When Springsteen’s “State Trooper” began playing over the speakers something in Kao’s air changed. The models switched to black, and suddenly we were faced yet again with the only decade anyone seems to be talking about this week. Yes. Sigh. Don’t hurt me. THE NINETIES.

Designer: Alexander Wang


Vibe: Very chic clothes to do very chic chores in, plus a pair of pajamas for Saturday sleeping-in.

Important notes: Alexander Wang’s name was stenciled into leather gloves, skirts and dresses throughout his Spring collection. Not that anyone needs a reminder of who he is, however, because a man whose show is live-streamed on a Times Square Jumbotron hardly needs a re-introduction. The show was, for lack of a better word, awesome. And very him. Wang showed sporty shapes and unfussy fabrics, black and white and a pink-ish lavender. Shirts marked “Parental Advisory” punctuated the collection, and we’ll bet you exactly five dollars because we’re poor from cabs that Hanne Gabby Odiele will be photographed in one tomorrow.

PS: Hospital gowns. You heard it here first. And then here second.

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  • Your descriptions are so on point!

  • Cortne Morgan

    I have never wanted to play tennis on the moon more. It wasnt a thing until just now, but now, oh boy. its totally a thing. The denim is so casual yet so overthought and only Jen could pull that look off. Perfectly marketable to the grocery going woman but also able to be worn to a fashion event at night. thats real talent right there. Plus, who doesnt love a good flashback?

    adore your blog. because like, we would literally be sartorial/humorously compatible

  • Gabi


  • Emily

    i’m loving your commentary from NYFW! Hope you’re enjoying and keep up the amazing work!


  • carolina

    The Alexander Wang one chic? why because of the gloves?? so funny! I’m chic too when i use my pink ones to wash dishes!!

  • Idalia

    My favorite was Prabal Gurung & Monique Lhuillier! Such a romantic yet fun collection. I def enjoyed today’s shows!


  • Stela

    Ugly and bad fashion or better said no fashion! my bag collection is getting bigger in the past two years must stop this!

  • I’m sorry but I can’t even watch the clothes when I see such spaghetti legged anorexic models, I am honestly disgusted.

    Mafalda ❤

  • RigillaMas

    I love this post! My favourite show of yesterday was the Alexander Wang show, I love the mood, the music, and, obviously, the clothes!I also liked the shapes and the cuts of Luise Goldin’s clothes.

    Adore your blog because you have a great sense of humor but you are also very qualified.



    Notes de Mode

  • Check out Fashion

    great comments, i wish i was there too.
    kisses from Portugal Leandra 😉

  • rachel strugatz

    i love you more with every post meels #nyfw #cr

  • I knew that Wang Parental Advisory sheer sweater would make it onto MR! I’ll see your $5 and raise you another $5 that it will be the DIY of the season.

  • diane

    DESPITE the rampant logos on leather theme, I loved the Wang collection. Chic, fun, albeit sometimes too daring (those apron bibs that bare side-boobs). The colors were wonderful, all the pale gray interspersed with stark white and black and the best ever color lilac to lighten it up a tad, although Marant was the one to first use this color on camisoles from her last Spring collection. I also really liked the Jen Kao line, which is new to me but much in keeping with my aesthetic.

  • Awesome ensembles. My favourites are Louise Goldins’ and Prabal Gurungs’ collections. Louis Goldin stands out with bold converging lines and symmetrical cuts whilst Prabal Gurung shapes offer more flattering alternatives with high waisted midi shirts and sculptured dresses – pastel colours are also a winner- very girly indeed.

  • OMG Alexander Wang..*drool* i want those rubber gloves and those white creepers. NOW!!

  • Sir David

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