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Is it just us or is the fashion world getting shorter?


I know we always advocate the heel. “The higher, the better” is practically written into our coat of arms, but there’s a time and a place for sky-high stilettos and this is just not their season. Chunky-heels and stacked platforms, you guys are gonna sit the next play out, too.

Perhaps one of the first things we noticed this fashion week was that everyone seemed to be sporting flats. And by everyone, I mean everyone: the street stylers, the editors, Bill Cunningham, and most notably the models on countless runways whose footwear ran the gamut of sandals to loafers.

The touchdown back to planet ground was hypothesized back in July, a welcome change after April’s mandate of the single sole pump, and essentially comforting considering we’d been living an entire summer flopping around in flips and what have you. (The supremely cool were wearing Birkenstocks, Furkinstocks and their equally crunchy if not highly orthopedic cousins.)

Per this Spring ’14 observation and the fact that it’s already been made known on the streets: the Serengeti Plains of footwear, it seems, aren’t going anywhere come fall.

The land of the flats can be a daunting field to navigate. Heels lend themselves to much stronger categories: you have your stilettos, your pumps, the chunks, the platformed Tributes and their copy cats, the heeled boot, the stacked heel, the knee-high, the T-strap, the shut up Amelia we get it already.

But flats…how does one begin to categorize flats?

I’m Type A so I’ve done it for you. I’m also lazy so there’s only going to be three categories.

First up: The Ladylikes


From left to right we have Rochas, Oscar de la Renta, and Dolce & Gabbana.

The Ladylikes are pristine boarding on prissy, embellished, and more often than not they are pointed at their adorable-ass toe. If the front of the shoe gets just a little too rounded, we enter ballet territory and that’s not what this look is about.

Alexander Wang makes a fantastic black leather version here, and few do the d’Orsay quite like Jenni Kayne. Kate Spade’s taxicabs will turn your feet into walking vehicles, and this red delicious pair by Charlotte Olympia gives new meaning to the term “face time.”

Category number two: The Funkies


These snazzy loafers will make all your adversaries jealous, should your opponents be Elton John, Liberace or Elvis. Why you’d be in a fight with these musical figureheads, I’ll never know, but if I had to guess, I suppose I’d assume they found a time machine and traveled to the future where they saw that one day, on the runway, you’d be the ones in jazzy-ass shoes.

Anywho from East to West we have Rodarte, Phillip Lim and Creatures of the Wind showing the legends of rock/masters of the piano exactly how to be footloose and fancy free.

Nailing The Funkies by way of flats you can purchase now: these black & white tap shoes by Saint Laurent, these gold-dipped ones by Marni, and to take a break from the loafer and remember the sneaker–look no further than this pair by Rivieras.

The third category I’m dubbing “The Normals.”


I may take back that name, however, because these mule-backed-loafers by The Row are absolute perfection and very far from normal.

(A better word may have been “classic” but what’s done is done.)

The Normals include old-faithful shapes, familiar styles and neutral colors, but it’s their craftsmanship and detail that make them just as special as the jazzies and the snazzies mentioned above. This oxblood Bass pair will outlive us all, as will these by Reed Krakoff. And an Acne pair in white pony hair? Keep away from dirt but otherwise, they’re golden.

Before you go, wanna see something cool?

Find the song “Worst Behavior” by Drake off his new album. We highly advocate legal downloads, Spotify or anything else that won’t get you thrown in jail. (The versions on YouTube are weird so try this link but note it’s not the full song.)

Now click play.

Now watch this:

i39KD0 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Happy Friday hot toddies! And tell us what other songs this gif works with! (And tell us what flats you want. See a pair we don’t have on here? Show us!)

Mad props to Charlotte Fassler for her market werk.

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  • Jamie

    Loving the Kate Spade taxi flats. I wish you included Emy Mack flats in that list!

  • It’s back…the blog post about flats! Good to see that this is sticking!

    Your Friend, Jess



  • I am so happy everyone is wearing flats. I can’t walk in heels at all!

  • Drew Elizabeth

    I love me some loafers. No matter how many times I try to love heels…I just can’t. Back to flats I go!

  • Thank God for flats! I’ve been wearing ASOS loafers similar to the Bass ones for a while now on my blog and I can’t stop wearing them x

  • Little Edie

    Dieppa Restrepo. That wooden sole. It adds just the right amount of ugly to a pretty loafer.

    • Amelia Diamond

      i LOVE dieppa restrepo

  • kaitlyn conway

    annnddd buying those loafers

  • Kristina

    solange – losing you, even better

  • coco

    Flats are soooooo much more functionable and these are very fashionable!

  • Aubrey Green

    The row loafers are seriously perfect and I don’t like flats. I am always in heels, but they’re comfortable for me and I’m not 5’7″ and above, so I like the height.

  • Laura

    I strongly suggest you guys that you adjust the images for every size screen, or at least for the mainstream 13 inches screen 🙁 it’s way too annoying having to scroll up and down to take a glance of just one picture! I mean, can you even see this pics properly on your computers?

    The rest of the blog looks just awesome 🙂 and I love you.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Hi Laura, Thank you for your feedback! Do you mean for vertical images integrated into posts like the Row one here? or are you having to also scroll with the verticals in slideshows?

      • Clare Wark

        It’s The Row photo that cannot be properly viewed all at once on 13 inch screens, you need to scroll in order to see the whole photo (I have the same problem).

      • Laura

        Exactly like the Row one! Nevertheless, sometimes it happens in slideshows when the slideshow has vertical images, like in the Paris Fashion Week post previous to this one.

        • Charlotte Fassler

          Thanks so much for the feedback. I will work on a way to fix the issue with images embedded in the post, however for the slideshows you can try clicking the magnify glass under the image on the right hand side and it will expand the image and optimize it for your screen (then you can scroll through with the arrows). Hope this helps!

  • Suite B

    Got mine at, black pointy toe perfection!

  • Just when I’m starting to wear heels! But I do like what you shared, I can’t wait to see these new trends next year! (I love your loafers and the pink funkies!)

    Mafalda ❤

  • Pualani@TheRustedKey

    This is the best news I’ve heard in my life. Sure heels look nice and they’re easy enough to wear in moderation, but for general and even fashionable use? Flats are the best bet!

  • I’m loving the loafers and the espadrilles!! THe lady like ones are nice too if I want to dress up more.

  • Julia

    You forgot to mention brogues/oxfords. Just scored the Alexander Wang Ingrid croc-embossed oxfords from Barneys warehouse. They’re glorious in all their flatness.

  • Hanna

    Do you happen to have any suggestions for a pair of Funkies for under $100 for all us cheapos out there?

  • Stacey Freeman

    Reed Krakoff loafers and Rochas flats please!

  • Tracey Evelyn

    Just keep then delicate and dainty! Flats are a life saver, they may as well be stylish!

  • ally

    never saw it coming by tigers jaw works well with the gif

  • I like ballet and I think that you need to have them in your closet. The most I like To Amelia Diamond.

    Greetings from Fashion Site

  • Lo

    I LOVE flats. My personal favorites were Rochas’ furry slipper.

  • Shawnee Rajala

    YES! I’m definitely a flats fan – my style motto is if I can’t jump around and do high kicks and adventure anywhere and everywhere, not gonna work. flats definitely work, especially everything in the funkies category as well as the one pair by the row.

  • Lou

    The Kate Spade taxi flat and Marc Jacobs booties-with-added-tassle flats are on my xmas wish list fo shizzle!

  • shaunta85

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