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This week in our new series: Funny Ladies Who Tweet


Next up in our new series, Funny Ladies Who Tweet, RT @MindyKaling.

In celebration of the imminent series of Beyonce concerts coming to the Tri-State Area as early as Sunday (!), here is a belated tweet care of queen funny lady, Mindy Kaling. While we totally appreciate her public, concise outfitting brain storm, we’d also like to suggest a series of additional items for Mindy (and ourselves). Fake lashes and really, really long faux nails seem a bit too given to iterate but she didn’t even mention a halo! (It would obviously come with wings.) We’d also like to propose an intended-for-evening-debauchery body suit to pair with a couple larger-than-life earrings, body glitter (duh), and shoes that will jingle along perfectly to the medleys that have become emblematic of sister power.

Personally, we’d also bring a pair of scissors along too in case this happens again. We’ve always wanted to be Beyonce’s point of respite.

And you know what, if all else fails, Mindy, why not try dressing up as a box that reads “Left” on it. That seems like it could make for a, you know, Irreplaceable experience.

Illustration by Charlotte Fassler

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  • Errrr, maybe a brain? (all apologies for being so nasty, but I couldn’t help it)!

    • K Dizzog

      babe, it’s a joke! LOL

  • Nico
  • Or maybe those sky-high Timberland boots as seen in the 3-boot lineup picture. If the whole family/enterprise has got ’em, it might be a hint.

  • Awesome post; I love Charlotte’s writing style!


  • andrieya

    Great post–been wondering this myself for Sunday’s show! Do you glam it up for Bey or dress knowing you’re gonna be gettin down…….freakum dress is a great idea though!

  • Maggie

    Hehe, love the drawing!

  • Yates

    I love you guys and all your posts so much. But I must confess I long for another article with step-by-step beauty trend instructions to nip my man’s tip (if I had a man). I can slowly but surely feel my makeup becoming less man-repelling and more man-getting, and this I simply cannot allow. Help!

    Love y’all.

  • Hudson Berry

    Saw Besus in DC Monday. Just bring tissues.

  • Megan

    Where is the Eddie Borgo “Single Ladies” ratchet ring? Because my ring finger would not be leaving home without it.

  • Tegan

    I would be wearing a leotard, Isabel Marant sneakers and a Captain’s hat. Definitely the best outfit Beyonce has ever worn.

  • What does it matter what one wears, since all eyes will be on the lovely Beyoncé’s breasts?

  • AHHH! BEYONCE IS COMING TO BROOKLYN! I’d really love to go, but some of my friends are unavailable. Perhaps, in December, when I can rock some leather pants.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • sophia kaylee

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  • Alicia Hall

    Mindy Kaling is BY FAR one of the most down-to-earth individuals, even when plastered with the blinding shine of stardom.


    • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

      One of the best blog titles ever. Halleluyer.

      • Alicia Hall

        HEY! thanks!

  • mrod


  • The combination of the smallest details for a public image. That is the coolest thing.

  • the civilian

    Entertaining as always! http://thecivilianlife.com/

  • Anika Zebron

    The visual of the possible outfit suggested here is totally mind blowing.

    • Leandra Medine

      But also so on point–no?

      • Anika Zebron

        Oh Yes. Please post photo if outfit is assembled.

  • Dana

    Totally gonna dress up as a box and label myself ‘left’. I could use that same box when I go to Justin Timberlake’s concert later in the year. I heard he has no trouble finding stuff to put in a box and I might get lucky. Thanks Leandra!

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