Four Shows for You, Glen Coco. You Go, Glen Coco.

And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye!


Good morning little roosters! A lot has happened since we last spoke — namely, four more shows that left us with a strong desire to dress like a touristy dad on vacation in Hawaii, all while craving Easter eggs and White Russians. Have no clue what we’re talking about? Us either! JK we totally do, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy that delicious-looking latte you got there.

Show: Misha Nonoo


Vibe: Uptown girl moves downtown, but then has to go back uptown for a luncheon with her grandma’s friends.

Important notes: Designer Misha Nonoo is one to watch as made apparent by this Spring collection. She sent a troop of Easter pastels down the runway, each model wearing at least one item we’d like to own. The slouchy silhouettes retain a casual elegance while the more tailored items, like the mint green dress above, have a youthful charm. (Actually speaking of charm, don’t these colors remind of you of Lucky Charm marshmallows?)

Show: Rag & Bone


Vibe: Posh Spice updated for the year 2014

Important notes: Rag & Bone reminded us, yet again this week, that the whole ’90s redux thing isn’t leaving anytime soon. But the clothes were so good that we went along with it and pretended we hadn’t already been told a few times. Standouts included Pez-colored slip dresses in lavender and blue, Cricket sweaters with exaggerated Vs and a modern take on those black foam platforms that were SO COOL back in eighth grade. I’d also like to call to attention the length of the white pants to our left. Are those capris? Because if they are I’m weirdly okay with it.

Show: Helmut Lang


Vibe: Dressed to kill. Also dressed for ample apartment lounging.

Important notes: You’ve seen The Big Lebowski right? If not here’s a quick synopsis: A Coen Brother’s cult classic wherein a guy called “The Dude” drinks white russians and walks around in his bathrobe, sandals and undershirt all day long. Where I’m going with this is: essentially Helmut Lang’s spring collection is a hyper-chic version of said Dude, especially if he started juicing and chose a mostly black and white wardrobe palette with sprinklings of pink.

Show: Suno


Vibe: Sensible-shoe-wearing see-er of sights who has mastered print blocking and the art of cool.

Important notes: I love Suno so much that if this were a jury I’d be let off early for my biased opinion. Because of this, I was a little concerned my designer-crush was tricking me into liking the collection. Aren’t I supposed to hate cargo shorts? And wide brimmed visors, or anything else that could fall into the category of sartorial suicide? But nope, I wasn’t tricked. Suno is just that good at finding the weird in something and making it beautiful. It must have something to do with their impeccable tailoring or innate ability to mix patterns and shapes. Best to not over think this one and just place my pre-order now.

And what about you guys? What do you love, what do you need? What’s making you nervous, but excited to try anyway?


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  • Holly-Bella

    I absolutely adored the Rag and Bone show…but all I keep thinking now is YOU GO GLEN COCO!! and that’s going to get annoying unless I say it to someone soon.

  • Nico

    Some pieces are really cool but others, like the flat sandals, are really bad!

  • PivotTable

    I feel the Suno liner could have been “Solange on a not so colorful day.”

  • Nick

    Wonderfully written!

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro

    You go Glen Coco!



  • Charlotte

    Nailed the Lebowski reference.

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic collections!


  • Your Lebowski comparison cracked me up. That is one chic, svelte dude.

  • CarolinaG

    Loved it!!

    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  • Alexandra Pitocchi

    Misha Nonoo’s collection is absolutely stunning. Beautiful colors and silhouettes.

  • The Misha Nonoo show was my favorite…all of the looks were gorgeous!!

  • Anna

    So on point with the 2014 Push Spice. Well done.

  • diane

    Suno seems to be borrowing a page from Marni this season, but I am loving the edgy but accessible stuff that Rag and Bone and Helmut Lang always deliver. Also, I agree that Misha Nonoo is one to watch!

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Love all of the above… Now can we talk Alexander Wang’s Parental Advisory??!!!

    • Amatoria Clothing

      On Wednesdays, we wear our Parental Advisory.

  • Sharon

    Love the marshmallow shades at Misha Nonoo … I would totally wear

  • Laura

    i didn’t want this post to ever end. everything is perfect. I can not wait to go shopping for all of these things.

  • I love your interpretations of all the shows! Thanks for doing that, since basically, I’ll just be looking at the clothes the whole time.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Guest

    Leandra, you slay me! Can’t get enough of your NYFW updates!

  • Emily

    You slay me! Can’t get enough of these NYFW updates!

  • PrettyFritz

    Either the Helmut Lang black and white-sandals or the Suno-sandals, simply just have to be in my life. And, i will not go out, before i own a pink coat. Damn it, i’m gonna be living on water-soup yet another season!

  • JiaoJiao

    I would wear the shit out of this entire collection! Just completely obsessed with the freshness this embodies.