Are Ya Ready Kids? (And Here’s Where You Say – ‘Aye Aye, Captain!’)

Guys. We’re only a few shows in and already there are four very important things we need you to know for Spring 2014. Are you ready? Get ready. New York Fashion Week has officially begun.

The first thing we need to talk about is the color RED, capital R-E-D. Embrace it, love it, roll around in it. None of that “It doesn’t go with my hair color” business. Come May you’re going to crave the Kool-aid no matter what. Richard Chai Love packed the first punch just three looks in with a double breasted blazer on top and floor length silk below.

Also on the color-wheeled crave-agenda is hospital gown blue, as spotted at Organic by John Patrick last night and Creatures of the Wind today. The chambray hue appeared again — more muted this time — on BCBG‘s models and the Chai Love men.

Next up on the agenda: skirts. If the Fall ’13 runways established anything, it’s that the skirted look of our current season is all about modesty and volume (think Marni and Rochas) — an idea carried into the Spring ’14 runways thus far.

And finally, the trench: We’re all going to need a trench, buttoned twice at the top so we can copy Creatures.

As for the collections in full, it seems our designers are off to a fantastic start thus far. Maybe it’s because we don’t want the current sunny season to end, or because September Fashion Week feels like the start of a new school year, but it’s hard not to feel optimistic and affectionate towards the foreshadowing clothes of a Spring runway…

Show: Organic By John Patrick


Vibe: A sophisticated woman who understands the benefits of flats. She’s assertive, yet mellow. Stylish, but inherently so.

Important notes: Thoughtful without feeling contrived, Organic by John Patrick’s Spring collection felt like a definite nod to the quiet corner of women who prefer to be covered up — but not ignored. And I can’t stress this enough: it was ALL about the skirts.

Show: BCBG


Vibe: “Oh this old thing? I just threw it on.”

Important notes: BCBG’s collection showcased exactly the type of effortless things you want to wear come May, like hues of blue splattered on white breezy fabrics, or unassuming florals and loose fitting shapes, plus a sleeveless trench with a drop-waisted belt.

Show: Richard Chai Love


Vibe: “Just stepped off my yacht with this totally handsome hunk and I look awesome and carefree and tan and whatnot. But I dress cool, not douche-y.”

Important notes: Richard Chai threw the red in slowly — subtle stripes on the first model’s legs, then like a seasoned chef with a bottle of olive oil in hand he added a little more. And by the time the third model hit the runway she was fully cooked in a color the designer is calling “Poppy.” (Which we can still call red, right? K good.) That chambray blue mentioned earlier made appearances throughout, then came an intermission of greens and suddenly, black. But the clothes remained cool enough that the dark didn’t feel heavy, and the styling (such as fitted cropped leather over flowing separates) kept the whole thing casual.

Show: Creatures of the Wind

COTW copy

Vibe: The straight-A, honor roll whiz kid whose multiple study abroad trips got her into enough trouble so that she’s actually cooler than you. 

Important notes: Creatures of the Wind designers Chris Peters and Shane Gabier showed restraint in this collection while still having fun. Their buttoned up models captured a modesty that could have leaned librarian but instead felt fresh. The secret ingredient was color, where reds and metallics breathed youth into boxy tops and knee-length frocks. The show closed to the tune of Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun,” and we all tried in earnest to keep our clapping in tandem with the song’s iconic rhythm.

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