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Remember when you had to disconnect your phone to log on to the Internet? When the delicious donkey hawing of AOL dialing up was a sweet serenade and pre-amble to the chime of a thousand swinging doors — doors which signaled our loaded Buddy List? Remember AIM? A virtual mixer, always there for you on weeknights after homework and soccer practice. A forum at your instant disposal filled with friends eager to dole out wisdom, where any question would prompt an immediate response. This is exactly how we felt upon trying out the Beauty Stylist chat through Nordstrom Beauty Spot.

Having lived through a decade of embarrassing screen names and IM gaffes, we weren’t altogether convinced that someone out in cyberspace could possibly address our aesthetic woes through a chat window. But Nordstrom suggested we give it a try, and frankly, we were curious.

Turns out, the Joy of Instant Messenger is still alive and well. We connected with Meredith — beauty expert and all around good sport — who patiently listened to all our skin care shortcomings. After a few cursory lines of introduction, we could easily have been discussing Steve from English class, and how surprisingly well he pulls off Hawaiian shirts.

See, the thing about AIM – and Nordstrom’s Beauty Stylist – is that it comes pretty darn close to replicating a face-to-face chat between classes, or an in-person appointment with a beauty professional, as the case may be. Meredith heard us out on all points, tailored suggestions to our budget, and never once pressured us into a product. (Particularly refreshing, since we’re accustomed to beauty counter sales wizards sending us off with apparently crucial mystery products.) No question was too crazy and no query went unanswered.

By the time we signed off, Meredith’s initials were practically in our away messages.

Read on for highlights from our chat on maintaining a summer glow — Leandra focused on skincare, while Amelia got some color tips.

. . .


Man Repeller: SO, one of the hardest parts of transitioning from summer to fall is the loss of my “SUMMER GLOW” I feel like I go through the equivalent of PTSD minus the trauma every morning when I wake up and realize my face is slowly but surely returning to its natural hue of green.  Also, I don’t know how my mom is doing this, but her skin has been looking really dewey lately.

Meredith C: Okay, you are definitely talking to the right person. As an olive skinned girl myself, I have to say it is a particular challenge for us. We get to go from perfect Gina Lollobrigida in summer, to Les Mis extra in winter. First off, I have to be nosey and ask what your skincare regime is like right now.

Man Repeller: Don’t be mad. I rarely wash my face

Meredith C: I am furious.

Man Repeller: Sometimes I moisturize using Clinique’s Overnight Turnaround Cream. That’s it.

Meredith C: Girl, I am about to change your life! You may have to drink a little skincare Kool-aid, but I promise it is worth it. Do you have topical allergies, or ingredient concerns?

Man Repeller: One time I got a really bad rash on my face when I was 12 because I bought this lemon scented cream from a perfume factory in paris which is why I hated the city until I was 20.

Meredith C: Okay, I am going to share a couple of my obsessions.  We carry a brand called Arcona that rocks my world, and here is why: Everything is made in small batches with cold pressed ingredients, the line was developed by a chemist, there are no petro-chemicals, no parabens, and no synthetic perfumes or dyes. 

Meredith C: You have to start with a great cleanser. Cleansing morning and night will increase glow exponentially. Think about cleansing like hot yoga, it is going to give you instant glow.

. . .


Man Repeller: Hi Meredith, it’s Amelia!

Man Repeller: Since Leandra got a whole skin care routine to help her glow (and she is already so tan!) maybe you could recommend me some stuff to actually…give me a glow/tan, like a bronzer or whatever you think is best!

Meredith C: Okay, I have to admit, I am not a big believer in bronzer. It can be great for all over use, but I think in most of our routines, a sculpting powder is better. For achieving glow especially, a sculpting powder is so important. Part of having that perfect glow is that negative space, and carving out those areas that need to shine. Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting powder NEVER leaves my pro-kit. It is hands down the best.

Man Repeller: You just blew my mind

Meredith C: If you are sculpting a base is really important. It does not have to be foundation, but you need something to make sure it glides of the skin well. You just want that perfect even base. AmorePacific makes a Compact CC Cream, or as I like to call it Tinted Moisturizer 3.0, that would probably be great for you.

Man Repeller: And it won’t make me break out or any of that? What does CC cream mean? Is that like BB cream? but.. CC instead?

Meredith C: I have not had any trouble with breakouts with it. BB stood for Blemish Balm, and the CC was Color Corrective… let’s just go with tinted moisturizer. There are some great products, like this one, coming out of that trend. But they are the Beauty World’s wedge sneaker right now.

[Insert LOLs here.]

Meredith C: You need one other thing. And that is a luminizer. It is the last step, and both of you can really use it. This Luminizer is super key for the look. You know you’ve found a great one if you can mix it with any regime or skin tone. The key is to look lit from within, rather than touched by Tinkerbell.

. . .

Part 1 of 1 in a collaboration with Nordstom Beauty SpotCheck out our Fall On Your Face Pinterest board for the full roundup of Meredith’s glow-y recommendations. For a Beauty Stylist of your own, head on over to Nordstrom Beauty Spot. The destination is an impressive resource, both on-line and in-store (read: free makeup appointments and samples galore).

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  • Sounds like fun! I am always up for trying new makeup!

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  • CarolinaG

    Love your blog!!!!!!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • I have been wanting a sculpting powder for a while and keep hearing about the kevin aucoin one. I need to go check it out!

  • Excellent! Just love the picture with the cups!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Stacey Freeman

    Fun read, but I wish I knew why she suggested each of these products specifically.

    • Leandra Medine

      She recommended that specific cleanser to me because the apex of my problem is that I don’t wash my face … which is also precisely WHY I’m not dewey.

      • Grace

        So Leandra, which ARCONA cleanser are you going to use? The link lead to all arcona products, hydrating serums etc. Let us know how you go- before, during and after cleansing shots please!

  • keeks1225

    arcona is amazeballs. i love pretty much everything i’ve tried from the skincare line.

  • Olga Montserrat

    You look so pretty here.

  • fleur



    I have a Samsung Stratosphere…the pink cups and string would actually be an upgrade for me on my plan!!!! I love the photo and your blog…it’s such an inspiration for me and makes me more determined to work harder on my blog ( to create a fun and exciting place for readers to stop by in the morning or to come by and relax in the evening, a place that that they look forward to coming to like I do yours!! Cheers, Karen (I am hosting 2 contests this month to encourage and reward readers, so please stop on by!! )

  • BeverlyLeslie

    Arcona is the shit! Raspberry clarifying bar makes me look like a glowing god during my hell week.

  • cici

    Hi Leandra, I’ve been many years reading your blog, and I really love the way you are… now my boyfriend is telling me why I don’t where this t-shirt or have this haircut… i feel quite manrepeller…. i don’t know exactly what to think and what to think.. i love him and u finally married the man who left u cause u where “a men repeller” (understand what a mean… ? ) anyway, besito

  • Stella

    $52 1.17 oz acne lotion? Seriously? Is there a little old lady pressing the ingredients by hand?

  • Natalie

    I must know (one month later) have you been using ARCONA?! If so, do you like it?

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